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Under The Stars Themed Wedding

A wedding is all about two souls who manage to light each other up even in the darkest of times. Just like a single twinkling star in the night sky, love lights up your lives. And to spend it with the brightest star you’ve ever met in person, it ought to be beautiful. Among all the different creative themes that are widely spread for a wedding, do something unique and thoughtful. There’s nothing more fascinating than the night sky full of stars. It’s something very precious and soothing. Browsing through the best locations, we bring you the best ways of hosting a starry night wedding.

  • Planetarium ( Stars Themed Wedding )

Yes! It is possible to host a wedding in the planetarium. Stars all around the dome give the most real effect of the stars and it is just so gorgeous. We all have been in awe every time we visit a planetarium. Now imagine getting hitched in one. You can book a dome and get the sitting arranged. There can also be some additional decoration.

  • Beach wedding at night

Beach weddings in itself are a dream. Adding stars to the beautiful setup only makes it more memorable and breathtaking. This is a soul candy for all your guests too. The sound of waves crashing on the shore will make the most melodious music for your occasion.

Artificial fairytale

Stars themed wedding

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It’s all about the twinkling that lights up the event. Along with the open night sky and the stars, add some artificial ones to make the place even prettier. The little blue LED lights are sure to be the show’s topper. Paired with white sitting and tabletops, the blue lights give out a better highlight to the décor. The best way to give a more romantic look is by adding white candles. The dancing flame of the candles gives an amazing silhouette effect. This definitely will be the most memorable and unique wedding of all time.

Lanterns and Stars Themed Wedding

With the twinkling of stars, the lanterns look just right to float wishes and greetings. With being an official festival in Thailand, it is also a very beautiful gesture to float lanterns in the sky. After the wedding ceremony, float lanterns along with your guests and light up the night sky. Floating off balloons is something we have seen at many weddings. Floating lanterns are the new trend.

  • Celestial cake

Stars themed wedding

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A galaxy painted cake is one of the most satisfying and delicious. The bold blue, violet, and black give out a shiny and brilliant cake. The modern marble cakes give the best kind of shiny and glossy effect on the cake. Of course, delicacies are very important in an event. You can also add celestial cupcakes and sparkling drinks. The theme of a wedding under the stars will be incomplete without the themed food and beverages.

  • Lunar invitation

Stars themed wedding

Image source: Pinterest (Yep. That site again.) and many other freelancers on Fiverr design celestial wedding invitations. Why just the location? Let’s make everything starry and beautiful. You can go for starry or lunar invitations. There are various other options in these invitations. Choose the celestial miracle that attracts you the most.

  • Minimal walls

Stars themed wedding

A wedding under the stars with minimal or no walls is something new this year. Utilize the beauty of nature well with LED lights and beautiful table decors. With creativity, you do not need extensive decorations. Simple and elegant designs can brighten the beauty of the day.

  • Table arrangement for Wedding

Along with planning such an amazing wedding, go creative with the details too. Name the guest tables behind different constellations. You can also go for planets, galaxies, or other fantasies of the cosmos.

Saying how you feel in lyrics is one of the most old-school and romantic ways of conveying emotions. ‘A sky full of stars’ by Coldplay is one such soothing and romantic song with lyrics that will go as an amazing table setting in your Star themed wedding. You can also create a starry playlist for your wedding. Yes! Many songs can be used as a background melody.

Use sparkles

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Sparkles are just after the stars for lighting up the night sky for your Star themed wedding. It also creates amazing photos to treasure as memories. You can choose between lanterns or sparkles. Or just do both! They are all equally delightful and they bring the inner innocence out in a person.

  • Cosmic wedding favors

Lastly, thank your guests for brightening up your day by some amazing cosmic wedding favors. You can go for a kaleidoscope, tarot cards, or incense. Anything relating to the wonders of the night sky can mark a perfect memory on your special day.

Together, let’s make the stars shine even more bright on the day you get hitched.

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