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Destination Weddings in Gibraltar

Destination Weddings in Gibraltar are an unforgettable experience. Not only is the Rock of Gibraltar a unique and romantic setting for your special day, but there are also a variety of venues to choose from. From intimate beachside ceremonies to grand receptions at one of the many luxurious hotels, couples can find the perfect place to share their vows. Whether you’re looking for a traditional church wedding or something more modern, Gibraltar offers couples an array of options for their perfect wedding day. With its stunning views, diverse culture, and vibrant nightlife, Gibraltar is the ideal destination to celebrate your love story with family and friends.

With its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, Gibraltar is a perfect destination for couples looking to tie the knot. Not only does it offer breathtaking scenery, but it also has a rich history and culture that make it an ideal place to get married. From its beautiful churches and cathedrals to its picturesque beaches, Gibraltar offers something for everyone when it comes to weddings. Whether you’re looking for a traditional ceremony or something more modern, Gibraltar has something for you.

Climate/ Best time to get married in Gibraltar

Spring: Getting married in Gibraltar at this time of year makes sense for similar reasons as spring break in this part of the world. The milder climate makes for gloriously sunny-looking wedding photos and videos, without conditions being as blisteringly hot as they can sometimes be in the summer. So if you’re worried about being too hot for destination weddings in Gibraltar, this is the optimal time of year to get married.

Summer: A summer wedding is the dream of many couples, and our wedding specialists in Gibraltar have experience in making it come true for lovers like you and your sweetheart. Dreamlike conditions are practically guaranteed, as average high temperatures in July and August are 28 to 29 degrees Celsius (82 to 83 degrees Fahrenheit). However, at this time of year, you also have to expect a higher number of tourists and more expensive flights.

Autumn: The reasons we have given for spring being such a good time of year to marry in Gibraltar also apply to autumn – except, of course, that temperatures gradually drop, not rise, during the month. It’s another time of year that offers a nice balance between the almost certainly pleasant weather and the somewhat quieter and more tranquil atmosphere of the British Overseas Territory. It’s therefore not surprising that our wedding specialists in Gibraltar receive so many requests for packages for this time of year.

Winter: If you’re now wondering how cold and ‘wintry” it actually is in Gibraltar, the answer is: not very. Even in December and January, temperatures in the territory only drop to about 14 degrees Celsius. So if you’re looking for a snowy “winter wonderland” to get married in, Gibraltar is probably not the place for you! Instead, you’ll find a very peaceful place characterized by mild conditions – exactly the conditions in which many of you might want to tie the knot.

Requirements to get married in Gibraltar

If you get married in Gibraltar, it is legally binding – it is a non-religious civil ceremony, making Gibraltar the perfect place to marry for all religions, sexualities, or general circumstances. You only need 36 hours to get legally married, which is just enough time to present your documents.
Before a legal marriage can take place, you must apply for a marriage license. This license can be applied for between 3 months and one day before the wedding, and then you can get married in Gibraltar!

Cost of Destination weddings in Gibraltar

Planning a destination wedding in Gibraltar can be an exciting and memorable experience. The cost of a destination wedding in Gibraltar depends on the type of ceremony, the number of guests, and the location. It is important to consider all these factors when budgeting for your special day. Feel free to get in touch with us for costs associated with getting married in Gibraltar, including venue fees, catering costs, and other expenses.

Best wedding venues in Gibraltar

Sunborn Yacht Hotel

Sunborn yacht is a luxury 5-star hotel located in one of the most exclusive harbors in Europe with incredible Mediterranean sea views.

Make your guests allured by the decor, the spa, the pool, and the cocktail bar. It offers luxury accommodation which will be truly unforgettable.

It allows civil ceremonies in Gibraltar. Super Yacht Aurora Ballroom and Atlas Rooms with shimmering chandeliers and luxurious banquets will make destination weddings in Gibraltar a magical one. Head outdoors to the Wheel House terrace overlooking the Mediterranean sea and exchange vows. Sunborn yacht can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Weddings in Gibraltar

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Gibraltar Botanical gardens located at the foot of rock Gibraltar is an exotic spot to exchange vows amongst the Mediterranean plants.

It is an ideal spot for an intimate licensed ceremony nestled among jasmine, daisies and wild olives, and more.

Choose among the picturesque Dell- an Italian garden with two fountains and Koi fish, Alameda -open-air theatre or the Lions Pond. It can hold a capacity of up to 15 guests.

Mons Calpe Suite

Mons Calpe suite situated at the Top of the Rock offers idyllic and unparalleled views across the Mediterranean sea.

It is one of the few wedding venues in Gibraltar with ceremony approval. It features floor-to-ceiling windows where you can watch the night stars into the evening. This unique space with an exotic backdrop is exclusively all yours.

Why choose us as your wedding planner in Gibraltar?

Our team of experienced professionals will ensure that your wedding is planned and executed to perfection. We understand the importance of this special day and will work hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

We at Blissful Plans have years of experience in planning weddings in Gibraltar, so you can rest assured that we know what we are doing. We have a wide range of services available, from venue selection to catering and entertainment, so you can be sure that all your needs will be taken care of. With us as your wedding planner, you can relax knowing that everything is taken care of and enjoy the most important day of your life without any worries. Contact us for more details.

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