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Suryagarh Palace Wedding, Jaisalmer: Everything You Must Know

Suryagarh palace wedding in Jaisalmer can be a royal affair for couples desiring luxury with tradition.

Suryagarh- the fort of the sun- stands like a golden mirage in the dusty dunes of the desert city, bringing international acclaim to Jaisalmer. The majestic fort with its classic architecture offers promising luxury services for dreamy weddings in Jaisalmer, the fort with its intricate architectural style exudes a sense of royalty and luxury.

Situated in the golden city of India, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan is the domicile for Suryagarh hotels. It’s easy to reach as it is located close to Jaisalmer Airport, which is roughly ten minutes away from the property.

suryagarh wedding

The yellow-stoned architecture reflects the golden glow of the sun atop Suryagarh fort. The splendid hotel is perfect for hosting dreamy, fairytale weddings with a regal touch. The elegant infrastructure of the palace helps to add magic to your celebrations.

Destination Wedding in Suryagarh, Jaisalmer, promises a royal wedding experience

Suryagarh palace wedding in Jaisalmer

Luxury and modernity blend with awe-inspiring culture to form the Suryagarh hotels. The beautiful venues in the hotel offer unique styles to help organize and execute weddings and other ceremonies in a way as ceremonious as possible.

The hotel is on the east towards the city and west towards the Thar Desert. Which eventually provides a natural charm to the venues. You can choose from both indoor and outdoor venues to make your wedding more like you want it to be.

Indoor venue and outdoor venues for a Suryagarh palace wedding

This unique destination has an elegant indoor venue and mesmerizing outdoor venues.  Wedding events like Haldi, Mehendi, sangeet, reception, etc. can be easily conducted.

Take a look at the following wedding venues that are offered by Suryagarh Palace, Jaisalmer:

Indoor venues

cost of wedding in suryagarh hotel palace
Credit- Suryagarh Hotel
Banquet hall

Famous for its majestic interior, this hall is perfect for an indoor royal wedding. The whole hall is prepared and decorated keeping in mind the culture and ethnicity of the fortress. This can hold around 100-150 people.

The combination of courtyards, terraces, gardens, and banquet rooms offers a wide range to choose from.

Outdoor venues:

wedding planner in suryagarh palace hotel Jaisalmer
Credit- Suryagarh Hotel
Celebration Lawn

The beautiful lawn at the hotel is perfect to hold a ceremony like the Haldi ceremony. This serves as a fabulous site for a wedding in Jaisalmer. This lawn can easily accommodate a gathering of 100-150 people.


The lakeside is the perfect spot to celebrate events like Mehandi and sangeet. This can also serve as a site where you can organize your wedding. Another spectacular venue for a Suryagarh palace wedding.

This place has a space to hold around 400-600 people at a time.

Sunset Patio

The very beautiful and magical site, the Sunset Patio, is intricately designed and built with keen attention to detail.

You can organize a gathering of 300-450 people at a time.

Destination Wedding in Suryagarh, Jaisalmer:

When it comes to Rajasthan, you’ll see several forts, royal castles, and deserts.

The Suryagarh hotel is located at a distance from the famous site of Jaisalmer fort, Gadsisar lake, and Patwon ki haveli, making these sites easy to choose from. You with your guests can also plan to do something sporty such as camel rides or dune bashing.

Other than this, you can also your time at the hotel by spending evenings in the sand dunes, while you are at Suryagarh. With delicious meals, local musical performances, flock dances, and miles and miles of sand, you can give yourself and your guests this quintessential desert experience.

Comfort and luxury services for a Suryagarh palace wedding

This hotel is well known for its luxurious and well-furnished rooms. The suits there provide modern and well-equipped facilities which even include state-of-the-art services. Other than the services, they boast of beautiful views offering a sense of tranquility and calm.suryagarh wedding packages


Cost of wedding in suryagarh Jaisalmer

You can pick from a variety of rooms:

  • Thar Haveli
  • Suryagarh Suite
  • Jaisalmer Haveli
  • Luxury Suite
  • Signature Suite
  • Heritage Room
  • Fort Room
  • Pavilion Room

The Lip-Smacking Cuisine

One of the most prominent ways to show their love for their guests is by presenting elite-level cuisine. Every meal is a celebration of life. Their ode to classy aesthetics will only make your day brighter.



suryagarh palace wedding cost



You can also dine at restaurants and bars, with a large space for you to celebrate with your guests. Every meal starting from breakfast to dinner is just a blend of flavors. You can also opt for lawn dining options to bask in the sunshine if you’re planning a wedding in the pleasant winter months.

Décor & design to match up with the grandeur

The weddings there are not only deeply royal but also, breathtakingly enchanting.

suryagarh wedding

The rough textures and bright colors of furnishings add a traditional Rajasthani vibe. Cheerful yellow blooms of marigolds and pink bougainvillea are mostly used to decorate the wedding area. Further, magnificent lighting is used to glorify the fort.

Suryagarh palace wedding cost

The destination wedding trend is reaching every place, making couples opt for the same.  When you are planning for your wedding the most important thing to look up is the budget approximation.  When it comes to the Suryagrah Hotel– for a sand wedding it may vary.  The average cost of hosting a Suryagarh palace wedding, can approximately range you around INR 63 Lakhs inclusive of food and stay.

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