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Pooja Singh Chauhan

The Co-Founder & Director of Blissful Plans, a thorough planner and a people’s person. She loves to conceptualize and design the most aesthetically pleasing and joyous events. Detail-oriented, dedicated, and committed to her craft, Pooja loves to see the happy faces of her clients. She spends most of her time planning, organizing events, and strategizing media plans. 


My story: Corporate beginnings

In the corporate world, I desperately needed someone to organize an official staff event. The planning, decor, food, and event flow was pending; it was a priority to make it a raging success.

I got working and immediately decided to personalize the invitations for each of the guests, the gifts, and the guest tables. Dealing with people was a task too, and to find the most suitable vendors was a bigger task.

As the day of the event arrived, it ended up becoming one of the most glorious corporate events of my career. With rich, vibrant streamers adorning the ceiling, gold-silver themed table cloths and placemats laced on tables and multi-national cuisine adding to the charm and aroma of the celebratory atmosphere, I sat bathing in exhilaration and a sense of accomplishment. All this comprised working with a thousand different elements, to get it down to fine art and converting those into a well-orchestrated symphony. The smooth flow of events was appreciated by many, with the joy from one flowing to the next one. The laughter was infectious while the mood was notably affable.

The joy that would surge within me every time someone gushed over the tenderness of the chicken, the sweetness of the champagne, their admiration for the fancy decor, or the smooth flow of events, was incomparable to anything that I had ever envisaged. The time and energy I expended on planning even the minutest of details were well worth it. This lead to a spontaneous decision to dedicate the rest of my time working on designing and managing some of the most momentous occasions and events of people’s lives.

I understood the stress that organizing events on a large scale brought. My clients are some of the busiest and most successful people, it was a concern for them to dedicate too much time to the minutest of details, yet they wanted dream events executed to perfection. 

In the last few years, our team at Blissful Plans has helped plenty of clients realize this dream.

Let us plan yours too, become a part of our story!


With the onset of Blissful Plans, our team aspired to fulfill our clients’ dreams. To do so, in today’s times, was largely about establishing an online presence. However, like many business owners, we realized that this was a field largely unexplored, and small enterprises didn’t have the time & expertise for creating a digital strategy, establishing brand identity via social media, and managing their online presence.

Thus we embarked on a journey to provide ease to our clients in getting their footprints in the world of digital and social media. We painstakingly created a team full of enthusiastic and helpful employees for our media vertical.

Our team with a deep understanding of complex algorithms, marketing and designing strategies, helps in establishing and maintaining brand identities online, strengthening brands’ digital footprint and online performance for their social media success.

Our Team of Media Strategists & Creators

With today’s ever-changing and competitive world, we need disruptive branding techniques to launch new products or rebrand the existing ones. To do this, we’ve put together a talented team with a background and expertise in design, media planning, social media & branding.

We use various social channels to broadcast your message and help build brands with conventional and social media platforms. From designing brand logos, conceptualising media plans to hosting launch events, we do everything for brands’ success. 

Our Team of Wedding/Event Planners & Designers

We have a great taste for luxury & hospitality and this reflects in each wedding’s design and plan. 

Our highly trained team of wedding designers manage every aspect of your big day, starting with the budgeting & selection of your dream destination, the best venue, and styling your wedding with your chosen floral designs and decor. 

We have empaneled the best food & catering companies in the world to give you a vast range of international and domestic cuisine to choose from. 

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