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Destination Wedding In Turkey

A destination wedding in Turkey is much in demand by couples all over the world. Turkey is an enticing place for couples planning a destination wedding. Turkey is both modern and contemporary and is emerging as a major wedding destination in the Mediterranean. Additionally, this country has captivating locations with exotic wedding venues & resorts to choose from. Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia are top destinations booked by couples tying-the-knot.

Furthermore, Turkey has many wedding resorts which are the perfect blend of luxury with a contemporary look. These are good enough to host small Christian catholic weddings to a large gathering of Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Arabic style weddings, Lebanese weddings and more. The scenic beauty of Turkey is exceedingly captivating where couples dream to plan their wedding amidst incredibly beautiful beaches, natural scenic beauty, amazingly rich culture, and decadent delicacies.

Plan the wedding of your dreams in Turkey with us. Need more guidance and info? Then check out our destination wedding in Turkey blog  here to know more about the top venues in Turkey. 

Location details & connectivity with the world

The country sits between two major continents and acts as a wondrous location for a destination wedding for couples around the world. There are flights available from numerous airports around the world to most Turkish cities, including the capital. Inter state connectivity is great as well.

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Cost of a destination wedding in Turkey

What is the cost of a destination wedding in Turkey? This is the first question that comes in mind of the couples who are planning a destination wedding in Turkey.

Our association with the local vendors in Turkey helps us keep the cost to minimal and we are able to provide our clients distinctive and seamless wedding in  different locations of Turkey. We have partnered with wedding venues  in Turkey to give our clients the best deals on stay, meals, and able to help them in logistics. 

Generally, the cost of a wedding dinner ranges from 150 to 350 Euros. Venue decoration charges range from 7000 to 15000 Euros or even more as per your requirements. Other charges like photography per hour start from 150 Euros and also we do customize the package for wedding photography in Turkey. Other elements like makeup or hair artistry, entertainment, preist, etc will charge as per their scope of work. Most importantly the accommodation in the wedding hotels in Turkey will depend on the location, month and number of rooms required and of course, the category of the hotel. 

The breakup can be roughly estimated to-
Stay with meals for 2 nights per person                                                    $478+/ INR 35k+
Decor & design charges                                                                                      $13,664+/10 lakh upwards
Entertainment & AV                                                                                              $4,099+/ 3 lakh upwards
Video/Photography                                                                                               $2732+/ 2 lakh upwards
Miscellaneous/other charges                                                                           $2732+/ 2 lakh+
*Please note that the accommodation charges differ a lot on certain dates and months. The above estimation is just for reference.

A winter wedding in Turkey

Your winter destination wedding in Turkey can be a memorable warm and cozy affair.

 Winter weddings in Turkey are usually indoor weddings as winters are really chilly here. One can have as much fun as people have during summer weddings, including beach wedding photoshoots.

Your dreamy winter wedding can be as spectacular as you like, and to make it luxurious we can rope in the right people for the big day.


A summer wedding in Turkey

Though a destination wedding in Turkey in summers feels like a hot and sticky affair, there are many people who opt for it.  You can go for a pool or countryside wedding as well. A beach wedding is a great option for beach lovers too.

And also be aware that summer weddings are usually conducted late in the evening or at night. P.S, Indians feel right at home when planning an Indian wedding in Turkey.

Legal Requirements For A Destination Wedding in Turkey

You’ll expected to keep following documents handy for getting married in Turkey:

  • Passport/Identification: Non-residents of Turkey not only require a passport but also a visa translated into Turkish.
  • Full birth certificate
  • Health certificate: by a medical examination at the State Medical Institution (Sağlık Ocağı or Devlet Hastanesi) specified by the chosen registry office. Further, Blood tests might be taken if you suffer from contagious diseases. Chest x-rays might be needed in some cases.
  • Photos: 6 passport-sized photos
  • Decree Absolute: if divorced
  • Spouse’s death certificate, previous marriage certificate: if widowed
  • Deed Poll: if the birth name has been officially changed
  • Adoption certificate: if adopted
  • Accommodation document: foreign couples to keep a letter of accommodation handy issued by the hotel with details about the stay duration.
  • Certificate of No Impediment/Certificate of Capacity to Marry/Certificate of Celibacy/Affidavit of Eligibility to Marry
         Info Source: AngloInfo

The procedure is as follows:

The bride and groom must apply at the local registry office and submit a marriage declaration with a certificate of no impediment and all the documents mentioned above.

The registry office then certifies the document. The validity of the document is upto 6 months and one can get married within 48 hours of the license being issued as well.

Turkish destination wedding

Wedding Locations in Turkey

Best Wedding Venues in Istanbul

Turkey is a big country and consists of many beautiful cities with breathtaking venues, it is advisable to engage professionals to help you ease the stress of planning your special day. The country not only offers a lot of places on land for you to have your wedding in but also at sea as you sail in the waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean sea. You can hire hot air balloon services to get married in the sky, quite literally. Wouldn’t it be the most memorable and amazing wedding your guests would get to witness?

It doesn’t matter what place one selects for a wedding or what kind of wedding one wants to plan. Be it an elegant wedding or a religious ceremony, one can host it in any of the most breathtaking venues the country has to offer. Istanbul is a famous for weddings and if you’re looking to host a destination wedding in Turkey, then it is the perfect city for you.

Moreover, Istanbul is very convenient for foreigners and those of differing nationalities as it is one of the most astounding cultural cities to visit with many diverse cultures to witness. With its immensely beautiful tourist attractions, Istanbul makes for a spellbinding destination.

Cirğan Palace Kempinski

Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul, is a leading luxury property that offers you an ambience of opulence at its best. Located at the Bosphorous, this Ottoman Imperial palace tops the list of luxury wedding venues in Turkey.

With more than 300 rooms and 31 suites in total, the resort offers classy accommodations for vacations, weddings, parties or business trips. Further, the hotel boasts of restaurants & bars that offer awesome culinary delights.

They are reputed for being one of the high profile properties for weddings, social events, meetings and corporate events. 

If you dream of having your wedding in a real palace to feel like royalty, then Cirağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul, is the right place to head to. Cirağan Palace Kempinski’s expansive and spacious wedding terrace as well as the Cirağan Ballroom is suitable for large and small gatherings. They can cater to a gathering of 20-1000 guests and orchestrate a gala wedding with the minutest of cuisine and decor arrangements in place.

For a destination wedding in Turkey right out of a postcard, book a free consultation with us- More insight always helps and a perfectly planned wedding can be one to reminsce lifelong.

Four Seasons Hotel

Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul, is located at the scenic Bosphorus strait that joins the Asian and European Continent. This 19th century Ottoman Palace is a testament of rich Turkish culture and ancient architecture of Istanbul.

Blissful plans finds the resort really special for its sea front Bosphorus appeal, classy accommodation and exceptional customer services, that will make your guests happy and give them a comfortable stay. Your destination wedding in Turkey, when organized here, will definitely be an affair to remember. The picturesque location at the Bosphorus makes it apt for varied events like social parties, weddings, receptions, corporate meetings and congresses. 

This is one of the wedding venues in Turkey that will help you get a pre-wedding photoshoot that very few resorts can offer.

Four Seasons Hotel offers warm Turkish hospitality and features a staggering 11 different spaces for different functions including 2 grand ballrooms.

Best Wedding Venues in Antalya

Antalya, the ninth-largest city of Turkey, is a paradise on earth. ‘The Pearl City’ stands for diversity, quality of living, and one of a kind luxury. The fourth most visited city in the world, Antalya is thronged by more than eleven million foreign tourists annually. A destination wedding in Antalya will be an extravagant affair. .

Destination wedding in turkey

How to reach Antalya?

International guests can reach Antalya quite easily. The international airport, is well connected to various cities in the world. If your city is not connected to Antalya through a direct flight, then you will have to board a flight to Istanbul first and then take a taxi, train or bus to Antalya.

If you are our guest for a reception or a destination wedding in Turkey, then you must not worry for we will be able to provide our professional wedding planning services. Our team will receive you at the airport and escort you to the hotel, take care of all check-in formalities, and help you host your dream wedding.

Ela Quality Resort Belek, Antalya

Be the privileged one and enjoy a private holiday, wedding or honeymoon at Ela Quality Resort. Immerse your self in the expanse of this blue green surroundings of blue lake houses, or sea view suites here. The family-friendly Mediterranean resort is just right for guests of all ages. Ideal for having a fun-filled vacation, wedding or reception. 

destination wedding in turkey era resort

Wedding and Stay in Ela Quality Resort

A beach wedding at this venue can be an affair to remember as this resort boasts of a 270-metre long beach and 10 different pools in an area spread across of 11,000 sq meters. There are more than 200 lake houses waiting for your guests to experience the most comfortable lake resort living.

Apart from lake houses there are more than 18 -19 kinds of different accommodation options available for the guests to choose from. If your choice from the list of destination wedding venues in Turkey is Ela Quality Resort then you must not fret at all, for they have different meeting and event venues for cocktail, dinner and special events.

The sea views and ancient architecture act as the perfect backdrop for your outdoor destination wedding in Antalya. For an intimate setting, one can opt for a small boutique hotel  and enjoy the old-time charm of the city.

Best Wedding Venues in Belek

For a destination wedding in Belek Antalya, international guests can reach the city easily. Antalya has an International airport, that is well connected to various cities in the world. This makes destination weddings in Belek a popular choice among couples all over the world. On arriving at Antalya one can hire a taxi or board a bus to Belek. 

Granada Luxury Hotels, Belek

Granada Hotels group, was founded by Hacı Osman Üçdan, is operated by the Üçdan family. With the best customer service as their principle thumb rule. the resort is the pearl of the Mediterranean. With a huge area of one hundred thousand sq meters, comprising of gardens, magnificent pools, many entertainment options/ venues, and a unique architectural style, it is designed for a whole range of luxurious events.

The imposing architecture immediately catches your attention and adds positive vibes. The resort can provide both options for weddings- Indoor or outdoor poolside celebrations to choose from. 

Destination wedding in turkey

Best Wedding Venues in Bodrum

Bodrum is a fun lovers’ city on the Bodrum Peninsula, featuring twin bays with amazing views of the Bodrum castle. The town is good for sightseeing and is the site of one of the seven wonders, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  Couples and their guests can enjoy luxury wedding resorts, great nightlife in clubs, sumptuous food, and vibrant music.

Luxury wedding venues in Bodrum, Turkey are apt for intimate weddings to the grandest weddings. These resorts are located mostly on white sandy beaches where you can enjoy the views on Bodrum Bay with great service and sumptous meals.You and your guests can enjoy the traditional turkish Hammam too!

How to reach Bodrum?

For a destination wedding in Bodrum Turkey, Milas–Bodrum Airport is the one to look out for. Well-connected to various cities in the world, you can take a taxi, train, or bus to Bodrum. On arriving, you can hire a taxi to your hotel or avail the hotel’s taxi. If you are our guest for a reception or a destination wedding in Turkey, then you must not worry as our team will receive you at the airport and escort you to the wedding venue or hotel. We’ll take care of  all check-in formalities while you can have the time of your life. 

Kempinski Barbaros Bay, Bodrum Turkey

Kempinski tops the luxury wedding venues in Turkey and has been uniquely designed for guests looking for hosting a destination wedding in Turkey.

Couples seeking a super-luxury 5-star wedding experience, look no further. Kempinski has a picture-perfect setting with captivating views over the Barbaros Bay, and serene surroundings make it the best wedding venue for a memorable affair.

Further, we can offer customised wedding plans to suit your taste.  Depending on the size and type of your event, you can choose from one of many beautiful areas, including the gazebo terrace, Barbarossa beach, or the hotel’s poolside.

Wedding at Kempinski Hotel Bodrum

Pick the type of celebration you’re planning and host a beautiful romantic wedding on the beach, a formal ceremony in the resort, a religious wedding, or poolside party. Whatever the theme is, the wedding will be as per the clients’ desires.

A two-night stay with bookings for 20 rooms is required for planning a wedding at Kempinski, Bodrum. Kempinski is situated on the pristine bay of Bodrum and is one of the most preferred wedding venues in Turkey.  For couples planning a destination wedding in Turkey, this resort has a serene and picturesque backdrop.

Rixos Premium

Rixos Premium Bodrum is a luxurious 5-star hotel that boasts contemporary rooms, refreshing swimming pools, and gourmet fine dining restaurants. One of the best wedding venues in Turkey, an Iranian, Arabic, American, or Indian wedding can be easily planned with large number of guests here. For small gatherings, even beautiful villas are available for booking.

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