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top 20 unique ideas for a wedding card

Top 20 Unique Wedding Cards Ideas

Unique Wedding Cards

Your big day is approaching, and have you invited your guests yet? Are you looking for a unique wedding invitation? Then get ready to scroll down for some exquisite wedding invitation ideas that are worth trying for your luxury wedding.

Your invitation has to be memorable and attractive to capture the vision and mind of your guests. A normal invite would be in vain, so summon the different possible ideas and select the best among them.

Add a touch of luxury and elegance to everything about your wedding. Some uniqueness will capture the hearts of your guest and make your wedding a truly unforgettable moment for them.

Make people aware of how grand and creative will be your wedding with just showing off your wedding card.

1) Eco-friendly Wedding Cards

There is no better option than this unique card for the nature-loving couple. This card will surely meet the standard and is great for an eco-friendly-themed wedding.

Eco-friendly unique wedding cards

It is distinctive from another type of card as these cards are hand-made with embedded seeds of marigold and basil flowers. So, one can plant the card after its use. Remind the guests of its uniqueness and add instructions on how to plant the card after reading.

There are other forms of eco-friendly card collection, so, you can choose from a wide variety of designs.

2) Musical Invitation Cards



Music has always been a mystic beauty that soothes the mind and hearts of listeners. Have you ever thought of adding a piece of heartwarming music to your wedding cards? Musical wedding cards are a luxurious way to invite your guest, they surely are attractive and price-worthy.

Guests will be truly mesmerized and eagerly waits for your wedding expecting more creative ideas and celebrations.

3) Acrylic Wedding Invitation


Unique wedding invitation in acrylic

source- Pinterest

This has surely become a trendsetter in the modern era of invitations. It holds elegance and ethnicity and is the most beautiful way to bid your guests. This card is unique with colorful envelopes and transparent cards. The flowing font, floral designs add a simple but grand look to this wonderful masterpiece.

4) E-Invitations

The easiest and time-saving method and the new trendsetter. Inviting friends and families is no big deal in this modern time.

There are plenty of e-invitations sites where you could browse through thousands of designs and templates. It is also customizable according to our likes and dislikes. Just browse through the sophisticated varieties of e-cards available on market or make your unique one and send it with love!

Some E-invitation sites are

  • Greetings island
  • Punchbowl
  • The Knot
  • Paperless Post
  • Evite

5. Invitation Card As Puzzle

Let’s add fun and more creativity in inviting friends and family and make your wedding card the most memorable and unique.

Wedding Card Designs - Puzzle Card

Here what we do is the bride and groom guide their guests to put together a puzzle. After completing the puzzle your loved ones will be able to see your final invite.

Isn’t it fun?

6) Invitations With Caricatures

Show your childishness and cuteness in these unique invitation cards where you put the caricatures and cute sketches of the bride and groom.

The viewers will enjoy reading it and of course, remember your big day with your card. It is usually the funniest and happiest way to present your wedding in front of your guests. It radiates positivity.

Add a wonderful theme or story to it and your unique card is ready to be sent.

7) Design Card As A Boarding Pass

This idea is more suitable for couples planning a destination wedding. Inviting your guests into your dream destination can be made unique by designing your wedding card exactly as a replica of a boarding pass.

Unique wedding invitation in boarding pass style

The cards will surely capture the mind and hearts of your guests as these are unconventional with interesting looks!

8) Unique Wedding Cards Designs Matching The Wedding Theme

The basic idea is that your wedding invitation should match the theme you are planning. This will help your guests to plan accordingly with their dresses and accessories and will have a longer impression than any normal cards.

For instance,

  • if your wedding is based on a royal theme. Then your invitation card can be like that of a traditional rolling card like that we see in historic movies or a box with gifts.

  • If you are planning your wedding on the beachside. Then it is preferable to make a fold-out card that has a watercolor interpretation of your beach wedding.

Beach wedding cards design

source – The Murphy Studio

  • A fairy-tale theme can be always accompanied by a wedding card with a fairy-tale theme. wedding cards matching theme will surely enlighten your guests with the idea of your wedding.

9) Wedding Cards With Pop-Ups

Surprise your guest with something unimaginable. Pop-up invitation cards seem normal unless you open them. It is good to add some beautiful elements as pop-ups, do not scare your guests!

10) Holographic Wedding Cards

Wedding cards with abstract wave elements are a cool way to show your creative side to your guests.

Hologram- Unique wedding cards

These types of cards are very lustrous and glitter in one’s eye. It will be nearly an unforgettable card for your loved ones. This will be one of the most unique wedding cards that your guests will ever come across.

11) Twinning Cards

Almost everything at your weddings is matched, the dresses, accessories, etc. Have you ever thought of circulating twinning wedding cards among your guests? This is the best way to show synchronization.

12) Lazer-Cut Layered Wedding Cards Design

It is unique and indeed has a distinct element of creativity. Therefore it is best suitable for royal-theme-based weddings. Papers are cut and then molded to form a perfect pack of surprises for your guests.

Unique wedding invitation in laser cut style


13) Lift-The Flap Wedding Cards Design


This can be referred to as a unique wedding invitation card design. Instead of separate sheets or inserts, every function invitation is included in a single sheet in a playful way. Your guest has to lift each flap to know what is inside.

14) Unique Wedding Cards In Playing Cards Design


Best Invitation Ideas

Yeah! Let us be a little playful with your wedding cards. Print your unique wedding invitation like a playing card. Replace the king and queen with the bride and groom and enter the function details on the other side. Your guests are gonna love your creativity.

15) Rustic Invites With A Touch Of Modern Font.


Make a very unique wedding card with contemporary art of the antique and modern element. With rustic boards and lacework add modern fonts. It would be very unique and classy.

16) Wedding Cards As Postcards


Postcards- a unique wedding invitation idea

Create your wedding cards as postcards and send them to your dear and near. Let them join your fun and celebratory wedding venture.

17) Wedding Invitation In Form Of A Book


This is indeed unique and resplendent. Design your unique wedding invitation in the form of a book and send it to your guests. They will be astounded by your creativity. Keep the heading as the wedding of so and so, date and day. Other details can be added inside.

18) Linen Wedding Invitation


Linen - Eco-friendly unique invitation cards

Let’s go for another eco-friendly wedding invitation idea. Here prepare your wedding card in linen with beautiful calligraphy and send it to your guests. They will be impressed for sure.

19) Chinoiserie Art Wedding Invitation


Chinoiserie is a decorative style in western art of the 18th century. It is the European interpretation of Chinese Motifs. With hues like aqua and pink makes it look classy. Hence, bringing it up for your wedding invitation is indeed unique

20) Carve Wedding Invite In Wood


An out-of-the-box wedding invitation. Prepare and create your wedding invitation by carving details of your wedding on a wooden plate. This one is ideal for a grand but intimate wedding. Since you may find it difficult to prepare for a huge number of guests.

We have given you the most creative trending ideas for your unique wedding cards. Choose among them, and gift them to your loved ones. Hence your wedding will be a memorable event for them by just remembering the uniqueness of your wedding card.

Blissful Plans is a well-established wedding planning and media firm that will assure you the luxury wedding of your dreams. We put together our creativity and your desires and bring excellent results to make your wedding a grand success. Start your wedding planning with us. Get in touch with us now to have the wedding of your dreams.





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