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We think out of the box to create bespoke events & luxurious celebrations

Our dedicated team at Blissful Plans is a blend of skilled planners, visionary designers, and efficient event operations experts. Together, we bring a symphony of creativity, precision, and seamless execution to every project we undertake. 

Our planners meticulously orchestrate each detail, ensuring your event’s flawless flow from concept to reality. Our designers infuse artistic brilliance into every aspect, transforming spaces into captivating landscapes that resonate with your vision. 

Meanwhile, our event operations specialists work tirelessly behind the scenes, ensuring every logistical aspect is finely tuned to perfection. With passion as our driving force, our collective expertise forms the foundation of unforgettable experiences that enchant and inspire.

Our Directors



Pooja Singh Chauhan, as an Event Planning Director with a passion for crafting exceptional events, has left an indelible mark on our exclusive clientele. Her exceptional management skills and impeccable taste allow her to create events that exude luxury and sophistication. Pooja’s ability to understand each client’s vision and transform it into a captivating reality sets her apart in the industry. Her innovative approach and meticulous attention to detail ensure that every event reflects the epitome of luxury and creates a memorable experience for all.



Neeraj Chauhan, brings his unique ability to infuse opulence into every aspect of our events. His refined taste and deep understanding of luxury aesthetics elevate our offerings to new heights. With an extensive network of top-tier resources, Neeraj orchestrates seamless collaborations with set designers, photographers, and talent acquisition specialists who share his commitment to delivering an unparalleled luxury experience. His strong leadership skills and unwavering pursuit of perfection drive our team to create events that exude elegance, leaving a lasting impression on our discerning clientele.

Together, Pooja Singh C. and Neeraj C. lead Blissful Plans with their expertise, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to luxury. Their collective vision guides our team to curate extraordinary experiences that redefine the boundaries of opulence and create moments of true indulgence.

At Blissful Plans, we invite you to embark on a journey of unparalleled luxury and captivating elegance. Whether it’s a lavish corporate gala, a high-profile fundraising event, or an exquisite wedding, our team is dedicated to surpassing expectations and creating events that epitomize luxury at every turn.