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Tying the knot in Vegas?

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Are you a little crazy and wild? Someone who loves adventures? For all the energetic couples, this blog is for you! Weddings are affiliated with romantic destinations and decent decorations. But you can always spark up the lights and cheer your evening with a little shake and twist by having wedding in vegas. When I think about a crazy wedding, I find myself picturing Ross and Rachel getting married with their funny marker drawings on their faces. That is a bit too crazy but the place isn’t. Celebrating your last night as a bachelor/bachelorette? It’s got to be Vegas, baby! The sin city, people! So, I am so excited about this one. Fill your wedding in Vegas with crazy dancing nights and a blast during the day. Celebrate your day with all the most exciting things about the sin city. Let us take a quick rundown through some of the thrilling Vegas wedding locations and ideas.

The Venetian Resort – Wedding in Vegas !

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You’ve got to be kidding me if you haven’t seen this at least once in a Hollywood movie set in Vegas. The Venetian Resort is the most famous in Nevada. Any Hollywood movie that takes place in Vegas has at least one shot in this wonderland. Along with that, it is the best getaway you can get for a lifetime. This dream palace has the power to make you forget any of your existential crisis. I mean, they have your favorite brand stores just by the canal. Shopping does solve all your problems, doesn’t it? You can always hope for some movie shooting to take place during your wedding dates. Who knows if you get to meet a star for real? Never lose hope.

Flamingo, Las Vegas

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Flamingo is one of the most romantic luxury hotels in Las Vegas. Located in the south Las Vegas, it is a widely-known wedding in Vegas destination. They offer so many live concerts each night. Along with great music, they also have events of various genres. Its Vegas! How can we miss out on the casinos? You will most certainly not. They have amazing casinos and bars. Hang out with your friends and family across the natural habitat. If you’re a fan of nature, you have an option to set your wedding around the greenery too!

Planet Hollywood – Wedding in Vegas

This has to be your fairytale come true! Planet Hollywood is a luxury hotel with over nearly 40 amenities. They have such beautiful rooms and just the perfect wedding hall. It has over 20 restaurants! Get your feet to every one of them! 2 large swimming pools to dive in on summer days just sound so tropical. Every bride wants to be pampered. Relax your body and get a massage at their spa. One thing that will give a classic touch to the Vegas experience – Limo! Yes, people, they got you covered. Make a grand entrance with the Limo at your wedding. You’re the star of the day after all.

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Chapel in the clouds

Yet another fairytale wedding in the most happening city in the globe. Say ‘I do’ among the clouds. A chapel located on the 103rd floor of the Stratosphere Casino, hotel and tower. They offer four different places for hosting your wedding in vegas . Bella Luna for small weddings, Bella Vista for a capacity of 90 people, Observation deck – to fly a little higher into the clouds and lastly, the private balcony on 112th floor. The private balcony has a limitation on the number of guests. It is mainly for private and intimate weddings with the inner circle only.

The Bellagio’s Terrezza Di Sogno weddings

A mini Paris in the middle of Las Vegas! The Bellagio Hotel is another luxury place for a perfect wedding. It is one of the most exotic and romantic places to get married. Another fairytale in Vegas. Isn’t it so lovely? They support up to 50 guests with complete bar and drinks, food, and catering services. To get the Eiffel Tower and fountains, you have to pick the terrace. Although, they do offer beautiful chapel on the inside too. They’re just as mesmerizing as the terrace view.

The Cosmopolitan

Time to go retro! The Cosmopolitan offers various vibrant locations for your wedding too. Among them is a majestic ballroom. They allow you to design your ideal ballroom and also craft the menu according to your personal preferences. it also has pools, terrace lounge, and garden terrace. They have different wedding packages depending upon your guest list. The Cosmopolitan offer penthouses for a private wedding of 20 guests. They are one of the most amazing penthouses in Vegas.

There is possibly no better location for fun-loving couples. Vegas is indeed a living dream for most of us. May all these places bring your loads of fun and a grand wedding!

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