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How To Plan an Indian Destination Wedding In Thailand?

Thailand has been on the top for an Indian wedding due to a number of reasons. Beach wedding and that too in a foreign land with all facilities make Thailand the best wedding destination for Indians.

The enjoyment and precious moments are indisputable and hence the term came up – “Big Fat Indian wedding”.

Weddings are considered an integral part of one’s life, thus Indians tend to shell out a lot of money for celebrating this day in the best way they can. In fact, they put in every ounce of effort they possibly can in order to make their dream wedding a reality.

Why Indian wedding in Thailand is on a rising trend?


Hosting destination weddings has become a steadily rising trend. Fueled by lavish and classy weddings of countless Bollywood celebrities, almost every Indian couple is now eyeing destination wedding packages.

Thailand is a much sought-after destination among Indians for planning a wedding. This is mostly because of the proximity of India to Thailand. Another reason for choosing Thailand over other destinations is the value for money the island country provides.

Moreover, planning a wedding in Thailand seems like a wonderful idea as it gives the soon-to-be-married couple some time to spend with each other in the wondrous land of turquoise seas.

indian destination wedding in Thailand

Why is Thailand a perfect choice for an Indian destination wedding?

Thai hospitality has always appealed to us Indians for a long. In fact, their understanding of our culture and traditions is remarkably good. Thus, hosting a wedding in a country with largely similar traditional values is a big bonus.

Also, the country has a lot more to offer than our expectations, from mountains, cliffs, yachts to beaches, private hotels, and villas. In fact, all of them come with affordable and convenient tour packages to choose from.

Whichever part of the country you go for, you will always get the best for your special day as Thailand offers innumerable options to choose from. Some of the best wedding venues in Thailand can be found in Phuket, Hua Hin, and other parts of Thailand.

While the values of the Thai baht and the Indian rupee are much similar, the cost of booking hotels there is much less compared to the cost in India. Not only that, but the country itself boasts of the world’s most splendid hotels and resorts that promise to make your stay conveniently lavish.

Thailand is well connected from different cities in our country, India, and that too with affordable prices. The wedding can be also be seen as a great opportunity to not only enjoy the occasion but also as a holiday. Moreover, every year more than 200 Indian weddings are planned in Thailand.

We are the best Indian Wedding Planners in Thailand. Our services offer everything ranging from ‘Baraat’, Pandits to the ‘Pheras’. Our team at Blissful Plans makes it easy for you to host a wedding in Thailand and tastefully organize all essential wedding ceremonies bound by Indian rituals.

Best venues for Indian Wedding in Thailand


For an Indian destination wedding, there are many resorts & venues in Thailand. Contact us to gain insight into these destinations and for some valuable suggestions from our team members.

Indian wedding in Thailand

Wedding Transportation Service

Knowing that transportation could be difficult for you because of the communication barrier and a lack of English speaking population in Thailand, we help you with all the transportation services. By planning everything for you and your guests from your home country’s airport directly to the destination Indian wedding venue with all your luggage safely reaching to you, we’ll ensure ease.

Hotel Accommodation

We know how tiring it can be after hours of travelling. We put all our effort into finding the best hotels of your choice with the best prices. From booking rooms to sending your luggage to your room we handle everything. Whether you want a beachfront hotel or a hotel with mountain sceneries, we provide you with all the best suggestions. Team Blissful Plans can help you get the best accommodation

Hindu wedding in Thailand

Image Source: Sheraton, Hua Hin, Thailand

Guest Comfort Planning

The destination wedding can also be a perfect holiday in the sun for you and your guests. We provide a relaxing spa and massages as when needed. We and our team will be just a message away from you. We make assure you that all the guests are having a perfect and relaxing holiday in Thailand.

Beauty Settings and Make-Up

Along with enjoying the occasion, we know it is equally necessary to look glamorous throughout all the functions. We have few beauty and make-up centers suggestions that will make all your guests ready for the memorable occasion.

Indian Wedding Decoration

Indian wedding has its own charm and beauty. Even in a different country, we will make sure that the decorations look perfectly like an Indian wedding. Our team will decorate the venue as per your wish. We keep notice of every minor detail so to make your special day the best day.

Indian wedding venues in thailand

Indian Wedding Food Catering

Having the best Indian chef for your wedding food catering in Thailand, we assure you that the food will be the best. Along with the best Indian foods we can also provide the Thailand special- Thai foods that are delicious. Every wish will be your and we will be working hard to make it come true. Team BlissfulPlans provide some of the best Indian wedding dining menus in Thailand.

Indian Wedding Luxury Car Hire

We are aware of all the customs and rituals of the Indian wedding. We work closely with luxury car dealers in Thailand. Whatever car model you have in your mind for your wedding day just let us know beforehand so that we can book it in advance and make your special day go smoothly.

Indian Wedding luxury car hire

Wedding Photography and Videography

Capturing the best moments of life, we know how important it is. Our team will suggest you some of the best  Indian wedding photographers for you in Thailand. Candid photographers are also available. We will provide you with the best suggestions and some of the works of the photographers so that you can decide what is best

Wedding Florist Thailand

When talking about Flowers in Thailand we know it has the best ones, many of them which are not also available in India. We work on every little detail in your Indian wedding venue’s décor. We all are aware of the beauty of Thailand’s flowers and the creativity with which they put it together. It gives your wedding a totally different look, making it more beautiful.

Indian wedding venues in Thailand

Wedding Entertainment

We have our team ready for every entertainment that you want at your wedding. We will provide you with the best of suggestions for dancers and for other entertainments that you wish for your special day to be remembered throughout your life.

Wedding Fire Works

Further, by adding some more fun and entertainment to your wedding day, the fireworks. If you wish for fireworks on your wedding day then we will be ready with permissions in advance so there is no waiting in your wedding enjoyments. We will look after every necessary requirement and also a team that will offer you a perfect firework as wished by the couple.

Enjoy your Indian wedding in Thailand

Guest Communication

Having an occasion planned in a different country we know how difficult it would be to communicate. Our team will provide you help in these difficulties with every requirement so that you have no trouble in communication.

Finding an International Location for a Destination wedding is always an awesome idea to make your big day the biggest!

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