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We all have grown up reading Arabian Nights, those stories allow us to mind eye the spectacular culture of Arab countries. If you are planning a wedding in the middle east and want it to be a chapter in Arabian Nights then Oman is the hidden gem you are looking for. Oman is not a country that strikes your mind when you plan for a destination wedding, but the tables have turned and people are looking for Oman as a considerable destination wedding location. The sultanate of Oman resonates with history, heritage, and culture. It is unique in its way. 

Despite being an ancient city Oman still has a splendid touch of modernity and infrastructure. Amidst the modern chaos, Oman nudges our souls with an ancient and royal feel. This Middle Eastern State does not showcase any opulence and extravaganza but the beauty of its nature echoes very far. It is not an exaggeration to say that Oman is a mixture of Majestic mountains, the desert wind kissing our face, an immaculate coastline, pristine beaches, and picturesque landscapes. These all establish the fact that Oman is one of the best choices to sow your seed of love, and water it with the marriage to bloom together into a beautiful tree of life. Get to know more about the Best time for getting married in Oman, the Legal requirements for marriage in Oman and Best Wedding venues in Oman.

Location details & connectivity with the world

With the Arabian Sea in the southwest and the Gulf of Oman in the northeast, Oman provides spectacular backdrops for your wedding. One can easily reach Oman by landing at the International Airport in Muscat, which is also its capital city. From India, one can easily reach Oman through flights from Delhi and Mumbai, with the flight duration being 3 hours. It is easy to travel to Oman as it takes less time to travel as compared to other profound destination wedding cities.
The beaches of Salalah form a perfect backdrop with green pastures and pristine beaches to wed. Salalah is the capital city of Dhofar and the beauty of this subtropical city is mesmerizing. If you are looking for a beach wedding then this is a considerable choice.

About 150 km from Muscat, 2000 meters above sea level Jabal  Al Akhdar, is situated. The central range of the mountain Al Hajar. This area makes us fall in love with its cool air, serenity, green gardens, and spectacular view. This creates a perfect picture to start your tale of marriage. Apart from these nature-blessed locations, there are other lavish resorts and five-star hotels one can choose from.

Is it believable that one can get married in the desert? surprisingly, yes, it is. Deserts of Sharqiyan spread out a carpet of diversity, let us walk on the sands by holding hands with our loved ones. It creates a subtle arc of magic and enthralls everyone with its beauty. If you want a unique wedding then choosing a desert may be a good choice. The beauty of this setup itself will quench your thirst.

Blissful plans are a wedding planner in Oman that provides Wedding services with an edge. From concept to completion, we make every wedding as magical as it should be. We offer the best in service for your special day, and to-do list, and make it easy for you to enjoy a stress-free day! Get in touch with us for more details.

Climate/Best time for getting married in Oman

A wedding in the middle east is something magical! Considering the coastlines, the southern and northern regions of Oman have different weather conditions. Oman has alluring deserts, this makes it clear that summers here will be sweltering and as hot as Indian, winter will be a wise and best option for getting married in Oman. The cool breeze and pleasant winter vibe persist ideally between October and March. This tropical climate makes the weather delightful. However, the wedding season hovers around the lavish resorts for over seven months that is probably from January to December.

Visa & legal requirements for marriage in oman

The legal requirements for marriage in Oman, the couple must be over the legal age of 18 as in most western countries on the day of the ceremony, and a birth certificate from the relevant must be carried if you wish to be married in Sri Lanka. Foreign marriages are required to be registered with the marriage registrar’s office/divisional secretariat of the area where the marriage is to take place. 

The wedding couple is required to spend at least four days in Sri Lanka before informing the registrar about the  After that, the couple is required to wait for a period of fourteen days before the date of the marriage registration. Under exceptional circumstances it is up to the discretion of the registrar, he can agree to the marriage on the same day.  Once the marriage has taken place, the marriage certificate (and its English translation) must be certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Oman. All the Legal Requirements for marriage in Oman must be fulfilled and it can be done with the help of Wedding planners in Oman. Get in touch with us for more details.

Best Wedding Venues in Oman

There are so many venues for wedding in the middle east, but Oman is getting more popular for weddings. As per your desire, one can opt to have a big fat Indian wedding or make it intimate, have the backdrop of the Arabian sea or choose the rocky mountains, sail on the luxury yachts to explore the seashore, and coastline, and also discover the little islands. You can choose a location close to nature or shift to more affluent hotels. Oman is comparatively unexplored, one can not anticipate what Oman has on its platter. Muscat is a perfect blend of modern and ancient cultures. 

As Wedding planners in Oman, we have curated the best and most luxurious wedding venues in Oman for your fairytale wedding. If you want to choose 5-star hotels and classy venues then muscat has them galore. We all know the sky-scraping building that Muscat possesses. Muscat is not short of luxurious properties and international cuisines. Although the wedding locations in Oman are in multitude, here are four that stand out:

Millennium Resort Mussanah

From the golf course to a Health and Fitness Club, from the tennis court to the Spa and swimming pool this resort has a luxurious feel to it. The resort owns a private 54-berth marina allowing one to explore the panoramic view of the sea. If you are having an intimate wedding then you can be creative enough to exchange vows on this yacht as well. With 234 rooms this resort leaves no room for complaints about anything missing. With these lavish features, the guests are pampered and drowned in the sea of hospitality. Millennium Resort Mussanah is the best luxury wedding resort in Oman.

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Shangri-La's Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa

Plan your Destination wedding in Oman at Shangri -La, This is one of the best and biggest Luxury wedding resorts in Oman. It is woven around the beautiful mountain landscapes and is hugged by the blue Sea of Oman. This is just 15 minutes away from Old Muscat and is spread around an area of 124 acres. 

Its entirety stands on three sibling hotels ‘Al Waha (the oasis), Al Bandar (the town), and Al Husn (the castle)’.Combing the three hotels it has a total of 640 rooms, so it is never a problem to find a venue. Right from a sea-embedded outdoor venue to the chandelier light-illuminated ballroom, one can find their required location in these three hotels.

This resort is a one-stop destination for everything, it has a ballroom 1,056 square meters long called Barr Al Jissah Ballroom along with a ceremonial area that can accommodate as many as 600 people. Turtle Beach and Al Waha have lush green gardens that can be an amazing setup for outdoor weddings. 

The amphitheater is another added attraction. Shangri-La can cater to authentic Indian food not making us feel homesick. The sumptuous food they deliver is customized as per our wedding menu.

destination wedding in oman

Grand Hyatt Muscat

Grand Hyatt Muscat stands exuberantly on beautiful Shatti Al Qurum beach, majestic Hajar Mountains, and the Gulf of Oman. It sprinkles the authenticity of Oman with an amicable atmosphere and good hospitality. Grand Hyatt has a plethora of banquet halls and venues to offer. Located on the ground floor, The Afra Ballroom has the finest entrance with a 170-foot pre-function foyer used usually for cocktails. The ten-foot-tall ceiling embedded with chandeliers and the three projection screens must mention. It provides a picturesque backdrop, ideal for your destination wedding in Oman.

If one doesn’t want to prefer a ballroom wedding, the garden area surrounded by white, sandy beaches is a suitable choice to make your day memorable.

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Al Bustan Palace, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel

Al Bustan Palace has the flattering largest ballroom in the Sultanate of Oman. It has so many special and attractive features like 52 luxurious suites,198 guest rooms, a 50-meter infinity pool, and five swimming pools. They are also owners of the longest private beach in the country which is 1km long. It is one of the most exquisite wedding venues in Oman.

For outdoor settings, the beautiful beach and pulchritudinous gardens do the job. They offer a wide range of cuisines inclusive of regional and international. The longest private beach is also best to keep your guests engaged and entertained with fun water games and activities.

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