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Wedding In France

Destination Wedding in France

France, in Western Europe, encompasses medieval cities, alpine villages and Mediterranean beaches. With its picturesque vistas, luxuriant vineyards, cozy villages and astounding Mediterranean beaches France is the dream destination for a lot of aspiring couples and their international weddings. France’s gorgeous venues with romantic atmosphere, the great food and wine are really good value for the money which makes it destination wedding in location. Because of its more affordable prices, today France has the same popularity as Italy regarding European destination weddings.

Location details & connectivity with the world

France is a founding member of the United Nations and serves as one of the permanent members of the UN Security Council with veto rights. In 2015, France was described as being “the best networked state in the world”, because it is a country that “is member of more multi-lateral organizations than any other country”. France is a member of the G8, World Trade Organization (WTO), the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Indian Ocean Commission (COI). It is an associate member of the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) and a leading member of the International Francophone Organization (OIF) of 84 fully or partly French-speaking countries. As a significant hub for international relations, France hosts the second largest assembly of diplomatic missions in the world and the headquarters of international organizations including the OECD, UNESCO, Interpol, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, and la Francophonie. 

Climate/Best time for getting married

As a general rule, spring (March 21st-June 20th) and autumn (September 21st-December 20th) are often considered the best times to visit, with warm temperatures and fewer tourists. Summer (June 21st-September 20th) is hot, and most of the country shuts down for August holidays, not ideal for wedding planning!

Cost of wedding

What does it actually cost to organize a wedding in Paris or France? Let’s delve into the details! Lets know the cost of wedding in the location. Regarding the venue or wedding location you can calculate with 1700 to 4500 Euros. The price first of all depends on the size of the venue and the number of guests. Rooms usually can be rented independently and with meals included, as well. The rental fee is higher in cities than in the countryside and you can save money by getting married on a weekday or in the autumn or winter. A rustic venue costs 2000-3000 Euros, a manor or mansion 3000-4000 Euros, a castle 3000-7000 Euros. About 60% of all costs of a wedding go for the rental of the venue and catering! Catering, including food and drink costs 4000-13000 Euros.

Your total cost depends mainly on the number of guests and the type of catering. However, buffet is not necessarily cheaper than plated service. A wine reception might set you back an additional 400-1400 Euros. The price of a wedding dress in Paris or France can vary from 900 Euros to 8000 Euros, while accessories, like the shoes, veil and jewelry might add up to another 200-1000 Euros. Alternatively, you can also rent a dress for 250-700 Euros. For the hairstyling, make-up and beauty therapy you should save 200-500 Euros. The wedding suit for the groom is in the range of 400-1500 Euros, but you also need accessories (tie, cufflinks) and shoes, which might cost another 200-300 Euros. You might also spend some money on jewelry (350+250 Euros). Decoration for the reception location might set you back 600-2500 Euros, but you also need to decorate your car (80 Euros) and purchase a bouquet (60-200 Euros). You can hire a musician for the reception already for 350 Euros; the DJ costs about 600 Euros. Of course a decent band will mean a much higher cost for you, around 1500 Euros or more. Professional wedding photographers are generally in the price range of 1000-3000 Euros in Paris or France. The price is based on quality, the length of photography and whether or not albums are included. Don’t forget that this is the only memory that stays with you forever. Weigert Images also offers wedding photography at affordable prices in France; please check our portfolio on our main website. Wedding video might be cheaper (900 Euros), however wedding cinema is somewhat more expensive than wedding photography in France. Cinematography requires more refined and expensive tools, longer editing and usually two cameramen to record your wedding in France. The price of a wedding film in France can vary from 1500 to 3500 Euros. Invitation cards, envelopes, thank you cards, menu and place cards mean further expense (400-600 Euros) you shouldn’t forget about.

In France only civil marriages are legally binding, thus lot of couples have two ceremonies. The civil ceremony including notary fees costs you 350-400 Euros on average in France. The religious ceremony costs around 200-300 Euros. It includes the donation to the officinal and the decoration of the place, as well. You don’t necessarily need to rent a car, but a wedding is an exceptional occasion and in most cases it’s worth renting a luxury car, a vintage car or a carriage, depending on the distance and the style of your wedding (250-600 Euros). A honeymoon depending on your destination and the services offered might cost you as much as 1500-2000 Euros.

Visa & legal formalities

You need to now, that in France only the civil ceremony is officially acknowledged and it cannot be performed outside the town hall (Hotel de Ville or Mairie). Civil ceremonies cannot be conducted at outdoor venues. Either the bride or the groom should be a French resident for at least 40 days to get married legally in France. If the groom or bride doesn’t speak French, a translator is also needed. Of course if none of you is French, you can hold your civil ceremony in your home country before organizing a wedding in France. In France, various Hindu weddings, Sikh weddings and Guajarati weddings do take place as well and the planners have to take care about the transportation and legal formalities.

Expect to provide the following for your marriage application:

  • Proof of residency in France for at least 30 days prior to the application, for at least one of the parties
  • A valid passport for both parties
  • Original birth certificate for both parties
  • Certificate of celibacy, stating that you’re not already married
  • Affidavit of law, stating that you’re free to marry and your marriage will be recognized in your home country
  • Prenuptial agreement, with a notary’s certificate, if you plan to to have one
  • Divorce decree, if you were married previously and divorced

The process

You should contact the mairie of the town where you’ll wed for full details on the marriage application process. In general, the marriage application must be made and received by the local mairie at least 10 days before the wedding date. Original foreign documents may need to be translated into French and be authenticated with an Apostille stamp. If your marriage application is successful, your civil marriage ceremony must take place at the mairie no less than 10 days and no more than one year after you get authorization to marry. After your wedding, you’ll be issued a Livret de Famille (official book) that will have your marriage recorded in it. French people often use these books to record other family events later on, such as births and deaths. Apply to the mairie where your ceremony took place to receive your official marriage certificate.

Best Wedding Venues in Paris

Shangri-La Paris

The former mansion of Napolean’s nephew is where you can enjoy the majestic Eiffel Tower right from your rooftop. The Versailles inspired reception room , and the sumptuous surroundings emanates luxury and indulgence. It is the most unique location to host a wedding in Paris.


5 star fairytale chateaux in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Feom the lawn infront of the Lily Pond to the Gazebo facing the Mediterranean sea, Don Carlos Leisure Resort offers you multiple choices to plan the wedding you have in mind. The beautifullly landscaped resort complete with swimming pools, gardens, beachside and papm trees make up a perfect setting for a wedding. They also offer you an exquisite banquet to enjoy in the warm Marbella weather. You can chopse to accommodate your guests in the five star Don Carlos hotel or a more reserved “The Oasis by Don Carlos” or rent and entire Deluxe Villa. They will go to great lengths to make your wedding as perfect as you imagined it to be.

Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Imagine getting married in a Chateau that is almost similar to the Palace of Versailles. Built for royalty, this places is biund to make you feel special on your wedding. Uniquely, the venue has equally spacious indoor and outdoor areas and you can easily fit 125+ guests in a single room.

Chateau De Lissa

Set in the scenic French Countryside, Chateau De Lisse dates back to the 14th century. The entire estate is spread in 550 hectares of land and the castle is one of the most beautiful in Gascony. It also features a 12th century chapel, a deer park and a vineyard.


If you’re planning to have the most luxurious wedding in the priciest hotel of the city of Love, you should definitely check out Ritz. It has 8 different lounges each having a different atmosphere. Unlike most hotels in Paris, this one provides you with a large garden for the wedding which seamlessly blends with dinner reception ballrooms.

Chateau Rigaud Top

Chateau Rigaud is a private house and that’s why you can plan your wedding according to your will. A reason why you’ll have a relaxed atmosphere here. Your guests will never get enough of the freshly baked cake and the fabulous Bordeaux wine. The staff will not fail to surprise you with their exquisite collection of dishes.


Chateau De La Motte Husson

This one is connected to the famous TV series, “Escape to the Chateau”. The sprawling 12 acres of parkland, a majestic moat, a walled garden and an Art Deco Orangery provides the most stunning wedding location. The five storey Chateau with 45 rooms will be perfect for an elegant vintage wedding.

Chateau Lagorce

The fairytale Chateau Lagorce is a multi-award winner and is one of the most important ones in Entre Deux Mars. The place is also adorned by a beautiful lake. It provides you with 4 options for the wedding– by the Lake, on the 3rd terrrace’s lawn, the private chapel, or a catholic Church.

The Magnificent Chateaux in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

It is a 19th century structure sitting on top of a hill and provides a 360° view of the lush green countryside. It has a clubhouse with a private terrace, a Lodgefurnished with wooden panels and an authentic old Castle that is perfect for.intimate wedding breakfast. The setting is exceptionally romantic making it a perfect choice for a wedding.

Best Wedding Venues in Loire Valley

Chateau Gombardy

Tucked somewhere in the Loire-Anjou-Touraine national park, it is a magnificent 15th century Chateau that makes for a perfect romantic setting. The area is called the “Garden of France” and is covered with roses that look ethreal in the night illumination. There is also a Gothic chapel where you can have a traditional catholic ceremony.

Château des Contes

Chateau des Contes seems like a structure from a fairytale. From the intricately decorated bedrooms to 5-course Michelin starred dinner, and alcohol floral package, everything speaks of luxury at its best. They even offer you a DJ for the evening party.

Chateau des Joyaux

Your fairytale wedding will come true at the Chateau Des Joyaux whether you say your vows in a private chapel or the garden or the French Renessaince styled Chateau. Every corner of the estate speaks of opulence and luxury. This 1854 miniature castle once invoked architectural wonder.

Chateau des Marquis

The newly renovated historical building equipped with modern amenities has not lost its charm of transporting you back in time. Everything has retained some part of the French tradition. It has 13 lavish apartments to house the guests. For leisure activities, you can sip local French wine from the vineyards of Saumur, dip yourself in the swimming pool, play boules in the pétanque court, take a walk in the garden or enjoy a BBQ picnic.

Chateau d’Artigny

The regal estate glamorous residence of François Coty defines opulence. Transformed into awedding venue, every detail of its French garden from marble statues to trompe l’oeil frescos is romantic in itself. You can rent the entire castle exclusively for your celebration.

Best Wedding Venues in Lyon and the Beaujolais Area

Château de Pizay

Located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, you will be marvelled at the expertise of wedding services here. The Chateau is surrounded by large shady trees and beautiful vineyards and houses a Spa, creating a perfect ambience for your wedding day. They have a bar and s gourmet restaurant and even service a grand arrival by a helicopter.

Chateau Ninon

This 17th century castle offers majestic views of the Yonne Valley. They have a sprwaling garden of 40 acres. You can choose to have your wedding in three connected reception rooms or in orangerie. Another options is a fresco under the ancient oak trees. They provide delicious BBQ and local delicacies while you can also take your guests for wine tasting from the Burgundy region.

Château La Comtoise

This Chateau is a place straight out of fairytale books, with two magnificent castles, a Versailles style garden and a golf course. They have a chapel decorated with murals. It, you can wed in the enchanting gardens with floral arches. Dinner takes place in the neo-Gothic Chateau.

The Château de Gilly

The romantic vibes of this french historical building surrounded by vineyards is perfect for a lavish wedding. They also have a French and Buccolic garden which serve as a perfect cocktail spot. They have stylish banquets adaptable to your wedding style.

The Renaissance Chateau in Burgundy

This 15th century Chateau is a historic castle surrounded by a splendid view. They have a courtyard and a beautiful reception for your meal. It is the perfect spot for an intimate wedding.

Best Wedding Venues in Provence and Southern Region of France

Chateau Saint Georges

This hidden spot is perfect for a private wedding with a dream setting. They offer you high-end amenities for cocktail receptions and gourmet dinners. The terrace provides a breathtaking view of the Côte d’Azur and the azure sea.

La Bastids Des Astreds

The Chateau prizes in its beautiful gardens, the fragrance of which will bring back wedding memories for you. The chefs use local ingredients from the Provence open air markets. The cocktail party here is a sight to behold. The vintage style mansion will be decked up to share your wedding wishes.

Château de La Napoule

If you want to have your wedding instyle, a gala dinner in Chateau de La Napouye with an unparalleled view of the Côte d’Azur should do it. The medieval architecture and French decor on the beach of Mandelieu is more than anything you could have dreamt of. The experts here will help you go through the layout of the wedding like lighting, music and decor.

Chateau des Costes

This grandiose Chateau offers you panaromic view of the sea, mountains and the vineyards. The estate in itself is sublife with beautiful gardens and an iron wrought gate. It has a 13th century chapel and a swimming pool too. You can also have your wedding facing the Mediterranean sea in sun-drenched balconies.

Château La Tour Vaucros

Located amidst the Côtes du Rhône vineyards, the Chateau carries all the charms of the Vaucluse region. You can rent the entire property for your wedding. There are two beautiful reception halls, two hectares of gardens  and two terraces for you to choose a perfect spot for your wedding.

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