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With soft sunsets in golden deserts, blue houses, and ancient history, the place has spectacular palaces and opulent mansions to serve as backdrops for your destination wedding in Jodhpur. Jodhpur, known as the blue city, has ample royal heritage to make you feel no less than a royal couple. 

A Rajasthani wedding is an elegant and colorful affair. Hosting one in Jodhpur will add a touch to the local traditions of this state. We, at Blissful Plans, are wedding planners in Jodhpur ready to help you host an impeccably imperial-looking wedding, straight out of a dream.

A wedding in Jodhpur is an exquisite royal saga amid idyllic and majestic backdrops. The groom and bride feel like a king and a queen and outshine every other on their starlit celebrations here. Scroll down to know more about this exquisite place and get to know the top wedding venues in Jodhpur!

Location details & connectivity with the world

In recent times, Jodhpur has become a hub of tourist activities, given its rich cultural and royal heritage. Well-connected with major cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, etc., the place is accessible from different states across the nation.

Further, there are well-developed air and rail travel routes to reach Jodhpur. The airport is 5 km from the city center, while Jodhpur Railway Station is the nearest railway station to the central part of the city. If you’re planning to travel by car/bus, you will likely face no issues as roads are well connected to all states and highways.

Climate/Best time for getting married in Jodhpur

The best time to get married in Jodhpur is between November and February. This period is characterized by warm and bright days coupled with cool evenings. The temperature from April to October rises extremely high and is not optimal for a wedding. So, it is best that you avoid the summer months.

Cost of a Destination wedding in Jodhpur

The city is known for its exquisite architecture, beautiful palaces, and stunning views of the Thar Desert. But what is the cost of having a destination wedding in Jodhpur? It may vary depending on the venue, events, and the list of guests. There are many options that you can consider according to the budget that fits your pocket. The cost of a destination wedding in Jodhpur starts from INR 80 lakhs which can go up to crores & upwards.

Why choose us as your wedding planner in Jodhpur?

Are you looking for the perfect wedding planner for your special day in Jodhpur? Look no further than We are Luxury wedding planners! We are a team of experienced professionals specializing in creating unforgettable wedding experiences for our clients. With years of experience in the industry, we understand the importance of making your dream wedding come true. From decorations to catering, we have all the necessary resources to make your special day truly remarkable. Let us help you plan an exquisite and luxurious wedding that will be remembered by all who attend it. Contact us for more details.

Destination Wedding Venues in Jodhpur

Treehouse Bijolai Palace

The sprawling palace of Nikolai, nestled among the Aravali hills, is a 19th-century structure built by the ruling family of Marwar-Jodhpur and is the most desirable magical place for your destination wedding in Jodhpur. At Bijolai Palace, the wind, the music, and the deep blue waters of its private lake make you feel like royalty.

The place is like an oasis in the desert complete with verdant courtyards housing 30 rooms and thematic suites with elegant interior decor alongside 5-star amenities. As wedding planners in Jodhpur, we can offer you great Bijolai palace jodhpur wedding packages according to your need!

Destination Wedding in Jodhpur

Umaid Bhawan

Umaid Bhawan is the perfect place to get married, where you can choose between lush green lawns spread over an area of 25 acres for an outdoor wedding; or the lavish interiors of the palace just like from the time of kings and queens. Also known as the world’s largest palace, it has 64 palace rooms and royal suits to provide your guests with ultimate luxury and royal treatment.Umaid Bhawan wedding will be the talk of the town!

Umaid Bhawan Palace is India’s most sought-after wedding destination. Built from beautiful sandstone, it adds a vintage vibe to all celebrations. The architecture of Umaid Bhawan provides unparalleled beauty which exudes luxury with its regal interiors, stunning murals, and lavish amenities. This royal extravaganza hosted the majestic wedding of Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. This is one of the exquisite wedding venues in Jodhpur. That makes Umaid Bhawan more famous. 

The average cost of a wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace will be around INR 90 lakhs to 2 crores & upwards.

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Umaid Bhawan wedding in Jodhpur

Indana Palace

The beautiful Indana palace overlooks Umaid Bhawan and offers unforgettable outdoor weddings in its 40,000 sq feet lawns. They also house a grand 10,000 sq feet banquet hall, perfect for indoor ceremonies and receptions. With breathtaking surroundings alongside utterly remarkable service, Indana palace is the most desirable wedding venue in Jodhpur for hosting a Jodhpur destination wedding. The entire hotel is furnished with majestic chandeliers and sparkling lighting, adding to a royal yet sophisticated look.

Furthermore, the palace houses 80 elegantly furnished suites with spa and salon amenities to relax before the big day. This place is a dream come true for couples who want a wedding no less than royalty. The wedding team here also helps with the decor for your wedding. You can even organize a DJ within the palace premises! Indana palace jodhpur wedding is a one-time life experience that you and your guest will cherish forever.

Indana palace wedding

Marugarh Hotel, Jodhpur

A wedding at the Marugarh hotel is likely to take you back in time. Rustic-looking sophisticated cottages occupy the extensively spacious gardens of the hotel-They finely depict the beauty and grandeur the Indian civilization has always beheld.

Additionally, with fifty-one tastefully decorated rooms and two banquet halls created with modern architecture complete with domes and arches, Marugarh promises a luxurious stay for all. Each room has balconies that provide you with views of the swimming pool and lawns dotted with flowering shrubs. Furthermore, the restaurant offers you a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines to choose from.

Maurgarh hotel wedding in Jodhpur

Ranabanka Palace

The Ranbanka Palace is regarded as a classic jewel of the 1920s era. One of the best venues for a destination wedding in Jodhpur, the palace makes for an unforgettable historic stay. There are 90 rooms in the Jodhana courtyard and Royal apartments including lush green gardens, open terraces, and a marvelous rooftop- the Rajput Hall.

From an in-house feast under the starry night sky by the poolside to alcoholic beverages and relaxed breakfast in their in-built verandah, get ready to experience the time of your life at Ranbanka Palace Hotel, Jodhpur.

Ranbanka palace wedding cost depends on your entire requirements including wedding venue, decor , catering, and many more. Feel free to get in touch with us for free consulatation.

Ranabanka palace wedding in Jodhpur

Radisson, Jodhpur

With green gardens, marvelous architectural structures, and the royal interior of the Radisson hotel, Jodhpur, This wedding venue in Jodhpur is a blend of Rajasthani royalty with modernity. Present to your guests the grandeur of this wedding venue along with pure vegetarian food that the hotel specializes in. Radisson jodhpur wedding will be the most lavish and unique wedding you would ever dream of!

They offer you various locations on their premises to host lavish ceremonies. From sprawling gardens for open-air functions to grand banquet halls- ideal for indoor events- they can book whatever suits your requirements. The opulent interiors of Radisson, provide a unique touch to your wedding day that deserves to be nothing less than perfect.

Radisson Jodhpur wedding

Vivanta by Taj-Hari Mahal

This 21st-century palace is luxury and royalty redefined. The Marwar-style architecture combined with Mughal-inspired domes provides for an exemplary destination wedding in Jodhpur. Spread over an area of more than six acres of lush gardens, enameled murals, intricately carved columns, and interiors synonymous with royalty, Vivanta by Taj-Hari Mahal is a venue straight out of your dreams.
This hotel is globally recognized for its unique Indian culinary flavors and world-class Rajasthani hospitality. The services provided by the hotel will give you a taste of luxury and a regal appeal. Moreover, the Taj-Hari Mahal houses 93 Charm Rooms and Temptation Suites decked with royal furnishings and the beautiful Amar Hall, where you can tie the knot with your partner under the light of the intricate glass chandeliers. If you are looking for a royal wedding venue in Jodhpur, then you’re at the right place.

Vivanta by taj wedding

Samsara Luxury Resort & Camp

Unlike other hotels, palaces, or resorts in Jodhpur, this luxury resort embraces the desert regions of Jodhpur. Set in the mighty dunes of the shimmering Jodhpur desert, this luxurious property is where you should tie the knot. No less than a majestic palace, the tranquilizing aura of the venue will allow you to create memories that will last you a lifetime. They have 21 luxury tents, each one optimized for an exquisite experience.

A wedding at Samsara luxury resort and camp is all about the fascinating views of the desert. Further, you can set up a multi-cuisine buffet to pamper your tastebuds, as the hotel offers you a vast selection of alcohol to choose from while you get your guests to groove to the DJ’s music.

As wedding planners in Jodhpur, we can create your Vivanta by taj wedding the most magical one!

Samsara Resort wedding

ITC WelcomHotel

Experience the royal Jodhpur destination wedding at ITC welcomhotel! Set in the golden sands of the Thar desert, ITC WelcomHotel is a perfect blend of authentic Rajasthani royalty and modernity. Furnished with a total of 98 rooms, you can choose to get married either in the open-aired banquet garden of Mandore Bagh or in the fashionable Akbar Hall or Jodha Hall.

Even the most intricate details and aspects seem to pay tribute to the rich cultural heritage of Jodhpur. Get ready to delve into an era of royal romance with ITC welcome Hotel Jodhpur for the hotel aims to add grandeur and provide an exquisite experience of the city. Through its delectable selection of food and music combined with the ethnic mélange of rich and unique experiences, this palatial structure mimics the architecture of a fort while offering a plethora of state-of-the-art amenities at the same time.

If you are planning to throw a lavish wedding ceremony, this is your dream destination. From mid-sized to large gatherings, and outstretched lawns to opulent banquet halls, the palace can cater to all your requirements, including that decor and catering.

Known for their exceptional service and warm hospitality, their trained wedding experts will take you through every aspect of your wedding and ensure a hassle-free celebration.

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ITC Welcom Hotel wedding in Jodhpur

Ajit Bhawan

This Royal palace converted into a heritage hotel showcases the charming architecture of ancient India with hospitality fit for the royals.

This gorgeous wedding destination in Jodhpur should be your first stop if you are planning on celebrating your wedding in style. From the intricate furniture to elaborate designs, everything in this palace represents decadent artistic tendencies and the royal vibe of the Rajput era. Even the vibrant and colorful tents provide you with enthusiasm for a wedding day that’s unmatched.

Apart from portraying Indian heritage, opulence, and art, Ajit Bhawan houses world-class chefs to provide you with a dining experience that will pamper your tastebuds. Apart from serving delicious multi-cuisine buffets, the decor team will make sure that whatever they do makes up for no less than a fairytale. The Ajit Bhawan palace jodhpur will provide bespoke services for weddings!

Other than being a storehouse for the Rajasthani culture, it is also decked with modern amenities, including the luxurious Ajit spa, that ensures a relaxed and comforting stay at Ajit Bhawan. They also provide you with a range of activities that you could do before/after the big day such as village safari, desert safari, and vintage car rides. Never miss exploring this picturesque Royal wedding venue in Jodhpur.

WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace

WelcomHeritage Bal Samand Lake Palace is a fusion of luxury and beauty. One of the finest destinations in Jodhpur for Destination weddings.

It features all amenities & accommodations in 40 luxurious rooms with intricate decors that reflect the Rajasthani culture.

Ceremony location & capacity: Palace Lawn -120/200 seating & floating guests, Lake Terrace- 60/100 seating & floating guests, Front Lawn- 350/800 seating & floating guests, Pool Side-600/900 seating & floating guests, Gold Flaw Main Lawn-1600/2500 seating/floating guests.

Wedding palace in Jodhpur

Garh Govind Hotel and Resort

Garh Govind resort is nestled among charming castles. This heritage hotel is built around the courtyard in Rajasthani style.

In fact, it is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in jodhpur by couples for fairytale weddings. It offers 64 luxurious rooms for accommodation.

Feel the luxury in the lap of nature only at Garh Govind Hotel& Resort. It has Banquets 1 & 2 ideal for pre-wedding and weddings, with a capacity of a maximum of 300 guests. Also features lawns 1 & 2 for an elaborate wedding or reception, with a capacity of a maximum of 2000 guests.

Wedding planner in Jodhpur

Amargarh Resort

Amargarh Resort is one of the best wedding resorts in Jodhpur. The white marble and intricate sandstone will make your wedding memories last forever.

It offers 35 luxurious rooms for guest accommodation. Experience their sumptuous meals and warm ambiance.

The ceremony locations:

  • Banquet hall 1: 70 /100 Seated &Floating( pre-wedding functions)
  • Banquet hall 2: 200/250 Seating & Floating(wedding or pre-wedding events)
  • Banquet hall 3: 600/800 Seating & Floating(reception or wedding).

Wedding in Amargarh resort jodhpur

Amritam Palace

The Amritam Palace in Jodhpur provides you with all royal vibes with exquisite experience with grandeur.

It featured enchanting views along with a well-equipped wedding venue. Also, it is one of the most sought-after wedding venues in Jodhpur.

It provides 55 rooms for guest accommodation. For weddings, both Indoor and outdoor spaces are offered.

  • Banquet Hall (Indoor)- 70 /200 Seated & Floating
  • Banquet Hall (Indoor)- 400 /500 seated & Floating
  • Banquet Hall (Indoor) – 1500/1700 seated & Floating
  • Lawn (Outdoor)- 2000 /2500 seated & Floating.

Cost of a destination wedding in Jodhpur

Wedding Destination in Rajasthan:

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