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Agra, the city of one of the seven wonders of the world, The Taj Mahal. This city will surely bring about a royal and majestic vibe for those who dream of a wedding with royalty. There is no better destination than Agra. Plan your majestic destination wedding in Agra with us.


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Everyone, around the globe, is always mesmerized by the tale of the Taj Mahal. It symbolizes love and remembrance. So, there is no better way to start a bond between two beautiful souls in the presence of the glorious taj mahal itself.

Destination weddings in Agra will surely bring about the undeniable magnificent ambiance to your dream day.

Destination Wedding in Agra

What adds more colors to a wedding is a perfect location. An unmatchable venue where you could bring about your desires to life.

Destination wedding in Agra
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Ideas for a destination wedding in Agra

  • Try to choose a venue or a hotel which have a direct view of the historic artifact, The Taj Mahal. Most of the couples choose Agra for this scenic beauty.
  • The next thing to keep in mind is selecting an accessible location. Everyone should be able to easily locate the wedding destination.
  • Agra symbolizes royalty, so plan your wedding according to the royal theme. You are the master of your wedding. The bride should feel like a transcendently beautiful queen and a groom should feel like a valiant king.
  • A perfect wedding needs perfect planning and execution. When ideas blend with actions, the virtue of a dream wedding becomes true. Blissful plans as one of the most successful enterprises dealing with the dream of many couples. We fulfill all your desires, bring innovations to your ideas. and bring about the theme which flawlessly blends with your dream destination, Agra.

Not only Agra is famous for the Taj Mahal but also is home to royal artifacts right from the Mughal period.

5 Best Venues for Your Destination Wedding in Agra

Wedding is all about royalty in Agra, so one should choose a venue that perfectly goes along with the scenic beauties of Agra. Here are the best 5 venues for a destination wedding in Agra:

  1. The Oberoi Amarvilas
  2. Hotel Clark Shiraz
  3. ITC Mughal Agra
  4. Jaypee Palace Hotel
  5. The Grand Imperial

1. The Oberoi Amarvilas

This conspicuous luxury hotel is just a kilometer away from the taj mahal! What else is needed for a couple looking for a flawless destination in Agra?

This venue combines the idea of a luxury wedding with royal vibes and spectacular views.

Destination wedding in Agra
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This extravagant hotel perfectly holds a royal wedding. According to the preference of the clients, they can hold an indoor or an outdoor wedding.

  • The indoor luxurious banquet hall of the Oberoi Amarvilas has a seating capacity of around 250 people and a floating capacity of 400.
  • While the outdoor breathtakingly beautiful lawn which holds the view of the taj mahal has 450 seating areas and 700 floating capacity.
  • You will be fascinated by the warmth and hospitality of the staff here indeed.
  • Catering services are available at Oberoi Amarvilas Hotel which provides you with delicious and relishing cuisines.
  • Decorating is done mainly by enlisted wedding planners; we blissful plans are happy to serve our lovely couples with the best we possess.
  • Convenient parking for all your welcomed guests.


2. Hotel Clark Shiraz

The name itself gives an impression of the royalty that this hotel upholds. Situated 3km away from the taj mahal is this magnificent 5-star hotel where you could perfectly put up your dream wedding.

ITC Mughal agra weddings
Clark Shiraz
  • The luxurious hotel has a modern infrastructure, unlike the ones which are usually seen in Agra. They have traditional and royal banquet halls and lawns where you can celebrate your best day.
  • Outdoor weddings are always a treat to the eyes. The never-ending views of the sky, the views of places around are fascinating scenes to behold. This hotel truly has several lawns with adequate seating capacities.
  • Burma lawn, Shehnaz lawn, Akbar lawn and to carry out outdoor parties of seating capacities 1500,1200 and 500, and a floating capacity of 2250, 1800, and 750, respectively.
  • Indoor banquet halls are ideal for pre-wedding ceremonies.   Shehnaz hall, Akbar hall, and Mariam hall with a seating capacity of 550, 225, and 75 and a floating capacity of 850,350 and 150.
  • Plan your ideal wedding here by contacting with best wedding planners like blissful plans and make your dream wedding a reality.
  • Catering services are available in hotel Clark shiraz which provides you with savoring vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines to relish.


3. ITC Mughal Agra

Spread across 23 acres of the aesthetic garden this luxurious hotel is 3km away from the iconic taj mahal. This 5-star hotel is a grandeur to the everlasting beauty of Mughal architecture. The ravishing views will surely take you into a replica of Mughal palaces. Weddings in ITC Mughal is truly a mesmerizing destination wedding in Agra

Destination wedding in Agra
ITC Mughal Agra

Weddings here will surely be a wonderful never-ending memory in one’s life.

The advanced facilities, great hospitality the ravishing infrastructure, pools, and gardens. Everything here will take you into another world.

  • This masterpiece has 10 banquet halls to lavishly celebrate your big day. Indoor seating of 400 people, and a floating area that can freely accommodate 600 people.
  • Outdoor is always a better choice for destination weddings and outdoor seating capacity for ITC Mughal Hotel is around 1250 with a floating capacity of 2000 individuals.
  • The cuisines served here are delicious and meets your taste and preferences.
  • A perfect wedding planner will add ravishing beauty to this venue with floral, lights, and much more.


4. Jaypee Palace Hotel 

The majestic beauty, Jaypee palace is one made of sandstone and marble, spread across an area of 25 acres. This architecture is the pure blend of Mughal ideas with modern amenities surrounded by beautiful landscapes and water bodies this is truly a dreamy destination wedding in Agra for couples.

Jaypee Palace Hotel
  • This is an extremely beautiful hotel that provides two luxurious banquet halls. For indoor as well as two enlightening lawns for outdoor celebrations.
  • Indoor halls have a maximum capacity of 750 including seating and floating.
  • Outdoor lawns are vaster and delinquent with a capacity of 1500.
  • Catering services are diligent and fair and provide you with the best vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes of your preference.
  • Parking and other modern amenities are readily available.


One of the most ancient heritage hotels which were established around 100 years ago is the only genuine heritage hotel in Agra. Hence, it is the most famous in Agra.

Destination wedding in Agra
The Grand Imperial
  • This beautiful and aesthetic infrastructure has an indoor, outdoor as well as a poolside wedding area.
  • The indoor banquet hall is famously known as Sheesh Mahal and holds a seating capacity of 70 and a floating capacity of 200.
  • The outdoor aesthetic lawn also holds 200 seating and 400 floatings.
  • The poolside is always a modernized yet very innovative way for celebrating mainly pre-wedding ceremonies and functions. It has a seating capacity of 70 and 200 floating.
  • You are sure to savor every delicious cuisine by very much talented chefs.

Choosing a wedding destination is always an important part of a wedding indeed, of course, choose it wisely. For instance,  adding more ethnicity and beauty to those venues is our talent. Blissful Plans always add much more than what you dream. We pour some love into our work and make it dearer.

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