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Engagement Photoshoot: How To Organise One

  • Engagement photography is an opportunity to show the chemistry going on as it is fun to show off a bit of love.
  • One of the main reasons for getting an engagement photoshoot is you will get to know your wedding photographer.
  • Many couples are not so good in front of the camera and they get nervous at first. A proper engagement photoshoot will help the couple to develop a relationship with their wedding photographer so that when the big day arrives, there is no nervousness and anxiousness.
  • Another small yet big reason for engagement photoshoot is if the couple has met recently, the photoshoot will help them to look at themselves. This photoshoot helps them to see how they have to enhance them on their wedding day.
  • Call it an engagement photo shoot or prewedding photoshoot, many couples use their engagement photos throughout their wedding, and some people even use them to announce their engagement ceremony.
  • Engagement photos are used for all aspects, including Save the Date card or guest books. Some people use them for signage around, or just as decorations either at the wedding or to hang up at home.
  • You can get really creative with your engagement photos, couples print them on stickers on sweet jars given as wedding favours and rather use as table names to make things a bit more fun.
  • It showcase how you met or where you got engaged, it also captures some ring bling with some of the close-ups of your ring.

        Shoot Perfection

engagement photography

  • The first step in getting extraordinary engagement photos is to prepare by having good a chat with your photographer well before the shoot date.
  • It describes your relationship and what you like to do together with the better they’ll be able to prepare. They might have some very helpful suggestions for you about where to go, what to wear, or extra things you might bring.


       Where To Have A Photoshoot

  • Choosing the right location can make a big difference to engagement photos, so it’s important to consider all the options which suit you.
  • A location should be selected that means something, the place where the proposal happened, where you first met or your favourite place to visit.
  • Always pick a place you’re going to feel comfortable because that’s going to come across on camera and make a huge difference to your engagement photography experience.

photoshoot venue

       When To Have One?

  • If you’re planning to use your engagement photos for invites or save the date cards, arrange it a bit earlier to get the best picture-perfect, pick your favourite and get the stationery sent out.
  • If possible, it’s good to do in the springtime – especially if it’s an outdoor shoot, a good chance for good weather and the daylight is a lovely time of year.
  • In the summertime, try to avoid taking photos in the heat of the day as the direct sunlight can make things difficult. However, an evening or sunset shoot can absolutely love it breathtaking.
  • For winter shoots, a cozy fireside and some chunky knitwear!

the best time to have a photoshoot

       Outfits For An Engagement Photoshoot

  • While picking clothes for your engagement photoshoot, ensure that you opt for something pretty which gives a relaxed look as you’re going to look your best if you feel comfortable.
  • It’s a good idea to dress for your location and weather as well – if you’re going to the beach you probably don’t want to wear stilettos!
  • Some couples like to be perfectly coordinated for their engagement photos, choosing same colours or full matching outfits, or an individual style.
  • If you don’t want to be the perfect match it’s best to stay within the same colour palette, maybe soft pastels or stick to monochromes to keep everything in a complementary style.
  •  An Engagement photoshoot isn’t supposed to be formal, it’s supposed to reflect you and your partner in your normal life at its gorgeous best.
  • Everyone wants some Instagram-envy pictures at the end of the day, but let it be you the stars of the show, go around you actually love and do something you enjoy doing together it’s about enjoying life together – just shot as prettily as possible.
  • Everyone loves an excuse to be pampered, so if you will feel beautiful, you will feel confident with your hair and makeup.

       Bring props!

  • Some unique furniture, banners with wedding dates or blankets for cozy pictures and the props which describe your relationship add up to a gorgeous setup for an engagement photography.
  • A couple of props can really help, it’s important that props aren’t just there for the sake, enjoy making music – bring your guitar for a jam or something unique you both love.
  • One of the most fun props is your pet.

      Have fun!

  • Engagement photos are all about YOU, the way you are together day in and day out.
  • Traditional pose: The most common type of poses includes standing, sitting, walking or even holding the other person.
  • Candids: Your whole shoot might look boring after some time if all the photos are pre planned. This is a whole interesting kind of engagement photography to opt for.
  • Embrace: Who doesn’t loves to hug their significant other? It’s a form of pure affection and love.
  • Walking: For anxious and nervous couples. In short, for couples who have just met walking poses would just might be the perfect way to get along. Walking with hand in hand and strolling through the park will be the easiest pose for a photoshoot and it also might be a practice for walking ‘down the aisle’.
  • Kissing: The most perfect kind of kissing poses is where your lips are just inches apart from each other. Kissing photos are not usually meant to send to the family as invitations but the usage of proper props just might do the thing.

       Forever love

  • Of course the most common use of your engagement photos, is to have them at home. Small photo frames, multi-photo displays or big prints. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your relationship.

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In order to ensure the best engagement photography experience, it is essential to get experts on your side! We, at Blissful Plans, are well-trained for organizing the most beautiful weddings and have tied up with some of the best photographers in this field.

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