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Atlantis Dubai Wedding

Wedding in Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

‘Atlantis Dubai Wedding’ is one of the dazzlingly beautiful and grand venue for one’s marriage. All of us plan the wedding in our way and with the personalized touch.  The dreams wedding ranging from ethnic royal, religious, or with the fusion of rustic country theme, or sometimes can vary from the fairy tale, garden-based, woodland forest-based or kind of romantic wedding giving a large number of variations and also ranging along with the destinations whether it being the with in the country or international wedding. Talking about the international wedding who don’t want it? Particularly when it emanates to a magnificent ‘Atlantis Dubai Wedding’.

Why plan a wedding in Dubai?

Dubai the ‘land of gold’ offers you the grand destination for the wedding, with some high set goals. The land self-provides you with the luxury, royalty and richness and when it comes to the wedding you can feel the super zeal of royalty with the mix of joy, fun and grandeur leaving you with the major goal in the era. Dubai in its splendour and impressive style gives you the various destination for the wedding including the underwater sites to various suites which can take you to the journey of wow factors.


One of the destinations includes Atlantis, The Palm Dubai, famous for its mind-boggling sites and designs and number of astonishing indoor-outdoor venues. The dream wedding initially starts from the dreamy scenes and as for dreamy fairy tale wedding what can be better than a wedding in Dubai’s Atlantis the Palm Dubai.

Dubai – The Land of Gold

The place offers vivid venue ranging from Atlantis Ballroom or glittering Asateer marquee.  This is one of the biggest gathering halls in Dubai. And on the other hand, with the 5 start opulence suits of various renowned inns. That serves you the ethical royalty of Dubai to make your special day a more remarkable for lifelong endurance.

Atlantis Dubai Wedding

When it comes to wedding, Atlantis, The Palm Dubai becomes not only the choice of people- bride-groom and family but also the choice of wedding planners in Dubai like the Blissful plans. As they offer you with this grand international destination and make it more amazing by helping you to create the personalized nuptial and an amazing experience in the looked-for Atlantis Dubai wedding cost and on the same hand providing you with wedding décor, music arrangements, travelling and entertainment and much more creating it a complete distinct package which also includes all the paperwork. All the same, place to make it relaxed for clients.

When it comes to a destination wedding it can be something costly as well as overwhelming. Specifically talking about Dubai, itself which is the grand and auspicious cities of sheikhs and is mostly favoured by those who wish to spend on profligate services and chase for the fulfilment of their desire of a tasteful experience and dreamy cloudy weddings

Wedding in Atlantis, The Palm Dubai- the ultimate wedding destination

The middling cost of holding marriage in Dubai may range around somewhere from $81,000 (AED 300,000) to $136,000 (AED 500,000). Most importantly depending on the kind of wedding you wish to organise and the facilities you are looking forward too. Couples generally spend the hand full sum of money to make sure their knot-tying ceremony international and noticeable to meet their demands and can be looked upon as the wedding goal line.


Wedding Celebration and Wedding Planners in Dubai

This ultimate Palace or can be called as the luxury mansion which promises nothing less than to offer you with crowned heads, as the name itself says. The marvellous, majestic, impressive construction and the intricate inland decor feels something that can create magic. The most celebrated ballroom is all marble and gold which enhances its beauty. The garden is perfectly clipped and is spread over the area. The lavishness and luxury of the citadel are so overwhelming, it feels like a dream to make your wedding a complete adventure.

atlantis dubai

Our team offer you with the celebrated place where they make arrangements for all kind wedding allowing you to enjoy the moment when you say ‘I-do’ or if it’s the full- fat Indian wedding ranging the vivid ceremony of Mehendi, sangeet, haldi and knot tying, or any other special wedding ritual, so, all you get there is to appreciate your days and make it worth recalling as by making your daydream a realism. This makes it easier to experience luxurious Atlantis with wedding planners in Dubai.

Atlantis, The Palm Dubai

food at wedding in dubai

Rambling over 46 hectares, Atlantis The Palm in Dubai looks like a magnificent palace built in the Middle-Easterly monarch. Within its idiosyncratic iconic rose hue facade, the place serves up your special experiences and comfy amenities. It makes marriages hosted here as unmatched ideal experience. This place offers you a collection of beautiful indoor and outdoor wedding locations for you to select from. Each of them is unique in their special way and unbeatable as hard rock like-

List of Atlantis Dubai Wedding Venues –


The Grand Atlantis Ballroom

wedding planner in dubai

This is one of the most popular indoor wedding venues and can easily accommodate up to 1,200 guests.

Addition to which it giving them access to the beauty -The Royal Terrace which serves the guests with the spectacular sights across Atlantis resort and much beyond that is copious.

The Silk & Spice Ballrooms

The are other equally popular sites for the couple who are looking for an indoor intimate wedding celebration. This place allows the gathering of seat up to 300 guests at a time.

Asateer marquee

Atlantis Dubai Wedding

If you are forward to larger indoor gathering, then what other than magnificent Asateer marquee would be better? As it offers you privacy which the touch of poshness and complete suppleness in its luxurious space that is capable to hold up to 1,200 guests at a time.

Atlantis Beach 

wedding in dubai


This exclusive and majestic beach can host up to 800 guests and is perfect for a romantic beachside wedding. This place serves as a complete package for the fairy tale-beach side wedding ceremony. Giving ample sample for one to enjoy.

 Zero Entry Pool

This grand and new of a kind zone is ideal for a large wedding ritual or cocktail panache reception. Which provide you with a separate seated dining area that can hold a considerable amount of gathering for any outdoor marriage ceremony. This is the perfect place to hold a small function with fun during weddings.

Palm-fringed, Palm Grove

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For slighter wedding celebrations with a friendly and close guest list, you have the option of palm-fringed, Palm Grove. This dwelling offers a luscious sultry outdoor setting one of a kind will eventually offer you the memorable experiences worth recalling or even revisiting. This place offers good sites for a wedding in Dubai.

Other than these amazing sites you have other options as well to consider which will equally excite you and remark its beauty on you offering you a onetime experience. Some of these are-

The lost chambers aquarium- 

wedding planner in dubai

It proposals you with the show-stopping events surrounded by 65,000 marine creatures, with tailor-made functions which can be done with gathering for 150 guests at a moment.

Other than this the never finishing thrills and chills await the guests for more fun at TripAdvisor’s No.1 Water Park in Dubai includes-

Over 30 slides of adventure and attraction

  • Dolphin Bay
  • Aqua venture diving


Beachside royalty

international royal marriages

the similar above-mentioned venue famous for royal beaches that present to you barefoot elegance.  Dubai skyline including many eye-catching sites. This another waterside destination. for the Atlantis Dubai weddings.

The royal bridge suite

It serves as an ideal for the most ultimate, exclusive, privacy and luxury which is famous for its 180-degree view.  and also of the majestic Palm island and Arabian sea. These give you the best experience of royalty and richness.


Best Climate for Atlantis Dubai Wedding


Other than these adventures accommodation and eye-catching venues. This place offers you a pleasant environment and weather as well. Dubai is recognized for its sweltering heat in the summer months which eventually offer you October to early April, as one of the best suitable time that can experience pleasant weather conditions. Which on other hand gives you minimal chances of rain and storms to help you in your event organizations.

 destination marriage

Situated in the easterly part of the Arabian Cape on the Persian Gulf coast. Dubai is considered to be the business hub of Western Asia and is also a central comprehensive transport hub for travellers and freight. Which make it a centre for regional and international trade since the early 20th century. Dubai has excellent connectivity from the farthest cities around the world, thus making it an accessible place to host a wedding.

The place Atlantis The Palm offers you with all amazing exercise ranging in first-class facilities. To host a wedding including the world-class chefs and their famous continental dominate cushions including the personalized food flavours. This place also offers the best wedding planners in Dubai giving the high-class facilities. It’s a complete package for an amazing destination wedding in Dubai.






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