Destination wedding in Turkey – Best wedding venues in Turkey

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Destination Wedding In Turkey – Book the best luxury wedding venues in Turkey.


A destination wedding in Turkey is much in demand by couples all over the world. The beautiful wedding venues in Turkey make it enticing for the couples & families to plan their special occasion here. Blissful Plans, the best wedding planner in turkey can help you with the cost of a destination wedding in Turkey.

Turkey is both modern and contemporary and is emerging as a major wedding destination in the Mediterranean. This country has captivating locations with exotics wedding venues & resorts to offer. Places like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Cappadocia are already in the hot list of couples getting married.

Turkey has many wedding resorts which are a blend of luxury with contemporary look. These are  good enough to host small Christian catholic weddings to a large gathering of Indian weddings, Pakistani weddings, Arabian weddings, Lebanese weddings.

The scenic beauty of Turkey is quite captivating and couples dream to plan their wedding amidst incredibly beautiful  beaches, natural scenic beauty, amazingly rich culture, and lavish delicacies. 


Blissful Plans, the best Indian wedding planner in Turkey can help couples make this special day even more memorable.

Couples can understand all the details for planning a destination wedding in Turkey, and it will help them make a decision on the best wedding venues in Turkey.

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Get the cost of a destination wedding in Turkey – Let the best wedding planner in Turkey plan your dream wedding.

What is the cost of a destination wedding in Turkey? This is the first question that comes in mind of the couples who are planning a destination wedding in Turkey.

Leave your worries on us! Blissful Plans is a renowned wedding planner in Turkey and we know that every cleint has a different requirement. We offer you wedding services as per your taste and requirement.

Our association with the local vendors in Turkey helps us keep the cost to minimal and we are able to provide our clients distinctive and seamless wedding in  different locations of Turkey.

We have partnered with wedding venues  in Turkey to give our clients the best deals on stay, meals, and able to help them in logistics. Check below in the page the various wedding venues and hotels in Turkey locations like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Belek.

To give an idea on the cost of a destination wedding in Turkey or the Cost of stay in wedding venues or resorts in Turkey, a lot will depend on the category venue you pick.

Generally, the cost of a wedding dinner ranges from 150 to 350 Euros. Venue decoration charges range from 7000 to 15000 Euros or even more as per your requirements. Other charges like photography per hour start from 150 Euros and also we do customize the package for wedding photography in Turkey.

Other elements like makeup or hair artistry, entertainment, preist, etc will charge as per their scope of work. Most importantly the accommodation in the wedding hotels in Turkey will depend on the location, month and number of rooms required and of course, the category of the hotel.

Please message us to know the cost breakup if planning a wedding in Turkey.

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Get the cost of an Indian wedding in Turkey – Know the process with the best Indian wedding planner in Turkey.

Planning an Indian wedding in Turkey and that too “a big fat Indian wedding in Turkey” can be an uphill task. But, with an Indian wedding planner in Turkey with empanelled local vendors and wedding venues in Turkey, it sounds very easy.

Reaching Turkey is very easy to reach as Istanbul is well connected to India with direct flights from New Delhi and Mumbai. 

For Visa formalities, the following link can be explored and our team can provide assistance in travel booking and visa formalities.

Check for a visa.

The cost of an Indian wedding in Turkey – Engage the best Indian wedding planner in Turkey to plan your big day!


Generally, the wedding dinner costs 150 to 35o Euros which constitute Turkish, European or Continental cuisines. For Indian cuisine, we prefer to fly world-class Indian chefs & their team from India, as Indian weddings are all about lavish Indian regional delicacies with a mix of Continental or destination-specific delights.

The cost for meals in Indian wedding in Turkey will depend a lot on no. of guests, stay venue, and specific requirements of families.

For the stay charges our team can be contacted for the best deals with our various partnered wedding venues. Tariff can be calculated upon dates, number of guests, number of days to stay, and the category of luxury wedding resort. The stay will be a minimum of 160 Euros per guest per night and go high as mentioned.

Decoration charges for Indian weddings in Turkey- we can take decor charges from 15000 Euros and up as decoration is one of the main elements in Indian weddings.

How do Blissful Plans arrange the important elements of an Indian wedding in Turkey?

Apart from that, we fly the Pandit and locally arrange mehndi artists.  Photographers and Makeup artists can be either locally arranged or flown from India. We have ample vendors both in Turkey and India.

Entertainment can be arranged as per clients’ specifications like dhol, folk dancers, DJ, celebrity artists, choreographers, hosts special shows with all the set up done by our team.

We Team Blissful Plans, commit excellence in our services to make your dream destination wedding in Turkey a magical experience.

Our team will style and plan your wedding and ensure that you have a seamless event!

So, now nothing should stop you from planning an Indian wedding in Turkey.

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Destination wedding in Turkey is a preferred choice due to its connectivity with the world




Turkey is a country that lies partly in Europe and partly in Asia, this not only provides for a unique position for the country geographically but also helps the country to borrow from two cultures making it a spectacular blend of the Asian and European cultures.


Is that isn’t enough to pique your interest in investing for a wedding in the country, I am sure when you observe the breathtaking scenery of the country, you will want nothing more than to have your dream wedding in Turkey.


From the city of Istanbul which is famous for its romantic sights, the history running in the cities veins visible through its various monumental cites to the beaches in Olu Deniz the country is full of remarkable wonders which would make the perfect setting for a wedding.


The country as it sits between the two major continents provides a wondrous location for a destination wedding for all nationals. So, why wait? Let us plan a destination wedding in Turkey for you.


Why An Indian wedding in Turkey or an Arabic wedding in Turkey for the Indian and Ravic people would be the most viable and comfortable option?


The main reason is that, Turkey  does not lie very far from the Indian subcontinent and also the culture of the country makes it very easier to hist an Arabic wedding in Turkey.


Being so close to many European countries, it is a favored choice of many European couples as well.


Also, the connectivity of the country or the distance doesn’t hold much relevance other than the cost of destination wedding in Turkey. The place being really famous for its landscape is favored by a lot of American couples for their weddings.

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 Best time for a destination wedding in Turkey – Check the availability of the best wedding venues in Turkey.

When you are planning your destination wedding in Turkey one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration is the time of the year that you want to get married in and what will be the most suitable for your wedding.

While it is impossible to predict what the climate would be like at a particular day or for a week, according to the many tour guides the best time to plan a vacation in Turkey are Autumn and Spring for which the corresponding months would be September to mid-November and April to May respectively but then the question arises do you want to position your wedding during the peak tourist times in the country.

Well, you don’t need to answer that as we already know what it will be but then what would be the best time for a wedding, well why does it have to be that you circle your wedding around the climate when you can make the climate suit your needs.

Let us elaborate on how by taking into consideration the different seasons that you can wed in Turkey

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A summer wedding in Turkey

Though destination wedding in Turkey in summers feels like a hot and sticky event, still many people opt for it.

Why not host the wedding by a pool or even better why not choose a countryside setting. A beach wedding would certainly help bring out comfortable clothes into the wedding and also it would help keep the people cheered up.

All one got to do is to choose the appropriate wedding attire for themselves and their guests and then happy faces can be seen everywhere. And also be aware that the summer weddings are usually late evening and night affairs.

P.S, Indians feel right at home when planning an Indian Wedding in Turkey.

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A Winter Wedding in Turkey

A couple can choose a winter wedding for any of the reasons either they are fond of the cold weather or don’t like the summer heat.

Whatever be the reason, one thing that can be assured is that your winter destination wedding in Turkey would be a warm and cozy affair.

 Winter weddings in Turkey are usually indoor weddings as winters are really cold here.

One can have all the fun that people have during a summer wedding and even the photoshoots on the beach. 

So to conclude planning a destination wedding in Turkey in any season is fine. We are the most trusted wedding planner in Turkey and help couples plan their kind of wedding no matter what the season is. 

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Destination Wedding in Istanbul, Turkey

Which are the best wedding venues in Istanbul?

[/et_pb_blurb][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”1920px-Istanbul_panorama_and_skyline” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”0px|||||”]When planning a destination wedding in Turkey, couples need to decide on the best location in Turkey for wedding.

As Turkey is a big country and consists of many beautiful and breathtaking cities and places, it is advisable to engage a wedding planner in Turkey to select the destination.

The country not only offers a lot of places on land for you to have your wedding in but also you can have your wedding at sea as you sail the waters of the Mediterranean or the Aegean. You can hire a hot air balloon to get a wedding in the skies literally.

It doesn’t matter what place one selects for a wedding or what kind of wedding one wants to plan. Be it a simple blessing or a religious ceremony one can have it in any of the amazing places in the country as long as the place is not a religious site or a cultural heritage.

Istanbul is a famous location for a destination wedding in Turkey that one can choose.

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The famous city serves as a very convenient wedding location for foreigners and also the people of different nationalities as it one so the most popular city in Istanbul and provides a lot of diversity in its people. 

The reason for holding a destination wedding in Istanbul can be attributed to its immense beauty and tourist attractions for the spellbinding locations that it has to offer.

Considering another fact that the city holds the consulates of most countries thus making it easier for people to solemnize destination weddings here. An American wedding in Turkey would obviously require some paperwork and holding the wedding in this city would make the work easier.

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Cirğan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul


Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul is a resort that is a  class leading luxurious property and offers you an ambience of Luxury at its best. Located at the Bosphorous this Ottoman Imperial palace is a place to behold and enjoy. This tops the list of luxury wedding venues in Turkey.


With more than 300 rooms and 31 suites in total the resort offers classy accommodation for your vacations, weddings,reception or business trips. The hotel’s imperial place boasts of restaurants & bars that offers an awesome culinary delights.


The hotel holds the reputation of being one of the high profile property for weddings, social events, meetings and congresses for corporates.


We at Blissful Plans vouch for this venue as one of the most coveted  destination wedding venues in Turkey, the services here are exceptional and guest experience wonderful.


If you dream of having your wedding in the real Palace than Cirağan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul is the right place to head to wed. Blissful plans experienced wedding planner in Turkey will arrange your fairy tale destination wedding in Istanbul with all fanfare and finery at this palace resort.


Cirağan Palace Kempinski’s expanse and spacious wedding terrace and Cirağan Ballroom overlooking Bosphorus is a venue that is suitable for large and small gatherings. The palace is a top choice for anniversaries weddings and romantic honeymoons worldwide.


The resort can cater to a gathering of 20-1000 guests and orchestrate a Gala wedding with minutest arrangements for Cuisine and decor. Blissful Plans will ensure a classy destination wedding in Turkey straight out of a post card.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”destination wedding in turkey” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-28 17-05-11 (1)” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ width=”100%” custom_margin=”|40px||||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]Image Courtesy: Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-28 18-10-37 (1)” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ width=”100%” custom_margin=”|61px||||” custom_padding=”|0px||||”][/et_pb_image][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”2_5″ _builder_version=”4.3.2″][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”Destination Wedding in Istanbul” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 4.14.00 PM” force_fullwidth=”on” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”0px||0px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]

 Wedding Venues in Istanbul

As a wedding planner, we can suggest many great wedding venues in Istanbul, Turkey. Along with other important wedding aspects, wedding venues play an important role in making your wedding look classy.

Venues shall be selected keeping in view the location of the venue, type, and size of the wedding, indoor wedding solemnization, or a beach wedding in Istanbul. Amenities offered  by the resort, like the kind of food, decor, entertainment options, etc

We have selected a few venues on these parameters.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-28 13-38-32 (1) (1)” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]Ciragan palace Historical Gate. Image Courtesy: Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Istanbul
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”wedding venues in Istanbul” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-28 18-20-12 (1)” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″ text_font=”||||||||” text_text_color=”#000000″ custom_padding=”|||0px||”]

Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul

Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul is located at the scenic Bosphorus strait that joins the Asian and European Continent. This 19th century Ottoman Palace is a testament of rich Turkish culture and ancient architecture of Istanbul.

Blissful plans finds the resort really special for its sea front Bosphorus appeal, classy accommodation and exceptional customer services, that will make your guests happy and comfortable. Your destination wedding in Turkey, will definitely be an affair to remember.

Location advantage and accommodation

sThe picturesque location at the Bosphorus makes it apt for varied events like social parties, weddings, receptions, corporate meetings and congresses. Embrace your family and friends and make your wedding vows special against this water front backdrop.

This is one of the wedding venues in Turkey which give you drool worthy pre-wedding photo shoot that very few resorts can offer. Choose the outdoor terrace wedding or ballroom celebrations, all is possible here.

Four Seasons Hotel, Istanbul is proud of it’s warm Turkish hospitality and features a staggering 11 different spaces for different functions including 2 grand ballrooms.

Awesome guest accommodation options are available comprising of various luxury rooms and suites for the demanding clients.This is indeed one of the best wedding venues in Istanbul, Turkey.


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Luxury destination wedding in Antalya 

Get the top wedding venues in Antalya

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Antalya, the ninth-largest city of Turkey is certainly a paradise on earth. The Pearl City of Mediterranean and the Turkish Riviera stand for diversity, Quality of living, and one of a kind experience. The fourth most visited city in the world is thronged by more than eleven million foreign tourists annually.

The city known as the Turquoise coast, Antalya provides you with as many options as you want to hold a special wedding.

The resort city of Turkey houses the Old Harbor which is full of yachts if you’d like to take your event onto the sea and also has many beaches accompanied by large hotels.

Destination wedding in Antalya is very trending.

The city can hold any type of wedding that you would prefer be it an extravagant affair or a simple ceremony.

You can choose from the many available beach venues or the exquisite ballrooms available in the city.

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”Best Wedding Planner in Turkey” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 3.07.12 PM” force_fullwidth=”on” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”0px||0px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″ text_font=”||||||||” min_height=”845px” inline_fonts=”Georgia”]

Wedding Venues in Antalya


Regnum Carya Golf and Spa resort


Regnum Carya Golf Resort and Spa is one of the most exclusive resorts of Antalya and one of the most awarded resorts in Turkey. With its relentless pursuit for excellence and perfection it exceeds all expectations of the customers, they offer exquisite services, excellent tastes, luxurious living in the lap of breathtaking nature.

Regnum Carya resort is Blissful Plans top choice for a destination wedding in Turkey, for it offers customized wedding packages for your dream wedding, reception or honeymoon.

 Cuisine offered

World cuisine is available at your command and you can choose from an array of A’la Cartè restaurants or set buffet menus for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Your taste buds for exclusive quality local & international cuisine is bound to be satisfied here. Special wedding menu can be planned by blissful plans with close co-ordination with the resort chefs for your weddings or receptions.

Accommodation available

The accommodation offered is world-class and is made in a manner where your close ones can be staying together in the double bedroom family Suite that Can accommodate 4adults +1 infant, one can choose from many, options like family roof rooms, sea view family rooms, Presidential suits, etc. You can laze around at the poolside or enjoy the white sandy beach here, the choice is yours.

Sports and Miscellaneous Facilities

The resort boasts of facilities that are second to none, for instance, 5 international quality tennis courts, 3 football fields designed to meet FIFA official standards, health center with LES MILLS™ facility, and exclusive LES MILLS™ trainer to assist you, water sports fun at it’s best. The resort holds the record for organizing a maximum number of concerts of renowned singing icons like Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Rita Ora, and many more..

Your wedding in Regnum Carya is going to be an affair to remember for years to come.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”wedding venues in turkey” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-26 00-25-28″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]Ela Quality Resort Belek, Antalya




Be the privileged one and enjoy a private holiday, wedding or honeymoon at Ela Quality Resort.


Immerse your self in the expanse of this blue green surroundings of blue lake houses, or sea view suites at Ela Quality Resort. The family friendly Mediterranean resort is just right for guests of all ages. It invites you to have a fun filled vacation, wedding or reception. The spellbinding views make it perfect for your upcoming destination wedding in Turkey.


Wedding and Stay in Ela Quality Resort


A beach wedding at this venue can be an affair to remember as this resort boasts of a 270-metre long beach and 10 different pools in an area spread across of 11000 sq meters.


There are more than 200 lake houses waiting for your guests to experience the most comfortable lake resort living. Apart from lake houses there are more than 18 -19 kinds of different accommodation options available for the guests to choose from.




If your choice from the list of destination wedding venues in Turkey is Ela Quality Resort you must not fret at all, for they have different meeting and event venues for cocktail, dinner and special events.

For planning a wedding Gala dinner indoors you can choose from many the venue as per the number of guests expected.


Let us plan your destination wedding in Turkey and you be the guest of your own wedding.

















[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][et_pb_column type=”2_5″ _builder_version=”4.3.2″][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]The historical city Kaleici is the name of Antalya, The structures date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. some of the Turkish old buildings have been converted to boutiques, hotels, restaurants, and shops that sell various kinds of arts and crafts.

The sea view and ancient architecture provide the perfect backdrop for your outdoor destination wedding in Antalya    ( Kaleici ) for an intimate setting one can  a opt for small boutique hotel  and enjoy the old-time charm of the city.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-06-18 at 11.33.36 PM” force_fullwidth=”on” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”||2px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”wedding venues in Antalya” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 3.07.54 PM” force_fullwidth=”on” _builder_version=”4.4.5″ custom_padding=”||2px|||”][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]

How to reach Antalya?




International guests can reach Antalya quite easily. Antalya has got an International airport, that is well connected to various cities in the world.




If your city is not connected to Antalya through direct flight, then you will have to board a flight to Istanbul first abnd then take  Taxi, train or bus to your desired destination, Antalya. On arriving at Antalya you can hire a taxi for the resort.




So if a family is planning a destination wedding in Antalya, this place is very well connected with the world.


If you are our guest for a reception or a destination wedding in Turkey, then you must not worry. We are the best wedding planner in Antalya and have a complete tie up with local vendors for all support.


Our team will receive you at the airport and escort you to the hotel, take care of check In formalities, and here begins the fun of destination wedding in Antalya, Turkey.


[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”catholic wedding in turkey” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 9.20.49 PM” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″ min_height=”34px”]P.S: We must make you aware that Regnum Carya is an exclusive super-luxury property that is just apt for the wedding affairs of the rich connoisseurs. The two-day event with all meals, plus one wedding Gala dinner for 100 people with basic wedding day decoration, inclusive of wedding cake, and bridal bouquet, will cost you somewhere north of US$ 6,10,000/-
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” title_text=”Screenshot from 2020-06-26 00-25-28″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]Activities at the resort

Ela Quality Resort has variety of day time activities for guests of all age group. You will be amused with activities like sports music, fun games, parties and many other surprises.

The resort has got an array of water sports and other countless sports like water polo and other fun pool games. You can try your hands at beach volleyball, table tennis, basket ball, lawn tennis, football, mini golf and much more. We are sure you won’t have a dull moment here at Ela Quality Resort.
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Destination Wedding in Belek, Turkey

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Wedding in Belek, the paradise of Antalya

Belek is a splendid destination in the area of Antalya region, Belek boasts of Kursunlu waterfall, people call it nature’s marvel as it has a hidden cave at the back of the waterfall. In access of hundred bird species inhabit the proximity.

The place offers many wedding venues like luxury 5-star resorts and hotels for customers with exquisite taste. You can have a romantically epic wedding in front of the waterfall. Also, Belek wedding venues in pristine beaches that this location offer as your backdrop for a destination wedding in Antalya (Belek). Or simply choose hotel ballroom or perfectly manicured resort garden.

Belek is the area known for its great restaurants and nightlife. Five-star properties have all the facilities available in their resorts, but still, a few night birds may want to wine and dine elsewhere.

The sumptuous local Turkish food can be savored in the many restaurants in Antalya.  Adana Ockbkbasi is a new restaurant in Belek which should definitely be tried for its special Turkish fair. They prepare lip-smacking kebabs and fish delicacies.

The bars and nightclubs in Belek are very popular for their quality drinks and wholesome entertainment and generally remain very crowded. Thus if you are planning a wild night out then, be prepared to wait in a queue.

So, your wait is over! Just get in touch with Blissful Plans, the most trusted wedding planner in Antalya.
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Wedding under the stars. Is that your dream plan?


Lara Barut Collection, the best wedding venue in Belek, Antalya

Lara Barut Collection is a Turkish luxury resort with a top-notch reputation. The resort can make all your destination Wedding in Antalya ( Belek) dreams come true.

Blissful plans, the best wedding planner in Turkey in collaboration with Lara Barut will make your wedding or reception day even more special.

The elegant event designed by us amidst the romantic Mediterranean setup will make your big day an affair to remember. You can opt for a poolside wedding ceremony at choose our Lara Barut Collection or alternatively choose our stylishly decorated ballroom to say ‘I do’
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How to Reach Belek, Turkey?


For a destination wedding in Belek Antalya, international guests can reach Belek easily. Antalya has got an International airport, that is well connected to various cities in the world. This makes destination wedding in Belek very desirable by couples all over the world.


On arriving at Antalya one can hire a taxi or board a bus to Belek.  The distance between the two is 32KM.


Once you have reached your destination wedding resort, Check Inn, and the wedding in Belek Antalya begins.


PS: Belek is connected to other Turkish towns by Buses and trains
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Wedding Venues in Belek, Antalya Turkey


 Granada Luxury Hotels, Belek

Granada Hotels group, was founded by Hacı Osman Üçdan, and is operated by Üçdan family and has adopted the best customer service as their principle thumb rule.

Situated in Belek, Granada Luxury Belek resort is the pearl of the Mediterranean, with a huge area of one hundred thousand sq meters, comprising of Gardens, magnificent pools, many entertainment options/ venues, and unique architecture, it is designed for any kind of event.

Unforgettable holiday experience, MICE or destination wedding in Belek, reception, or honeymoon, the place is ideal for any do.

While at the very entrance, you are awestruck by the Grandeur of Granada Luxury Belek. The imposing architecture immediately arrests your attention and you feel the class and positive energy of this resort.

The resort can provide both the options for weddings- Indoor weddings or Outdoor poolside affair, the choice is yours.

For sure the wedding is going to be epic in this beautiful destination wedding Venue in Antalya (Belek)



Image Courtesy: Lara Barut Collection resort


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Why plan a destination wedding in Bodrum?

Bodrum is a fun lovers’ city on the Bodrum Peninsula, featuring twin bays with an amazing view of Bodrum castle. The town is good for sightseeing and is the site of one of the seven wonders, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.  Indian wedding in Bodrum Turkey is quite in trend these days.

If you are looking for an amazing nightlife with good wedding venues or resorts in turkey, Bodrum is the best place for a destination wedding in Turkey. Couples and their guests can enjoy luxury wedding resorts, great nightlife in clubs, sumptuous food, and vibrant music.

Check the cost of a wedding in Bodrum with us, we are the best wedding planner in Bodrum. We plan weddings for different nationals like Iranian, American, European, Indians, etc.
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”wedding planner in Turkey” title_text=”wedding-1255520_1920″ _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]The luxury wedding venues in Bodrum, Turkey are apt for an intimate wedding to the grandest wedding like Big fat Indian wedding.

These resorts are located mostly on the white sand beach and generally have a beachfront restaurant. One can enjoy the views on Bodrum Bay with perfect services and sumptous meals.

The couple and their guests can enjoy the traditional turkish Hammam too!
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Rixos Premium

Rixos Premium Bodrum is a luxurious 5-star hotel that boasts contemporary rooms, refreshing swimming pools, and gourmet fine dining restaurants. This is one of the best wedding venues in Turkey and preferred by couples planning a luxury destination wedding in Turkey.

An Iranian, Arabic, American, or Indian wedding can be easily planned with large number of guests. For small gatherings, even beautiful villas are available.
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How to reach Bodrum?

For a destination wedding in Bodrum Turkey, international guests can reach Bodrum quite easily. Milas–Bodrum Airport is an international airport that serves the Turkish towns of Bodrum and Milas. This airport is well connected to various cities in the world.

If your city is not connected to Bodrum through direct flight, then you will have to board a flight to Istanbul first and then take a plane, Taxi, train, or bus to your desired destination, Bodrum. On arriving at Bodrum you can hire a taxi to the resort.

If you are our guest for a reception or a destination wedding in Turkey, then you must not worry our team will receive you at the airport and escort you to the wedding venue or hotel. take care of  Check Inn formalities, and here begins the fun!

Cost of a wedding in Bodrum must include the travel expenses too.
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Top wedding venues in Bodrum, get the best deals from wedding planner in Turkey

Bodrum has an ideal backdrop any Indian wedding, Iranian or Catholic wedding. One can see crystal blue waters, hills with olive and citrus groves, and buildings in white with overflowing seasonal flowers.

This location has some amazing luxury wedding resorts and venues which are a perfect setting for a wedding.

We as wedding planners in Turkey can help couples get best prices for these wedding venues in Bodrum and also plan a distinctive wedding as per your style.
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Kempinski Barbaros Bay, Bodrum Turkey

Kempinski tops the luxury wedding venues in Turkey and is unique and designed for guests that are looking for a luxury destination wedding in Turkey.

Couples who would want to indulge in super-luxury 5-star wedding experience, look no further.

Kempinski has a picture-perfect setting with captivating views over Barbaros Bay, and serene surroundings make it the best wedding venue for memorable affair.

Blissful Plans, the best wedding planner in Turkey can style and plan your destination wedding in Turkey. We can offer you perfectly customised wedding plans to suit your needs and taste.  Depending on the size and type of your event, you can choose from one of many beautiful areas, including the Gazebo Terrace, Barbarossa Beach, or poolside
[/et_pb_text][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”Kempinski wedding bodrum” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 4.56.48 PM” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_image src=”” alt=”wedding venues in turkey” title_text=”Screenshot 2020-07-02 at 5.06.03 PM” _builder_version=”4.4.5″][/et_pb_image][et_pb_text _builder_version=”4.4.5″]Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay situated on pristine bay of Bodrum and is one of the desirable wedding venues in Turkey.  For couples planning a destination wedding in Turkey, this resort has a serene and picturesque backdrop.

Wedding at Kempinski Hotel Bodrum

Just select the type of ceremony and celebration you are planning or get in touch with the best wedding planner in Turkey

As a wedding planner in Turkey, we curate a beautiful romantic wedding on the beach, or a formal ceremony in the resort, a typical religious wedding,  a wedding party poolside. Whatever the theme is we try to style the wedding in Turkey as per the clients’ desires and our creativity.

A minimum two-night stay for 20 rooms is required for wedding planning in Kempinski, Bodrum with a minimum number of accommodation of 20 rooms per day.
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