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If you are a minimalist, you are aware that owning one of everything is not the only thing you need to accommodate in your life. Minimalism is a way of life that you are very firm about. It reflects in every aspect of your living. Why spare your wedding, then?

A lot of people who do not claim to be minimalists gravitate towards a minimalist wedding still. It is because of the large costs that a wedding can incur. No one wants to begin their married life with an enormous wedding debt. Nor does one want to start their independent life by being benefactors of their parents’ generosity.

Most individuals these days look for financial freedom at the youngest age possible. They do not wish to burden their parents with any kind of debt whatsoever. However, getting married in mid-20s is not the most ideal financial situation to produce an exuberant wedding. The average cost of a wedding is hovering somewhere around $30,000. Instead of spending this amount for a 4-hour event, you could use the remaining to splurge on your honeymoon, or enter married life in money.

Remember, you do not have to be a minimalist to conduct a minimalist wedding.


No two minimalist weddings look the same. But there are some helpful tips that you can use to facilitate your minimalist wedding.

Invitation Cards

The amount of money spent on this one-time paper is more huge than needed. Since the world is going digital as the days go by, it is only natural to get a Facebook invite or an email with a personalized message for all your friends and family. It cuts on the cost and avoids excess clutter.

invitation cards


Now, we are not implying that guests are clutter. However, you need to think deeply about whether you want your uncle’s neighbour’s son attending your wedding, or if your uncle wants him to attend the wedding. A minimalist wedding generally consists of an intimate setting with very close friends and family.

Your joy should be about you, not about that distant guest or regular acquaintance feeling upset about the fact that they were not invited to your wedding.  If you want them to be a part of your celebration, slide them an invitation to your reception.



If you live in a large house, the backyard of that house can be a really good option for a BoHo and minimalist wedding with practically zero cost incurred.

If you are the member of a church, the cost of conducting a wedding in that church will be much cheaper! Otherwise, opting for a non-traditional venue like open grounds, park etc. can help your minimalist wedding.

venue for wedding

Try to get a venue that has a banquet along with it. This is a better alternative to shifting venues after the ceremony. You can also book a nice restaurant near your ceremony venue, and celebrate the rest of your day over there!


The best option here would be to purchase something secondhand or rent your bridal dress. There are many vintage dresses that are sold at a fraction of the price. Something that can be of hereditary value is borrowing your mother’s or aunt’s wedding dress for your own. It makes for a wonderfully sentimental wedding.

As for the groom, buying a normal suit will be cheaper than renting a tuxedo. To go with the simple aesthetic of the wedding, a smart shirt and a pair of black slacks can suffice. It can be worn on any professional occasion. It looks very smart.

Charity shops in the United Kingdom or thrift shops in the United States can help by providing unusually good wedding finds. If you spend a little more time on finding something that will not be a one-time wear, you will be grateful for the result.

Gifts for Minimalist Wedding

Minimalists tend to avoid things that are not an essential in their day-to-day life. The same principles apply for a wedding.

Something that can aid your minimalist wedding is setting up a gift registry. It is a fairly simple process where you make a list of the gifts you want, like a blender to incorporate in your new kitchen. Or a vase you have been wanting for a very long time. Or even money for your honeymoon!

Yes, instead of getting you gifts that you do not need, guests can contribute to your honeymoon fund. This way, the guests do not have to stress about purchasing something worthy, and you do not have to spend extremely from your personal pocket. It is a win-win!

Remember that the principles that center a minimalist wedding incline towards avoiding everything that is not essential, along with people, décor, flowers and gestures. It is a very healthy way of conducting a wedding as it eliminates all stress from the process. You also get to enjoy it with the ones you truly care about. And, saving money is as good as earning it!

Contact us if you would like us to organise a wedding based on your chosen theme.

Have a blast at your minimalist wedding!


Are there any ideas you have for organising a minimalistic wedding? Comment below and let us know!
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