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Weddings can either be a perfect ending for a fruitful love story or an enchanting beginning of another love story.

” So our marriage is an arranged marriage which turned into love in the span of 295 days!!”

Ritika, a content creator, and Shivam, a businessman, took their vows on the 21st of November 2020. 

Their auspicious bond became truly divine when their dear ones showered them with blessings on the majestic eve of their wedding. What could’ve been a traditional arranged marriage turned into the story of two souls who gradually fell for each other.

Their First Meeting…

When asked about their first meeting. Ritika said, “We met through a common friend of our dads’ for a typical Indian meeting with parents and then it perfectly clicked. It seemed like a perfect match so we decided to meet each other a few more times to help us make the right decision.”

Meetings & Love…

One meetup led to another. Gradually, they met each other a few more times and went out together. Ritika and Shivam got to know each other, tried to understand their differences, were acquainted with each other’s likes and dislikes, and eventually fell for each other.

Interestingly, What initially led them to bond was their mutual love for ice creams!

Ritika said “We both really connected while talking about our love for ice cream!! This must sound incredibly crazy but it’s actually the truth… “

Their Unforgettable Sweet Confessions…

Everyone has played a role in making Ritika and Shivam’s love story a reality. In fact, Ritika expressed her gratitude by saying “My jiju (sister’s husband) played cupid in our story and I am really thankful to him for that!!”

On 31st Jan, we met at Shivam’s house and then both of us said yes!! 
Shivam almost took a month to say yes but I already knew we’d get married when I saw the way he looked at me as I entered his house the first time. I just went “aww” in my head. ♥♥♥

Planning Their Dream Wedding…

Just like everyone with their own tastes and preferences, Ritika wanted a wedding filled with celebratory vibes and an air of jubilance along with a royal wedding experience.
When asked about what she wanted she said, ” I love to dance and he also loves dance so we both knew we had to have a great DJ and entertainment arrangements for ourselves and our guests! Thanks to DJ Hitesh and Anil, it was quite a blast!”
“For my wedding I always planned to have fun and dance rather than being a shy bride.”

The Wedding Venue: Stunning Opulence

Ritika and Shivam’s wedding was majestic with a touch of royalty at Le Meridian, Jaipur. An extravagant location with splendid architecture and marvelous decor: The dream the couple had dreamt for so long.

Wedding Ceremonies: An Auspicious Touch

Indians celebrate and wholeheartedly enjoy every moment at weddings. Weddings aren’t just about a single day, they go on for days. With feelings of joy, exhilaration, and elation visible on everyone’s faces, weddings are truly a time to celebrate and cherish for years to come.
Moreover, Indian weddings remain incomplete without Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, and other traditional celebrations and parties. Due to this, every auspicious ceremony has a meaningful backstory and tradition.
Shivam and Ritika too had various joyous celebrations with splendid parties involving their families and friends. These were:

The Engagement: Marking The Beginning

The engagement ceremony was the beginning of the romantic wedding saga. Here we saw the bride looking as pretty as a princess as the couple exchanged gorgeous wedding bands.
Ritika and Shivam dazzled in their complimentary outfits as guests took turns to congratulate them and get pictures clicked. Shivam posed for pictures in his soft blue Sherwani while Ritika gracefully adorned a glittery pink lehenga while posing for the photographers.
Don’t they look amazing together? *heart eyes*

Cocktail: All Fun & Games

Next up was the celebratory party with drinks and dance, aka the cocktail party. A beautiful celebration of love and friendship; we witnessed the bride and groom dazzle in stunning outfits. Ritika’s exquisite gown with her intricate neckpiece made her look absolutely breathtaking. Shivam wore a suit of the same color and added a dashing look to the couple’s ensemble.

Take a look at this mesmerizing celebration with the couple adding a royal touch to the pictures:

Mehendi Time: Prepping For The Big Day

This elegant pre-wedding ceremony was quite a hit with guests owing to its vibrant hues, picturesque location, and backdrop dotted with nature. 
An exceptional celebration, Ritika was extremely thrilled by the fun and bright vibe. She said:
“One theme that I really wanted for a while was to dress in a butterfly themed lehenga with pastels on my Mehendi ceremony and it makes me really proud to have done that”


With yellow all around, we saw the bride and groom completely covered with natural Haldi.

The couple rocked the looks game this time as well! Ritika looked like a glowing beauty and mesmerized the guests in a double-shaded pink and yellow saree. Her stunning floral accessories made her look even more pretty! We saw Shivam adding a dash of masculinity in his orange-yellow kurta.

Sangeet: The Time To Dance Till You Drop

This is that one ceremony that is super exciting for most Indians. With a chance to own the dance floor, people spend months perfecting their moves. With fun songs and Bollywood steps to groove to, the guests had the time of their lives. Ritika and Shivam had a lot of fun and were the center of attention at all times.

Finally The Big Day!


The luxurious wedding was organized at Le Meridien, Jaipur with great pomp and grandeur. With an exquisitely decorated wedding venue, the bride and groom exchanged varmaalas in an intimate place only for two. It was a truly magical affair!

For a wedding, I always wanted my varmaala ceremony to be private; with no one else around, our special moment was made possible at Le Meridien

On her big day, Ritika looked like a goddess dressed in vermilion red. She adorned a deep-red lehenga with intricate jewelry and finished off the look with traditional Indian bangles and a stunning bridal hair bun. Complimenting her gorgeous look, Shivam showed up in royal silvery-white sherwani with a red dupatta.

Ritika and Shivam’s wedding was not only quite luxurious, but it was also one of the most aesthetically pleasing weddings the guests had been a part of. With memorable celebrations and equally stunning attires, makeup, and accessories, everything looked as it would in a perfect world.

Weddings commence the journey of a lifetime. Ritika and Shivam were lucky to have their dream wedding and we, at Blissful Plans, hope yours would be just as magnificent as theirs.


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