Destination wedding in Sri Lanka

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Destination Wedding in

Sri lanka

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 Wedding in picturesque Sri Lanka is a dream for many couples. Moreover, it is our endeavour and vision to establish Blissful Plans as a one stop shop for  destination wedding. We have embodied the highest standards of quality and service.

 Sri Lanka has always been an ideal destination for an exotic wedding ceremony and honeymoon. Especially for Indians and Asian communities. Also, Sri lanka enjoys the third spot on most popular destination for weddings and honeymoons in the world. In addition, the backdrop of your wedding can be selected from various options. From hot-air balloons drifting silently through the air. A jungle setting, on a wide sandy beach with an elephant. On a riverboat cruising along a river, little private island, a tea plantation, to a private ceremony in an old church in the hill country. Talk to us to arrange an unforgettable big fat indian wedding or wedding that suits your requirement, whether you want an exotic or traditional Sri Lankan style wedding.

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.Visa & legal formalities- Get a wedding planner in Sri Lanka – Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

The couple  planning a destination wedding in Sri Lanka must be over the legal age of 18. Also, on the day of the ceremony the birth certificate  must be carried if you wish to be married in Sri Lanka. Foreign marriages are required to be registered with the marriage registrar’s office/divisional secretariat of the area where the marriage is to take place.

The wedding couple is required to spend at least four days in Sri Lanka before informing the registrar about the wedding. After that, the couple is required to wait for a period of fourteen-day before the date of the marriage registration. Moreover, under special circumstances it is up to the discretion of the registrar. He can agree to the marriage on the same day .

Once the marriage has taken place, the marriage certificate (and its English translation) is required to be certified by the Consular Affairs Section of the Ministry of External Affairs in Sri Lanka. If you fail to do so then the certificate will not be recognized as valid outside Sri Lanka.

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Cost of a destination wedding in Sri lanka:

The best thing about getting married in Sri Lanka is the lesser cost of expenses.Also, if you choose Sri Lanka as your wedding destination then it will probably easy on your budget.

The final cost of expenses will depend of course on the venue which you are going to choose and the guests. Moreover, the more the number of the guests the larger will be the  accommodation expense. The villas and hotels in Sri Lanka are budget friendly and provide great ambience and service. The cost of accommodation can be INR 15K to 17K + Tax per Night. Tariffs of superior rooms and suites may vary. Usually the cost of venue lies between INR 10K to 20K. Also, additional services like photography, music and decoration are totally dependent on the couple’s choices.

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Shangri-La Colombo

If one has a dream of having an island wedding, then Shangri-La Colombo is the perfect wedding venue in Sri Lanka. Moreover, you can exchange your vows in this picturesque resort with views of the Indian Ocean.

The resort is located in the heart of the financial and business capital city, Colombo. This is the hotspot of the city. Furthermore, the resort is beautiful and has an extensive board room at the Horizon Club.

There is a very large pillar-less ballroom in the hotel. It is perfectly suited for s grand event. In addition, it can accommodate up to 1500 guests and over 2000 for receptions. For hosting ceremonies, rehearsal dinner, receptions and pre-wedding functions for Hindu wedding ceremonies, ballroom is apt.


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Vivanta By Taj Bentota

Taj Vivanta is one of the desirable wedding venues in Sri lanka and is located on the South West Coast.

The Vivanta by Taj Bentota hotel exudes pure luxury and charm. Moreover, Vivanta is a perfect venue for you if you want a private, intimate and small wedding. Also, if you are aiming for a fun get together with family and friends.

The hotel has different venues.  A banquet lawn which is an open venue that’s ideal for after parties, cocktail nights, and pheras. Also, Vivanta has an indoor Orchid banquet which is great for an indoor reception.

It can accommodate around 275 people which is suitable for a small ceremony. This is perfect for you if you want to have a small ceremony with lesser guests. Furthermore, couples can have both Hindu and Catholic wedding in here.

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Avani Kalutara Resort:

The resort is located on a peninsula and is surrounded by vibrant gardens and a private beach fringed with palm trees. This is a perfect location for your dream beach wedding resort in Sri Lanka.

It is perfect for both catholic and Hindu ceremonies. You can have the wedding ceremony on the beach. Also, the reception or other pre-wedding rituals like Mehndi and Sangeet in the resort.

This is one of the most luxurious wedding venues in Sri Lanka.  Its contemporary architecture and scenic outdoor space can equip at least 200 people along with a ballroom that can equip around 600 people. In addition, this is amongst the most popular outdoor wedding places in Sri Lanka.

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Jetwing Blue : Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

The Jetwing Blue is located at Negombo away from the hustle-bustle of the city. Giving an exotic blend of contemporary and stylish settings. Also, this gorgeous beachfront property gives all the gorgeous views to cherish for a beach destination wedding in Sri Lanka.

The resort can accommodate 400-500 guests. But for a grand ceremony with more than 500 guests then the resort can easily accommodate the guests. Moreover, the best part of this resort is its secluded location which allows you to have a private and intimate ceremony.

Couples looking for an Indian wedding in Sri Lanka can contact us for planning the same in this resort.


Images are taken from Jetwing Blue website:

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Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

This resort is located close to the neighborhood of Colombo. Also, it is the ideal venue for an out-of-town wedding. You can host two different types of ceremonies in this resort. One can have an outdoor ceremony in the gardens by the sea with a Bedouin-themed shindig, or an open-air ceremony which enables you to choose your own decor. Open mandap for the Indian wedding ceremony or set-up and design for your Catholic ceremony, this has a perfect setting.

Their indoor venue at their Kutlama Banquet Hall is best suited for a lovely, traditional ceremony. Also, for a western-style wedding, or renewal of vows.

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Taj Samudra

Taj Samudra is located in close proximity to the airport on the scenic Galle Face road.  It is one of the best wedding venues in Sri Lanka to host classy wedding celebrations.

Samudra Ballroom is quite gorgeous and is spread over 4,000 ft which can accommodate up to 400 people comfortably. The hotel has great outdoor venues like North, South and On Golden Pond Lawns. In addition, pool Terrace which can also be utilized to host themed parties for approximately 2000 persons. The place is a hotspot of glamorous parties in the city . It is frequently visited by international celebs holiday in Sri Lanka.

This is indeed a very suitable and luxury venue for a destination wedding in Sri Lanka.

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Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa

This is a perfect venue for art lovers who want to extend the artistic blend to the wedding. The Weligama Bay Marriott Resort & Spa is the place to book.

This beachfront property offers stunning architecture. 198 exquisitely designed sea-facing rooms and suites. Also, it is located in close proximity to the Galle Fort and blue whale watching hubs. It is a perfect spot where your guests can enjoy leisurely activities.

The hotel has ballroom called The Pearl Ballroom which has an area of over 4,270 ft and can accommodate up to 500 people.  Moreover, the beautiful lawn is ideal for a grand reception or cocktail night. It is the newest addition the luxury wedding venues in Sri Lanka.

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Shangri-La Hambantota: Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka

For a grand wedding with thousands of guests and a number of functions Shangri-La’s heavenly Hambantota Resort & Spa is the picture-perfect wedding venue in Sri Lanka. Also, it is a perfect venue for a big fat Indian Destination Wedding in Sri Lanka.

If you are having a typical Big fat Indian wedding with multiple functions and loads of guests, then it’s a perfect venue for you.

The 59-hectare property includes some of the most incredible event spaces in the city. Also, you can host a beach wedding under the sunset with a lavish reception party on the golf course. Moreover, the venue has tropical gardens which are perfect for hosting a cocktail. The resort is located close to a bunch of nature sanctuaries like the Yala, Udawalawe, Lunugamvehera. Bundala National Parks which are great tourist spots.

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Climate/ Best time for getting married in Sri Lanka

 One must understand the climatic conditions before planning a destination wedding in Srilanka. Furthermore, this country is famous for tropical rains and storms. It can be romantic when you plan to stay inside your luxurious villa or hotel but they are not ideal for your dream wedding ceremony or for photographs. Also, from the months of December to March, there would be lovely weather, cooler in the mornings and evenings. In addition, sunshine during the day in the west and south coasts and the hills

The best time to get married at the east coast is during April to September. The lower season sees hotel, resort and villa prices drop, this is because the weather is unpredictable. So you are better to look at the shoulder seasons of the weather and the best season to travel. Furthermore, you can spend a little extra money on accommodation just for precautions incase the weather turn bad which is possible in Sri Lanka. One might want to wear lighter clothes for your wedding ceremonies considering the humidity and heat of Sri Lanka. We suggest that couples select lightweight fabrics like organza, chiffon light silk or cotton dress for ladies . Linen suits or cotton Kurta payjama for the gentleman.

Blissful Plans, the most trusted and renowned wedding planner in Sri Lanka can be conatcted for initial counselling.

Read More about wedding planning with us



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