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Wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur

Wedding at Umaid Bhawan, the royal palace Jodhpur, is one of the most ideal weddings of all times. The well-known golden-hued desert sandstone monument – Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur is the last of the excessive forts of India and one of the largest cloistered residences in the world. This Palace is a blend of eastern and western architectural influences which lavish interiors with gilt furniture and elegant artwork follow the admirable deco art style, complemented by exotic murals. Also, serves as the wedding destination.

The royal palace of Rajasthan – The Umaid Bhawan, Jodhpur

This palace is one of the best and exclusive places for both your dreamy and royal wedding in Jodhpur. The palace spread over the area of 26 acres of land including 15 acres of gardens, comprising of throne chamber, a private meeting hall, a Durbar Hall to happenstance the guests, a domed banquet hall, private dining halls, a ballroom, a library, an indoor swimming pool and spa, a billiards room, four tennis courts, two marble squash courts, and long passageways.

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One of the best wedding planners in Jodhpur -Blissful Plans also presents the idea of Umaid Bhawan palace in there one of the renowned places for your grand destination wedding in Jodhpur. You can also take the idea of famous celebrities like actress Priyanka Chopra married Nick Jonas who visited the place for their beautiful knot tying.

Planning the wedding at Umaid Bhawan.

Although, we see this palace as a grand historical monument with a sight of sovereigns it still offers you an entire package of a suitable wedding which includes DJs, cocktails, transport, flock art, eye-catching site, beautiful hotels, and much more. Which all together make it a perfect place for your special days that blissful plans for a destination wedding in Jodhpur. Let’s take a look over the expenses if you are looking forward to considering this grand palace for the wedding.

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Rajasthan is a well-known place and the solution you literally everything if you are looking towards something rich in culture and full of vibrance. Something colourful with elegance then what can be better than the Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur, also where you can fulfil your dream of designing your wedding your way. As it offers various facilities and vivid designing which you basically look forward to the twenty-first century. So, take a look at all the underlaid information-

Venue for a wedding at Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur


Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur is a part of taj hotel groups which offers you six incredible outdoor and four indoor venues. Each venue is eventually known for its enriched culture of Rajasthan and the royal family which still lives there in style. Let’s take a deeper site at it-

Indoor Venues for weddings


Marwar Hall

This is 3850 square foot hall is open to hosting weddings. This comes with a buffet selection that features profligate Rajasthani and Continental cuisines. This hall is well known for its beautiful entrance and multiple doors which allow the natural light to enter. It offers the capacity of 180 guests in a theatre style or 100 guests if it is a banquet setup.

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Rathore Hall

This hall has the same amount of splendour elegance and royal charm as its counterpart. On the other hand, this venue also has Italian chandeliers, high arches, and a panelled ceiling to enhance beauty. It can hold up to 100-170 guests depending upon its style.

Chamber of Princes

This is one of the indoor venues in Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur at 960 square feet and is comparatively smaller. Which can accommodate 40 people at the time.

Outdoor wedding venue in Palaces, Jodhpur


Baradari Lawns

This venue is around 17,500 square feet of land, which makes it the largest venue at Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur. This is located in front and centre with the Palace which can hold up to 700-750 people at a time.

Other lawns/courtyards

This is a 9000 square foot location that can hold up to 350 guests which eventually makes it a smaller outdoor venue.

The Museum Courtyard

this is spread over 3000 square feet and can hold up to 100 guests which are famous for their beauty of nature and splendid design.

Fountain Courtyard

This smallest gathering covers an area of approximately 1330 square feet and can accommodate 75 guests. Which makes it a considerable choice for a small wedding.


Food and flavours of Rajasthan

This royal Palace Jodhpur has an assortment of gastronomies to choose from. The food is known for its richness in culture and taste. You here have an opinion to choose from opting for a carte or grand buffets. Other than this there is a large selection of wine and champagne that come from various exotic countries.

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Other than the rich in taste Rajasthani food they also serve you with the food flavours from all over the world to make you experience the culture fusion with international cuisines and flavours. Which you and your guests will definitely enjoy.

Accommodation in the royal palace

This palace offers you a total of 347 rooms and can accommodate between 60 to 750 people. Where the price of the rooms starts at ₹50,000 and can go up to ₹77,000. Giving you the option to select from suites and rooms to choose from the Maharani Suite, Maharaja Suite, Regal Suite, Royal Suite, and Deluxe Rooms.

The wedding planner like blissful plans can provide you with all over the package at best and easy to go with cost as the destination wedding at royal places like Rajasthan, might eventually cost a little more due to the richness and ethical conduct. For an average, it can cost you around a Total varying from ₹75- 90 lakhs.

Where you have the options to alter your choices accordingly.

Other then you get the facilities like wedding décor which includes

  • Mandap: this severs as one of the most important places when it comes to a wedding so here you get your mandaps designed with a royal theme.
  • Aisle: to decorate the place and bring in more beauty
  • Stage: designed with the whole proper theme and ethnicity.
  • Dance Floor: to make it more special and fun
  • Flower Décor: flowers are always a good companion to elevate the designing
  • Transport and logistic: to avoid any type of mess and to deliver the good facility
  • Photography: to capture the memories with a touch of royalty
  • Sound and DJ sets: to bring in the flavour and spice to the wedding
  • Folk and cultural artist: for special presentation Rajasthani culture.


Hope this guide helps you in a better way to plan your special day and gives you an idea of a wedding at Umaid Bhawan palace jodhpur cost and their specialities.





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