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Magnificent Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer Wedding

The Golden City, Jaisalmer is a wonderful destination for two beautiful people to tie the knot. Its aesthetic architectural wonders and rich cultural heritage, it is sure to bring elegance to your big day. This city is situated in Rajasthan, which makes it an impeccable part of incredible India. Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer will truly unfold your romantic bliss.

Shaadi Saga

Majestic Views 

Couples planning to get married amid the rustic desert views and the aesthetic yellow sandstone architecture, Jaisalmer is the best shot. This wonderworld is also known for its flawless artifacts and handcrafted pieces of jewelry, textiles, and accessories. Hence, you need not wonder what to wear for your big day. Just browse through the stores and pick the perfect wedding attire that goes the best with the wedding destination.

Best Time To Get Married in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is truly an incredible dessert with hot summers. Therefore, the best time to get married and equally enjoy the aesthetic pleasures of Jaisalmer dessert is Winter. Which is from November to February. Therefore plan a vibrant winter wedding in this desert!

Average Cost of  Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer

Weddings are to be grand and extravagant. The average cost of a wedding that too of a destination wedding in Jaisalmer will be about 30-80 Lakhs with about 150 individuals. Keep in mind that the expenses may go up down according to your selection of venues, number of guests, etc.

The Best Theme for Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer 

Every destination radiates unique vibes. Hence, it would be splendid to have a wedding that combines the beauty of your destination. Jaisalmer is best suited for weddings with the following themes.

Traditionally Grand

Into Candid Photography

Auspicious wedding events with rich rituals and cultural purity is always the best for Jaisalmer. The couples and family seeking a perfect traditional wedding ceremony is sure to pick this wondrous place. Though most of the resorts and hotels guarantee you modern amenities and facilities to hold you other pre and post-wedding events.

The Royal Saga

destination wedding in Jaisalmer
Wedding Sutra

Most of the architecture and venues give the best royal vibe with engraved sculptures and architecture. Hence, If you are planning for a royal wedding with ballrooms, grand chandeliers, and more. This is the best. Go for it.

Stunning Wedding Venues For Destination Wedding in Jaisalmer 

1) Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa

Best Hotels in Jaisalmer
The Wedding Salad
Destination wedding in Jaisalmer
The Wedding Salad

Weddings almost reach the epitome of luxury and elegance. Cherish your precious moments at Jaisalmer Marriott Resort and Spa. A world-class 5-star hotel with all those facilities you have dreamt of. The highly professional staff, their cordial services will surely have a positive impact on your big day.

The largest yet the grandest banquet hall with royal interiors and posh decor can easily accommodate up to 3000 of your valuable guests in a single event. An imperial ballroom and stunning lawn is the best spot to have your starlit wedding reception.

Every luxury has a zenith and that epitome is this extravagant Jaisalmar Mariott Resort and spa and offers you the best destination wedding in Jaisalmer.

2) Imperial Wedding in Suryagarh Palace Jaisalmer

wedding in Suryagarh Palace Jaisalmer
Wedding Wire

A rustic embellishment of architectural wonder. If you are planning a wedding amid the royal scenario then Suryagarh is the best pick.

Its truly splendid event space can accommodate up to 350 guests at a go. With its irreplaceable hospitality and services, it is one of the best venues to host your wedding in a grand way. Aesthetic lawn, the posh banquet hall is not the only thing that Suryagarh offers, Its other services include valet parking, poolside area, in-house catering, and much more.

The splendid destination wedding in Jaisalmer becomes truly the grandest event of your life in Suryagarh Palace. Unfold your royal wedding here!

3) Desert Tulip Hotel and Resort


Palace hotels in Jaisalmer

A hotel with stunning architecture will surely blow your mind. Contemporary architecture with a historical vibe that resembles a Rajput palace with modern amenities and premium hospitality is truly an imperial venue for you to get hitched.

Your romantic affair can be bliss in the Desert Tulip’s Lawn with a capacity that can hold 1000+ guests. Your grand wedding ceremonies can be starlit amid the lush landscapes and posh architectures.

Their experienced panels of embellished chefs will serve you the best cuisine that will relish upon you. Other services and warm-hearted hospitality are also highlighting here. Hence, you are sure to have an imperial wedding in this grand venue.

Set wings to your dream wedding and make it a fascinating reality with Desert Tulip Resort!

4) The Desert Palace – One of the best palace hotels in Jaisalmer

Destination wedding in Jaisalmer
Desert Palace

A luxurious venue that perfectly fits your stunning destination wedding. A couple of world-class banquet halls and lush lawns are the splendid locations here. So if you are planning an indoor royal wedding followed by a starlit outdoor reception or vice versa you are free to choose The Desert Palace.

  • Dhola Maru banquet hall holds up to a floating capacity of 400 individuals
  • While the upper lawn accommodates up to 600 guests.

Enjoy the delectable delicacies specially made according to your preferences. It also offers guest accommodation and valet parking.

3) Hotel Rang Mahal

Destination wedding in Jaisalmer

As the name suggests it is truly a vibrant palace architecture with a stunning aura. It is that location where you wish to have a truly splendid big fat wedding. Its posh landscape with gorgeous lawns is the perfect venue location.

Rang Mahal has a team that gives exceptionally premium services and hospitality. You may choose an outside vendor for your celebratory menu. This venue surely offers flexibility and anything and everything is allowed here. That makes the Rang Mahal a prime option for your big day.

5) Fort Rajwada

Destination wedding in Jaisalmer

Another splendid location for your equally grand wedding ceremonies. A blizzard architecture with premium facilities and services. Hence, it is one of the most popular wedding venues and is sure a flawless venue. It is included as one of the best Jaisalmer palace hotels to host your grand wedding.

Fort Rajwada has two marvelous lawns with a plethora of aesthetic views, a poolside area for your cocktails, a rooftop place that fits perfect for receptions, and a dining area to relish upon your favorite cuisine. The outdoor grand lawns have around 750 -1500 capacity.

6) Hotel Rawalkot


A wondrous Hotel with modern amenities and a well-experienced crew indeed. Hotel Rawal Kot is an ideal venue to conduct any events with vibrancy and elegance. Right from the engagement ceremony to the grand wedding reception, you can indeed have a really pleasant time here.

The wedding venue can easily accommodate up to 200 guests at once. Hence, This venue offers some of the best idyllic backdrops for each of your crucial events. Some of the heartwarming services offered here are guest accommodation, pool, bridal dressing room, parking lot, and a spacious dining area.


Weddings Only

Weddings are divine and need a touch of divinity in all its aspects. Jaisalmer is truly a destination that has authentic vibes and traditional touch. A wedding becomes a perfect saga when it is held out beautifully. Blissful Plans are ready to help you in all your steps towards perfect wedding planning. We, help you mold your wedding into the best ceremony that is one of its kind. We take care of your decorations, party planning, and much more.


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