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Planning a wedding anniversary.


Are you looking up to plan a wedding anniversary event? Then there comes the number of things to consider. A wedding anniversary is likewise special and important than any other event. Generally, this day couple celebrates with themselves or with gathering like family and friends.

Wedding anniversary parties are special and fun as they get back to live the moments of their special days. The wedding anniversary whether it be first or fiftieth, it takes couples back to the shared memories and the enduring commitment of love and togetherness. This is a special day which we generally celebrate and can require a wedding anniversary planner.

What all you need to plan to plan a wedding anniversary?

There are several things to look upon when we need to plan to celebrate any event. Every event needs a lot of planning, management and execution. So then let’s look step by step to what all we need to see, to plan a wedding anniversary event-

  • Step1: Plan out the whole event
  • Step2: Fix an appropriate budget
  • Step3: Select a venue
  • Step4: Choose a specific theme for the event
  • Step5: Send anniversary event invitations
  • Step6: Look and plan a menu and cocktails
  • Step7: Plan the décor idea according to the theme.
  • Step8: Make arrangements for music and entertainment
  • Step9: Book a photographer for the anniversary event
  • Step10: Look forward to a Wedding Anniversary Planner

plan a wedding anniversary

These are the steps which you need to plan while planning an anniversary event. All the work revolves around these as it gives a brief idea about how you need to plan out the things. Let’s have a deeper look at each step.


Plan out the whole event

When it comes to planning an event first thing that strikes our minds are – when is the event?

So basically, this is something which one should decide on the first hand. This selection of date and time helps you to do further planning easily. generally people celebrate the wedding anniversary on the actual dates, but at times there can be variations where couple tends to celebrate the anniversary event on some other days. It becomes easy to do the planning and make the points on what all you need to do.

Planning of event at the very start helps to make it easy till the end. you get your thing all planned as you already know what all you need to do.

One should always fix the dates a few months before the events to make it easy for the planner/host/organiser to make the things work in a smooth flow.

Fix an appropriate budget

Once you fix the time and date, next you need to set an approximate budget and then need to do the further arrangements of things according to this step. As this help to maintain monitoring over the work which is to be done and hence their fore works as the crucial step in planning any events.

Select a venue

The venue for anniversary event depends on the type of party you are looking towards. Type of event helps to situate the formality of the event. Which insure in making out the suitable size of the gathering which is the other necessary thing to keep in mind while selecting the venue.

wedding anniversary event


A couple celebrating their ten years of marriage usually look to more of a formal gathering like the couple celebrating their golden or silver wedding anniversary. Where the size of invitees may go up

Couples generally throw the party at home also, and if they want a more suited and big celebration they can look forward to the options like a gathering hall, ballroom, restaurant and many more places. Some suggested place are mentioned below-

  • A relative/friends place
  • home
  • hotel
  • country club banquet room
  • club/lounge
  • restaurant
  • or some good destination


Choose a specific wedding anniversary theme.


Celebration of the special day should be special and fun for the couple and guests. The theme of such party should be selected wisely as they reflect the couples as well. The theme can also be decided as according to type as for, formal wedding anniversary themes there are colour based and also need to ensure the elegance and cohesiveness.

On the other hand, if you are looking to a casual anniversary celebration, then you have the wider choice of options ranging from the countryside outdoors dinner, or a southwesterly inspired party. Other than this you also have an option to select from the anniversary symbols like 50th anniversary says gold so most décor and symbols can be done with the touch of gold, in same way wedding anniversary symbols can help to plan accordingly.

Wedding anniversary symbols list-


  • 1st anniversary: Paper or clocks
  • 2nd anniversary: Cotton or china
  • 3rd anniversary: Leather, glass, or crystal
  • 4th anniversary: Fruit, flowers, fabric,
  • 5th anniversary: Wood or silverware
  • 6th anniversary: Iron, candy or wood
  • 7th anniversary: Copper, wool
  • 8th anniversary: Bronze, pottery, linen or lace
  • 9th anniversary: Willow, pottery or leather
  • 10th anniversary: Tin or diamonds
  • 11th anniversary: Steel or fashion/costume jewellery
  • 12th anniversary: Silk, linen or pearls
  • 13th anniversary: Lace or faux fur
  • 14th anniversary: Ivory  or gold jewellery
  • 15th anniversary: Glassware, crystal, or watch
  • 16th anniversary: China or platinum
  • 25th anniversary: Silver
  • 30th anniversary: Pearl or diamond
  • 35th anniversary: Coral or jade
  • 40th anniversary: Ruby or garnet
  • 45th anniversary:  Sapphire
  • 50th anniversary: Gold
  • 55th anniversary: Emerald
  • 60th and above:  Diamond

Other than selecting the symbols for them you have an option to select the colours. Yes! Each anniversary is celebrated with a vivid colour, which can be suitable for the colour-based theme


Here is the list of anniversary colours-


  • 1st anniversary: Yellow or gold
  • 2nd anniversary: Red
  • 3rd anniversary: White
  • 4th and 5th anniversary: Blue
  • 6th anniversary: Purple
  • 7th anniversary: Onyx
  • 8th anniversary: Tourmaline
  • 9th anniversary: Lapis
  • 10th anniversary: Silver
  • 15th anniversary: Red
  • 20th anniversary: Green
  • 25th anniversary: Silver
  • 50th anniversary: Gold

other then these there is a various theme to plan the whole wedding anniversary event. the wedding anniversary planner will make it easy and interesting by setting out various themes. you can also choose the venue so everything goes hand in hand an everyone can enjoy the beautiful day. some so such themes which always stay in trend are-

70′S Disco, 80′S Retro, Or 90′S POP Theme party.

anniversary planner

To make the party more fun, the evergreen retro theme can be considered as well.  When it comes to the party everyone likes to dress up and go around. So, why not to ask everyone to recreate their style in the fashion of ’90s and swing it in like their actors and actress. this is quite fun to make the event more fun. our Blissful Plans can also help to take over the event and help you to organize it all way around.

Black And White Ball Theme.

anniversary theme

To bring in a touch of elegance you can also go in for black and white ball theme decor. This is a formal and yet fun theme.  You can also ask your guests to look in there and come up with more fun and fit clothing to suit your entire plan, This can also be the suitable theme for the wedding anniversary event as the couples and enjoy the fun side as well as can keep it formal.

Casino & Vegas  Theme.

anniversary theme

When it comes to an event like anniversary what can be better than a casino theme.  Draped in gold and red walking in with high head and with masks on. Doesn’t it sound like all fun?

Actually, it is actually fun for ladies and gentlemen to dress and present up with style. this is one of the trending themes of all times.


Send anniversary event invitations

After you decide the venue and the theme next comes the anniversary event invitations. As it should be sent out 6-8 weeks prior then the date of the event. it especially becomes necessary for formal events. To make it easy for the guests.

While choosing from the specific designs you should keep in mind to give all the necessary information which a guest needs like-

  • Name of the person hosting
  • Names of Couple
  • The number of years the couple will be celebrating
  • Date and time of the event
  • Venue / location
  • Dress Code (if there)
  • RSVP information
wedding anniversary invitation
Sample Wedding Anniversary Invitation

Look and plan a menu and cocktails


This is the sixth step and the most important in planning your anniversary event as you need to focus on keeping your guests happy as well as full. So, if you are looking for a bigger gathering of more than 40-50 guests or so, you should go for the anniversary party catered. This will help you to enjoy the party with a free mind which can also suit your budget at the same time.



Wedding anniversary cakes are something in an ongoing fashion, which the couples can enjoy and feel honour at. So, you can make an arrangement of cake which can also suit the theme of the event. along with this, you should keep in mind to keep the arrangements of drinks – cocktail/mocktail and a variety of appetizers.

Plan the décor idea according to wedding anniversary theme.

After the arrangement of food, venue and theme you might think what else is left?

But now comes the parts to make the event fun and worth remembering. Yes, the decor, this is something which makes guest and couple to enjoy. The elements of décor bring in the vibes so that one can feel the event and connect.

The decoration is something which is usually based on the theme or colour scheme of the event. So, you can do the personalization of the event by putting your ideas together and create something good. You can also take the help of above-mentioned list off theme and colour for decoration ideas.

wedding anniversary PLANNER

Other than you can also look forward to this list to make the décor interesting-

  • Photos of the couple
  • Candles w/ photos of the couple
  • Balloons
  • Custom champagne glasses
  • “Happy Anniversary” backdrop
  • Floral arrangements and garlands
  • Canvas prints or signage
  • Hanging paper lanterns
  • A photo timeline of the couple

These are the few things which you can incorporate with your ideas to make the whole thing more beautiful and eye-catching.

Make arrangements for music and entertainment

While planning any event you need to take care of the elements of entertainment of guests. So similarly, in the anniversary event, you should make arrangements of entertainment and music to keep the mood light and in movement. Dance and DJs play important role in these parties. So, remember to make the arrangements for the same.

Book a photographer for the anniversary event

To cherish the day, you should lastly and most importantly book a photographer to capture all of the special memories at the wedding anniversary events. So, don’t forget to book the photographer for the same.

Also, the photographer will be able to focus and capture the shot of key moments not only among the couple but also along with the pair and loved ones at the event


These were the few things which one should keep in mind to make the whole event work good. Although, on the other hands this is not easy to plan anniversary events as it comes with a lot of work. All this work is not easy for one to handle as it takes a lot of planning, time as well as efforts. Due to which it becomes impossible for the person to enjoy. So, for the fewer efforts and more fun you can also hire the anniversary planner.

We as a wedding anniversary planner makes it easy for you by making all the arrangements. We take care of everything in just the way you want. Wedding anniversary planner makes the resources available to you with no time, as there is a whole group of people working for the same to make your event better and fun for you. We also provide you with more innovative ideas and suggestions which can fit in your budget.

So, these were the steps on how to plan a wedding anniversary, hope this will helpful for you.












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