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Destination Wedding in Spain

A luxury destination wedding in Spain, have you ever fallen in love with the idea? We don’t blame you. Spain is home to some of the best and most captivating wedding locations. If you are someone who values culture, and history and wishes to enjoy it to the fullest, Spain is a very good place to tie the knot. You’ll find some of the best wedding venues like villas, resorts, hotels, castles, vineyards, and haciendas to get married in Spain. Not just the inland, the coastline offers a picturesque stage for a romantic beach wedding in Spain. Here, you’ll not only have a beautiful celebration but also a unique cultural experience that will be cherished forever. To be with you in this journey towards eternal promises, our team of Luxury wedding planners is here to help you out in Spain. 

“We Are A Full Wedding Management Company Specializing In Planning Luxury Destination Weddings In Spain “

We, at Blissful Plans are committed to providing you with an all-around solution if you plan to get married in Spain. We look after all the intricate details that translate into a grand experience. Hiring a planner to help you plan a luxury destination wedding in Spain is a very wise decision. Likewise, planning to get married in Spain, is a heavy undertaking that takes elaborate planning. With support from our wedding planner services, you can take a seat back and relax while we do it all for you according to your needs in Spain. 

  • We start by suggesting and selecting a luxury wedding venue in Spain. It can be a rustic beach with a sea view, hotels, or even villas or other wedding venues. You can come to us with your expectations, and we will fulfill them. With the venue, we will assist you in planning décor, through mood boards and 3D walkthroughs that our customized to your taste.
  • Along with this, we help you decide on the cost of your wedding in Spain. While every component is bound to be charged to a premium, we see to it that you’ll get the best price through our all-inclusive package.
  • We handle your terms of contracts with vendors, suppliers, and caterers.  
  • Here we have a team to handle logistics, provide technical support, and maintain on-ground coordination even during the ceremony. 

Contact us today, to get planning for the best luxury destination wedding in Spain. 

Best Wedding Destinations In Spain

The wedding locations and venue you choose will determine how your luxury destination wedding in Spain will unfold. It depends on whether, are your dreams leaning towards hosting a rustic wedding or beach wedding in Spain that is laid-back, and reminiscent of the countryside. Otherwise, do you wish to look at sea-view, beach wedding venues that Spain has to offer? No matter what you are looking for, this spirited country has got you covered. Luxury wedding locations in Spain include Ibiza, Marbella, Torremolinos, Tenerife, Costa Blanca, Madrid, Mallorca, Barcelona, and Seville. 

If you have ever wondered what the best place is to get married in Spain, you’ll know there is no definite answer. It all depends on what you are looking for and the theme you have in mind.

If you plan to host a private beach wedding in Spain, choose venues in Barcelona, Ibiza, and Marbella. Mallorca, Tenerife, and Seville serve to be the best wedding villas in Spain. Just like that, each location has its specialty to surprise you with. While Madrid, Costa Blanca, and Torremolinos offer luxury wedding hotels for a dreamy wedding in Spain. Costa Brava, Girona, and Valencia are the perfect places to have a rustic wedding in Spain. Southern Spain locations such as Estepona, Ojen, Los Barrios, and Vejer de la Frontera are luxury wedding locations where you can look for wedding venues in Southern Spain.

As your wedding planners, we have chosen some of the best luxury wedding venues and locations in Spain. 

The Cost Of A Destination Wedding In Spain

The cost of a destination wedding can vary greatly depending on the size and scope of your event in Spain. Of course, that cost can go up or down depending on your specific needs and desires.

But before you start penciling anything in, it’s important to sit down and create a realistic budget for your destination wedding. Factor in the cost of airfare, lodging, food, and entertainment for you and your guests—plus any additional costs that may come up along the way. Contact us for wedding packages in Spain!

As your Luxury Wedding planners, we can provide you with approximate costs for weddings in Spain. The breakup can be roughly estimated by calculating Luxury wedding villas or venues in Spain, entertainment and makeup, video/Photography, catering, and decor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spain has various options to offer so that you can conveniently reach the country and then the wedding venue. If you are flying from abroad to Spain, you have options to land at international airports like Barajas Airport in Madrid. You also can fly to Barcelona’s EL Prat Airport which is an easy access to best wedding venues in coastal Catalonia and parts of Northeastern Spain. If you are starting from a European city, you can Malaga Airport on the Costa del Sol, Palma de Mallorca Airport on the island of Mallorca, and Gran Canaria Airport on the Canary Island of Gran Canaria.

From there onwards, you can travel everywhere else, using train or car. We would suggest that you go for a car through renting services, as Spain has well connected road network and it gives you a freedom of movement.

Best time to host a destination wedding in Spain, is anywhere from April to October. If you only truly care for the weather all this time will give you the best experience. However, if you wish to catch a little less crowd Spring and early summers. This is also wonderful time to host a beach wedding in Spain, as there are clear skies and crisp air waiting for the couple.

Remember that Spain does have a good climate all year around and never too extreme, so if you plan to look at any other time as an option, we will be able to assist you with that as well.

A non-resident, you can still get married in Spain. If you are a couple from the UK, USA, or anywhere else, you are eligible to host a wedding. It is likely that it will not be a civil ceremony. However, all foreigners can host a symbolic wedding. The procedure can be more detailed, however with our support to handle it all, you will not have to do much. Here are the documents that are required to host a wedding in Spain.

To get married in Spain as a foreigner you’ll likely need to provide the following:

  • Valid passports for both parties
  • Original birth certificates
  • Proof that both parties are free to marry, which you may need to obtain from your home country’s Embassy or Consulate
  • Divorce/Annulment/Death Certificates, if applicable
  • With the said documents, you also must take care of other requirements such as; both parties must be over 18 years old.

Spain only recognizes two types of weddings:

  • Civil Wedding:

Civil Weddings include legally registering your marriage in the country. To qualify for such a ceremony, at least one of the spouses should be a legal resident in Spain for at least 2 years prior to the ceremony.

Because of the residency restrictions and administrative formalities associated with a civil wedding in Spain, many foreign couples opt for a symbolic or religious ceremony.

  • Catholic Ceremony:

Catholic ceremony is the only legal form of religious marriage. To be eligible for the ceremony, you must submit documents like baptismal and communion certificates required by the Catholic Church.

Note: Islamic, Protestant, and Jewish weddings are also legal but they must be performed by a licensed marriage officer. Consult our team of wedding planners in Spain and choose the type of ceremony you prefer.

Symbolic Wedding

If you do not wish to opt for either of the ceremonies, you can host a Symbolic wedding. A ceremony like this requires no paperwork. You can simply have your marriage registered in your home country and host a luxury destination wedding in Spain afterward.

You can get in touch with us today, as your wedding planners, we will help you with all the procedures and requirements, to host a wedding in Spain.

While it is not a definite legal requirement, we recommend that the couples are here in Spain at least a week before the ceremony, so you can go over all requirements and documents.

A luxury Indian destination wedding in Spain is already a brilliant idea, an Indian ceremony, we only make it better. Indian style wedding ceremony is considered a symbolic wedding and is allowed in Spain. The country provides couples some of the best luxury wedding venues along with accommodation to fit a huge entourage. The splendid colours of Spain are the perfect to highlight the traditional Indian celebrations that are so full of colours and lively themselves.

As a team of complete Indian wedding planners, we can take care of requirements in Spain. Right from arranging a pandit, imam or any other officiant to flying the chef team to Spain to meet your menu needs, we provide the services for all under our Spain wedding packages.

We can accommodate all the rituals and ceremonies that go on for days, including mehndi, Haldi, sangeet and everything else you wish to host. The best preferred wedding venues to host Indian wedding in Spain are Seville and Tenerife.

Blissful Plans work towards giving you a wedding that you have always dreamt of. We arrange for your luxury wedding venue in Spain according to what is best suited for you. Going ahead we also handle décor, catering services, vendors and coordinate between them. We assist in finding you the best Spain wedding packages that cover everything you’ll need to host a successful ceremony.