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The wedding has its charm and beauty. The nervousness before the vows, the shivering before the wedding ceremony, the happiness to include someone in your life, the wedding is a mixture of all these feelings. And a wedding reception is like the ice breaker of the fear and the nervousness you had before the ceremony. The wedding reception is the first introduction of the couple as a married couple. It is the celebration of their marriage and also a greeting from the couple to say thank you to the people who have been with them in their celebration. Just like the wedding ceremony the reception party also includes different events. There are a lot of new and modern ways for organizing the Indian Wedding reception party. But if you are looking for traditional and simple ways to organize the reception party. Here are a few steps which are included in a traditional wedding reception.

wedding reception

The Cocktail Hours at Reception party

Just after the wedding vows have been taken and the ceremony is completed. The couple is supposed to click pictures with their close relatives and friends. And until the photo session, the cocktail hours are added for the guests. The purpose of the cocktail hour is to welcome the guests at the reception venue and to make them feel comfortable until the newly married arrive at the venue. The cocktail hour is not supposed to be more than 2 hours. You can add an interesting photo booth, a small book station for the guest to keep them occupied, and some soft music in the background. This will help your guest to remember this moment in a better way.

cocktail at reception

The arrival of the married couple

After the cocktail hour, the most important time of the wedding reception is the arrival of the couple. This is the time when their family, friends, and society for the very first time see them as a married couple. They are now Mr. And Mrs. So, to make this moment more special you can add some beautiful, soft or Pop music in the background depending on the type of entry you want. After all, this is the first walk of yours towards your new life. So it depends on you what kind of entry you want. And to make it more special and beautiful you can add and play with some lights too. The lighting will add more beauty to the grand entry of yours.

The Dance at Reception party

After the grand entry of the couple, the dance is opened for the couple and the others. But the first dance is supposed to be of the couple together. The music can be of the choice of the couple. If you want to dance on pop music then it’s your choice. To add more fun in the evening you can add some fun games or the dance of the other members of the family. You can even ask your parents to dance with you. This is your moment. You can add any new element to add more in the evening.

The Time for the toast

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After the dancing ceremony, the time for the speeches from the members come. The best man thanks for the bridal party and share something about the couple. At this time all the guests present at the ceremony are required to say something about the couple. This is a way to connect to the guest and the memories you share with them. Everyone doesn’t have to share a big speech. Only the parents should be allowed to share some long speeches. Other than them You can request your friends and the other guests to keep it short and simple. This will help you in saving a lot of time. You have a whole evening to enjoy. So you can keep this ceremony short and simple.

The food

reception ceremony

Without food everything is incomplete. It is the food which can make even the angriest person smile. And the reception party is incomplete without the food. Some people go to the buffets but it will be better if you go for the food served directly to the tables. This will not create chaos for the food. The menu for this can be anything of your choice. If you want then you can add wine and champaigns in the drinks menu.

The cake cutting 

After the feast is done by the guest. The couple comes together and cut a cake to celebrate their new beginnings. There is not a perfect way to cut a cake. The best way to celebrate that moment is the way you want. But you can be creative with the wedding cake. You add any creative touch to your wedding cake. It depends on you.

The ending of the reception party

The reception party generally ends after the last dance performed by the newlyweds on that day. And after that dance, they are supposed to leave the reception party first. The guests present at the party generally gather at the gate to shower their love for them. They give the couple blessing for their happily married life.

These are the few ceremonies that happen in a traditional reception party. And if you want to organize a reception party traditionally then do not forget to add these ceremonies. Enjoy your new beginning.

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