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Destination Wedding in France

When luxury meets celebration, you get a stunning destination wedding in France. Set in Western Europe, this country encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages, and Mediterranean beaches. The exotic French castles, vineyards, and cozy towns have been inviting couples to host a weddings for years now. Here, romance blooms like an evergreen flower whose scent enchants everyone. And to bring this dream to life, you’ll find countless luxury wedding venues and best places to get married in France. When planning such an exquisite ceremony, it always helps to have a helping hand. We are a team of destination wedding planners who provide all-inclusive wedding packages and services in France.

At Blissful Plans, we make sure that your dream of getting married in France comes to life, being an epitome of vibrant, elegant, and happy love. We provide an all-round solution for everything wedding. Here’s what we have to offer.

  • There are many wedding destinations to choose from in France. We simplify the selection for you by suggesting some of the best places to get married in France according to your personality.
  • We help you plan a wedding in France across various components like cost, decor, theme, accommodations, logistics, vendors, and travel
  • To assist you in finding the best décor and theme for the ceremony, we design mood boards and 3D walkthroughs that will take you on a tour of your ceremony before the actual event.
  • Even on the day of the ceremony, our team will be present to make sure of smooth on-site coordination.
  • With all these services, we provide an all-inclusive destination wedding package that meets all your needs.

To make your fairytale luxury destination wedding in France come true, contact us today!

Best Wedding Destinations In France

France is a country that screams elegance. Over the years it has become a prominent concept to host a luxury destination wedding in France. Right from French castles to vineyards, you have a luxury wedding venue for all types of ceremony in France.

Paris, Lyon and the Beaujolais, Loire Valley, and Provence & Southern region of France are some of the best places to get married in France. The boast of some rich history that has seen beautiful love stories unfold over the years. Now it is the time for you to pick the one for you out these some of the best places to host a wedding in France.

How Much Does A Luxury Destination Wedding In France Cost ?

An all-inclusive destination wedding package in France would include services like planning the venue, travel, guest accommodations, décor, caterers, and entertainment. These components are affected by various causes like time of the year and demand. French vineyards and castles are some of the most popular luxury wedding venues in France. Therefore, they are generally charged quite a high. It is estimated that a venue can cost you about half of your planned expenses.

We are destination wedding planners who provide such all-inclusive wedding packages in France. We tailor them to your expectations so that you can have the perfect wedding with perfect cost management. Click the button below or contact us today for further details!

Frequently Asked Questions

France is one of the best countries is terms of connectivity. Having multiple tourist destinations has led to France have a transport system that is well connected internationally and nationally. So, if you plan on getting married in France, rest assured your travel plan is secure.

Foreigners can fly to France, with the destination being Paris De Charles Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport. Not just Paris, it is quite convenient to find flights for other wedding destinations in France as well. Nice Côte d'Azur Airport, Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, and Marseille Provence Airport connect places like Nice, Lyon and Marseille.

France also has a good network of highways that would allow you to travel hustle free even by cars. Trains and Bus services are also available. However, we suggest you opt for car services as they are the most comfortable mode.

April to August and then September to November are the best months to get married in France. During the Spring, the best wedding destinations in France have a cham of their own. Nature comes back to life bringing along some of the most gorgeous flowers for your ceremony. The weather is quite pleasant with mild temperature and calm sunshine.

We suggest that you avoid the hot scorching summer months as they are not suitable for a luxury destination wedding in France, where one requires many vendors and arrangements. These would be difficult to find as most of the country is shut down.

While it is completely possible to get married in France as a foreigner, you must abide by procedures mandated by the country. The requirements to be eligible to get married in France include:

  • A Valid Passport or a French resident permit
  • Long Form Birth Certificate, that is issued within 3 months of your marriage date.
  • Justificatifs de Domicile, you must provide a Proof of Domicile
  • You need to show proof of residence. This can take the form of 2 documents such as gas and electricity bills.
  • Certificat du Notaire – Prenuptial agreement
    If you are planning to have a prenuptial agreement this must be presented to the Mairie.
    Statement of Identity and residence of two witnesses
  • If you are divorced/widowed – Divorce Certificate/Death Certificate of the previous spouse
  • Keep in mind that these documents must be translated into French.

It is not difficult to get married in France, once you have all the paperwork sorted, in fact, it can be a quick process depending on your nationality. Our team of luxury wedding planners will take care of all the requirements in France.

Hosting Indian weddings in France can provide a unique and memorable experience, combining the rich traditions of Indian ceremonies with the scenic beauty and charm of the French countryside. Indian weddings are renowned celebrations spanning multiple days and involving a large number of guests.

France presents an exceptionally romantic locale to exchange vows. Intimate venues, exquisite cuisine, spectacular scenery, and rich culture will delight guests.

Steeped in history, France possesses unmatched artistic and architectural works. With iconic landmarks worldwide renowned, France maintains boundless cultural experiences .It also presents an incredible variety of breathtaking venues well-suited for Indian weddings.