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Organizing a Video Meeting With Vendors During The Times of Covid-19

Things are getting worse day by day. In India, where most of the population is illiterate and the small vendor business, are suffering during the Covid-19. We are already on season 3 of lockdown. Situations like shoplifting and theft are rising throughout the country. Creating an online atmosphere for vendors to communicate is a hazard, but smartphone technology can allow video conferencing via applications like zoom, Skype, etc.

Video Meeting With Vendors

Making the most out of this time is least we can do as a society, if we allow small businesses to come one the same page this can help us overcome the circumstances. To stop the black marketing of goods and ration we should make vendors and shopkeepers keep constant price rates among daily need supplies. Vendors fixing a constant price throughout the market can stop an illegal chain of supply in the black markets. Volunteers should establish and help vendors struggling with online conferencing applications and technology. Goods necessary for survival are the basic rights of all citizens.

video meeting

Let us look on the greener side of the grass and say we just got more time to plan our wedding better! Planning a wedding can be very exhausting. But no worries! We have plenty of time. I am pretty sure all the beautiful brides have searched Pinterest and Instagram to the end of its posts for the perfect wedding attire, decorations, and much more. Most of you have already picked your dream fairytale wedding and some of you are still confused between so many great options.

Along with all the good things, comes the responsibility of making sure the wedding takes place smoothly. To manage all the happenings of the wedding, it is necessary to be on a clear track with the vendors. Amid all the rules and regulations to be followed during this pandemic, video meeting with vendors are the latest thing going on. This helps people to carry on with their businesses and not waste time sitting idle. Online meetings on various video calling platforms are the next big thing in 2020.

Proper connectivity to Organize Video Meeting with Vendors

Across the globe, there are various video calling platforms like zoom, google meet, facetime, etc. that will help you to conduct the video meeting with vendors with ease. But there are certain things you need to take care of before hosting an online meeting. Make sure you have a proper internet connection so you do not get stuck in the middle of your conversation. A slow connection can hinder responses and also consume a lot of time. Wasting time over a bad network will only create further frustration.

video meeting

Prepare questions

Schedule a video meeting with vendor in such a way that you get enough time to prepare for it. Yes, it does seem irrelevant but it is an integral part. Before starting the scheduled meeting, make sure you prepare a list of all the questions to ask your vendor so you do not miss out on any queries if in case you get engaged in a conversation with them. It is better to end all the doubts and clarifications in one or two meetings considering the huge pile of more meetings that you might face. Make a list of all your questions.

Go through samples

While talking about different ideas with your vendor, ask them for samples. Go through the samples to pick whatever suits you the best. For your wedding décor, go through the photos that your vendors can provide and also share any ideas that you might have found. Ask them about the incorporation of your ideas and discuss if they can be done or not.

Set a one on one meeting

While many things can be discussed and finalized over the online meetings, some of the things need to be done by meeting face to face. Fix a date to physically meet your vendors after the lockdown. Although we cannot set a fixed date as of now, we can always make a deal to get priority once the lockdown is lifted.

one on one meeting

Stay in touch

Keep active contact with your vendor until the requirements for your wedding are absolutely finalized. There is no need to rush for fixing on things as you still have time to look for better options. Make sure to tell your vendors if you’re not 100% satisfied with the ideas and are looking for prettier ones. It is not necessary to host a video meeting with vendor every time. You can keep forwarding them ideas over texts and get them approved. You can also get the cost details of all different ideas that you have and then analysis and compare each one of them to not mess up your budget.

It seems pretty hard to stay positive and be motivated to hold your hopes during times like these. But nothing is impossible with a strong will and positivity.

video conference with vendors

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