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A destination wedding at Bali is a popular choice for couples looking for an exotic and romantic setting to exchange vows. We are most trusted wedding planner in Bali and have wedding packages for the most desirable wedding venues in Bali. Check the cost of Hindu  wedding in Bali.

As one of the world’s best island destinations to tie-the-knot, Bali offers plenty of luxury resorts and hotels with spellbinding wedding venues to choose from. 

Instead of having a western style wedding, you can have a big fat Indian wedding or get married like a Balinese couple, complete with traditional costumes and a priest to officiate the ceremony. We’ve curated a mini-guide to let you in on all you must know regarding a wedding in Bali..

What is the best time for a wedding in Bali?

Choosing a wedding date is a daunting task but we will help you decide the most appropriate date for your destination wedding in the location to stand out. As Bali event planner, we help you with the cost & process of planning a wedding in Bali.

The best time for a destination wedding in Bali, especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, is between April and October. The island enjoys low humidity during the dry season alongside blue skies and a cool breeze.

Wedding photography sessions can be organized from 10 am to 10 pm that is the golden hour, when the natural sunshine is at its best. If you want to utilize the sunset for your wedding shoot, the best time is from 6.15 pm to 7 pm.

Get in touch with us to get the best p[re-wedding shoot in Bali, with the world class photographers.

Bali sometimes experiences unpredictable weather, so rain is always a possibility. Although, locals consider rain as a sign of good luck and prosperity on your wedding day. You can also opt for an indoor or ballroom ceremony, which is virtually unaffected by the weather.

Though the climate of Bali is amicable most of the time in a year, the monsoon that marks its entrance in November and ends in March is not suitable. Considering that, June and August may witness high demand which causes an increase in the cost of the wedding venues, air tickets, etc on a whole raising the entire cost of the wedding.

Destination Wedding in Bali

Why to plan wedding in Bali?

Bali’s culture is laden with uniqueness and vibrancy, as well as gorgeous backdrops of pristine beaches and lush highlands. Many luxury hotels and resorts offer excellent views due to their locations, and make up for memorable setups for those looking to get married in Bali. The island also enjoys sunny days throughout the year, making outdoor weddings possible on the beach or in the vicinity of a tropical forest.

Location details and connectivity with the world

Bali is an impeccable island in Indonesia. With a backdrop of beaches, splendid coral reefs, high-spirited restaurants, and resorts, gigantic hills, and mountains, craggy coastlines Bali is the best place to have a destination wedding. The spirituality and culture of Bali bless with a sacred touch. It strongly justifies the names given to it as ‘Island of Gods’,’Morning of the world’ and ‘The Last Paradise’

Anyone in the world can easily reach Bali by landing at The Ngurah Rai International Airport which is 13km from a place called Denspar. The airport is popularly known as Denspar International Airport or the Bali Airport. Being acclaimed as the third best airport in the world, it is promising to say that Bali will welcome you with open hands.


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What is the best time for a wedding in Bali


The best time for a destination wedding in Bali, especially if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony, is between May and August. The island enjoys low humidity during the dry season alongside blue skies and a cool breeze.
Wedding photography sessions can be organized from 10 am to 10 pm, when the natural sunshine is at its best. However, If you want to utilize the sunset for your wedding shoot, the best time is from 6 pm to 7 pm.
Bali sometimes experiences unpredictable weather, so rain is always a possibility. Although, locals consider rain as a sign of good luck and prosperity on your wedding day. An indoor or ballroom ceremony can always be opted if plans are affected by the weather.


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Hindu wedding in Bali

Bali comprises of majority Hindu population in Indonesia. The distinctness of the Balinese Hindu people lies in their culture. One can also opt to have a Balinese style of wedding which involves filtration of body and soul as such inviting the good spirits.

The Balinese Hindu ceremony is restricted to be followed by only Hindus. Despite not being a Hindu you still wish to have a Hindu wedding in Bali, then there is a requirement of officiation, that you are accepting Hinduism and wish to perform the rituals not due to any external force but by personal interest. The Hindu wedding in Bali loudly speaks the culture of Bali.

Indian Wedding in Bali- Plan with an Indian wedding Planner


Plan Sikh wedding, Gujarati Wedding in Bali


A big fat Indian wedding laced with grandeur and religion is a dream for every Indian. Indian wedding in Bali is also a considerable Hindu wedding in Bali. India is a country where the majority are Hindus. Bali with its Hindu population attracts many Indians as a magnet for destination weddings. The rituals followed by the Indian Hindus in Bali are different from the Balinese Hindus but there is no place for worry because we as the wedding planners in the location are to your rescue.


If you are looking for an Indian wedding in Bali. Right from the ‘Varmalas’ to the most important ‘Pandit’ we will not miss on any detail. For more details about an Indian wedding in Bali check this blog.

We are experts in planning a Sikh wedding, Gujrati wedding in Bali. We are the best Indian wedding planners in Bali. Also,  we have partnered with the best wedding venues for Indian wedding in Bali.

Check the best Indian wedding packages in Bali

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Australian Wedding in Bali- Plan with the best wedding planner in Bali.

Bali shares maritime borders with Australia so most of the Australians pack their bags to make Bali as their destination wedding location. With Balis splendid wedding venues you can get married at any place as you have wished, be it beachfront, rooftop, villas, or even during sunset. 

Australian citizens have certain formalities to fulfill in both Australia and Indonesia to legally marry. You have to apply for a certificate of No Impediment to Marriage at the Australian Embassy present in Indonesia to have your destination wedding in Bali 

But in a foreign country with an unknown language, the mere list of formalities might stress you out but we as wedding planners in the location will ease out all the necessary things and take care such that you can have a happy destination wedding in the location without any hassles.


Destination wedding in planning can be a memorable affair for your family and guests. Local places to see in Bali 

The guests who attend your wedding will not be subjected to boredom since the tourist attractions in Bali are multitude. It is an abode of adventures, surfing is a sure thing to try if you visit. From river rafting and kayaking to trekking volcanic peaks and waterfalls, your guests can experience every escapade possible. Strolling through the streets of Bali one can smell the fragrance of its beauty, its spirituality, and alluring culture. The happy guests are ought to make your wedding happening as well.
Bali Treetop Adventure Park
It is one of a kind in the world. Surrounded by the cover of green forests this park promises enjoyment to every age group.climbing up the trees and catching the panoramic view of Bali is not something to miss out.



Tana Lot Temple and Pura Besakih Temple




with a history associated with it, the Tana Lot temple is one of the profound temples in Bali. It is situated on a huge rock with the waves nudging it all the time. Though the foreigners aren’t allowed in any of the temples, one can just go bananas by the view and scenic beauty it possesses.




Pura Besakih temple is Bali’s largest and holiest Hindu temple and it lies on the highest mountain of Bali that is Gunung Agung. It is a nine directional temple perhaps built to save the island from the evil.




Ubud Monkey Forest and Ubud art and culture




Animal lovers must visit the Ubud monkey forest, it is also known as the sacred monkey forest. On the southwest and northwest of the forest, sacred temples Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal and Pura Beji are located.
Ubud houses the art and culture of Bali. The museums and art galleries will entice you to the core. If you are looking for a souvenir to take back home then Ubud art market is where you can find one.




Sekumpul Waterfall




If you are tired from the central city and want to taste the sumptuousness of the wild Bali and the real nature then journey to Sekumpul waterfalls fulfills your craving. Though Bali has numerous waterfalls this particular one is considered to be Balis’s most beautiful waterfalls. After a tiresome and adventurous journey that offers the view of exquisite and lush green forests, the Sekumpul waterfall looks is a feast and reward.




Seminyak Shopping




Your guests can concentrate on everything they require to dress up on your wedding occasion not worrying about carrying the other holiday clothes because the streets of Seminyak will let you choose from pulchritudinous designs and offers you various options of clothing, jewelry, and accessories. Vice versa if anyone missed out to carry anything that makes them look gorgeous for your wedding they might as well walk along the streets of Seminyak.




The attractions mentioned above are just a drop in the ocean. Bali is something that cannot be described in words. The advantages of having a destination wedding in this location are beyond the tourist attractions it will offer.








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To know the details of Indian wedding in Bali

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Cost of a destination wedding in Bali!

Although the cost of wedding venues and wedding resorts are relatively cheaper in Bali as compared to the rest of the world. Several factors attribute to the total cost of your destination wedding in Bali. It varies based on the choice of Bali wedding venue in the location and number of guests. The destination wedding in Bali approximately costs around $10000 to $20000 for 100 guests, without accommodation charges.

Blissful Plans being the best Indian wedding planner in Bali will help you with all the confusion and stand as perfect partners to add the appropriate ingredients to deliver the most marvelous recipe of your life, your wedding.

Our Bali wedding packages are designed to incorporate all your desires and wishes, with enough room for you to add your signature touches. Our in-house team can customize packages to your requirements and work with you and your Wedding Organizer in Bali to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of.

Give us a call now and let’s discuss your destination wedding in Bali or get your obligation free quote to get the cost of Bali wedding today, and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hrs!


Visa and Legal formalities for foreigners

Another most important aspect to keep in mind while planning a destination wedding in Bali is Visa and legal formalities.169 Countries get a free visa for 30 days while the remaining countries ought to apply before traveling.

Irrespective of the country you belong to certain Indonesian rules have to be obliged, which includes a passport that is valid at least 6 months from your entrance and the passport must have at least one blank page. The proof of return flight that determines your exit from the country is also compulsory.

Certain options include the extension of the visa, but it varies from country to country. Depending upon the country you are from, you are supposed to pay an extension fee or, a visa run is also a considerable alternative.

If you stay in the country albeit your visa expired then you will be penalized with Rp 1,000,000 per day. This is applicable for 60 days, even after 60 days you continue it then it is considered illegal which may result in maximum imprisonment for 5 years or a fine of Rp 500,000,000.
Making formalities clear is the first and foremost step anyone has to consider before planning a destination wedding. Be it an Australian wedding in Bali or an Indian wedding in Bali one has to go through a series of formalities and submit documents to have a wedding.

Also if you desire to get legally married in Bali then you must oblige with the marriage laws of Indonesia. Depending on your country and the terms there the documents and the paperwork might vary.

For example, if you want an Australian wedding in Bali you should also oblige to the laws of Australia along with the Indonesian marriage laws so that your marriage will be considered legal in Australia as well. Looking at the cost of wedding in Bali, Australians prefer the country.

Both the bride and groom have to declare the same religion though they belong to different religions. The legal ceremony and religious ceremony have to take place in the same place and same day.

You may also do a non-legal wedding in Bali by finishing the legal work and requirements back at the national state. You can then have a casual dream wedding here in Bali.

Most of the people are choosing for a non-legal Destination wedding in Bali these days. They generally solemnize their wedding with wedding registrars in their home country and perform a celebratory wedding or reception here.

Best Locations to get married in Bali, Check out the best wedding venues in Bali

Bali with its exquisite beauty offers various locations and sublime wedding venues in Bali. You can accomplish your fanciful fairy-tale wedding in remarkable resorts or hotels, on the beachfront, villas, poolside view, chapel, or even on the cliff-top as per your desire.

Jimbaran – the best location for beachfront resorts and wedding venues in Bali. 

When you think of a dreamy beachfront destination wedding in Bali with panoramic ocean views and a glittering white sandy beach coastline, a gorgeously decorated luxury venue springs to mind.

Such wedding venues across Jimbaran Bay, give you and your guests one of the best beachfront views on the island.

Wedding Resorts & Venues in Jimbaran, Bali:

Ayana Resort

Ayana resort in Jimbaran is an amazing option to consider and is the best wedding resort in Jimbaran.  It is the largest resort in Bali and covers tons of locations. Be it SKY, Bale Kencana, Tresna Chapel, Astina Pavilion, or Rock Bar, every location leaves us in awe. It is one of the best wedding venues in Bali. The sunset wedding in Ayana resort is also a considerable option.

Four seasons Jimbaran Resort

Four seasons is another top destination wedding resort that fulfills your requirement at one stop, from villa wedding to poolside terrace water wedding. Four seasons will probably showcase your wedding as an exuberant season.

Karma Kandara, The Renaissance villa, The Intercontinental Bali resort are other considerable locations.

wedding venues in bali
wedding venues in bali

Kuta: Tie-the-knot in the middle of the beautiful Island, check the best wedding venues in Kuta, Bali

Kuta is a beach/resort area located on the southern side of Bali, with many wedding venue options in Bali.

One of Bali’s oldest tourist hotspots, it’s well known for its party-centric atmosphere and wild nightlife.

Kuta is also well known for surfing. Post the wedding your family can have fun in the famous Kuta beach and try surfing, making it more memorable.

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Wedding Resorts in Kuta:

The Anvaya Beach Resort

The Tropical scenery and the Indian ocean in the background paint your destination wedding most delightfully. From the most private family celebrations to the lavish ballroom dinners, the Anvaya beach resorts have everything to offer. If you are looking for the best beachfront wedding then this is one of the places you have to consider.

Discover Kartika Plaza Hotel

With 5 star services and facilities, the Discovery Kartika Plaza hotel gives you a choice of customizing your wedding in your desired way. The myriad choices of locations for wedding and the well-furnished rooms for guests come in like an all in one package.

Le Meridien Bali – Tops the list of the best wedding venue in Bali

If you are looking for a rooftop wedding that encompasses cool air and blue sky surrounded by your soul mate and your loved ones then the celebration pavilion in Le Meridien Bali which is located on the fifth floor is must to be given a chance.

Mercure Kuta Bali, Sun Island Hotel, and Spa Bali are also some amazing wedding venues.


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The best wedding resorts and venues in Nusa Dua, Bali.

Nusa Dua is situated in southern Bali. Its sandy beaches are its pride, some of which are Geger Beach, international resorts and an 18-hole golf course. With its intricate carvings and breathtaking beauty, Pura Geger stone temple overlooks the ocean. On the northern part of Nusa Dua, boats link the Tanjung Benoa fishing port to nearby Serangan Island.

Nusa Dua is full of the best beautiful wedding reorts in Bali.

Nusa Dua wedding resorts

From the Grand Hyatt to the Ayodya and Mulia, this strip of coastline offers high-end resorts to stay at. This area wasn’t built for holding parties but for lounging and relaxing.

Nusa Dua is such a place that has numerous resorts and villas with marvelous wedding locations.

Conrad Bali Resort:

Infinity Chapel makes your all dreams come true, floating almost 6 feet above the sea level it gives almost a heavenly feel. Its asymmetrical and modern design features like marble walkways with steel-framed glass and reflection pools are what make it special. Cornard Bali Resort is acknowledged as Bali’s most exclusive wedding destination.


Inaya Putri Bali:

Lying on a 9.1-hectare land this 5-star resort is a synonym for tranquility and beauty. The greenery and the blue sandy beaches will make your life colorful. With BlissPlan Events as your wedding planner in the location, we can assuredly promise that your wedding will be as beautiful as the resort.




Grand Mirage Resort:

With the waves, sand, sky, seashells, and pristine nature as the wedding shenanigans this place brings your imagination to reality. The beach area accommodates up to 300 people to join your celebration. Your wedding assuredly won’t be a mirage but a real-time dream.


Wedding resorts in Nusa dua are in galore. From the Grand Hyatt, Mariott to the Ayodya, and Mulia, this strip of coastline offers high-end resorts to stay at. This area wasn’t built for holding parties but for lounging and relaxing.

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Nusa Dua Beaches

One of the many benefits of staying in Nusa Dua is the lovely beach atmosphere. This is one of the cleanest and most pristine places in Bali unlike other beaches which might not be as clean and breathtaking.

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Get Married In Ubud's Natural Beauty

Check the list of best wedding venues in Ubud, Bali

The town of Ubud, in the uplands of Bali, is the center for traditional crafts and dance. Ubud’s rainforests and terraced rice paddies, dotted with Hindu temples and shrines, are among Bali’s most famous landscapes. Ancient holy sites such as Goa Gajah (“Elephant Cave”) and Gunung Kawi are known for their peaceful vibes.

As the centre of crafts, Ubud is filled with districts that specialise in creating the most splendid artworks and handicrafts. You may set out to observe the stone crafts but might end up passing by oil painting works and silver jewellery stores.

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Uluwatu the best place to choose for your dream wedding

Uluwatu Temple is a Balinese Hindu sea temple located in Uluwatu. Dedicated to Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in his manifestation as Rudra, this temple attracts tourists and temple-goers alike.

In a place where the sacred temple is located your wedding which is known to be the union of two souls as one, here will have a holy touch it

With breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean at the pinnacle of the clifftop of Uluwatu, this place has a reputation for hosting some of the most memorable & opulent weddings in Bali.

A favorite choice of celebrities and high-flyers from around the world, our selection of stunning cliff-front wedding venues provides exceptional locations for any celebration of up to 250 guests.

The Wonderland Uluwatu Bali, Andakara Wedding by Six Senses, Uluwatu Cottage, White Dove Chapel at Banyan Tree, Villa Pemutih are some exceptionally good options to check.

The above-mentioned wedding venues and wedding resorts in Bali are very few in comparison with the wide range of varieties that Bali offers. Ubud, Tanjung Benoa, Sanur, Tabanan, Lombok, Canguu, and Senggigi Lombok also entitles an out of the world wedding.


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Our wedding packages are designed to incorporate all your desires and wishes, with enough room for you to add your own signature touches. Our in-house team can customize packages to your requirements and work with you and your Wedding Organizer in Bali to create the wedding you’ve been dreaming of. 

Give us a call now and let’s discuss your wedding or get your obligation free quote today, and we’ll get in touch with you within 24 hrs!

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