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Have you recently started a local business? Or do you already own one and but are having a difficult time attracting more customers. Allow us to help you rank higher on search engines, by improving your online visibility.


Local SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making your website or brand easily visible for online searches. It helps you boost your credibility and in turn increases your customer reach.

It is highly recommended for businesses located in a particular geographical area that serve communities face-to-face. Examples of such industries are a departmental store, a doctor, house help, or even a florist shop.

Managing Local SEO isn’t a piece of cake. However, if done in the right way, it can help your business do really well. Read on to know more about how to enable local searches to focus on your business, by claiming your My Business Google listing or managing online reviews.


Take a look at the following statistics:
Google searches comprise of

  • 46% queries that require local results.
  • Despite that, 56% of retailers have failed to claim their Google My business listing.

Wondering how this affects your business? Read on.

Nowadays, Google usually prefers in providing you with search results based on your location. Most people do searches that include a location or the keyword “near me”. Even if it’s not there, search engines are smart enough to understand that the query has been made in want of business suggestions or a local list.

This feature of local search engine results is exactly why you need to modify your website. You need to improve your local SEO first and then your standard SEO.

Google My Business is a platform that increases your customer visibility for local searches. The sad part is that many businesses especially the local ones, don’t take digital marketing seriously yet. However, you could use it for your benefit by building your position before the online marketing gets more competitive.

Again, why should you do it? Because, the era of telephone directories is long gone. People are now continually looking up for things on the internet. These will help you determine this:

  • 96% of desktop searches have a local context
  • 50% of mobile searches are made for local information
  • 46% of all searches made on Google are to extract local information
  • 64% of users take help of local directories on search engines for local needs
  • 78% local mobile searches lead to offline shopping.

This is where local directories come into play. Just like the physical one, getting your business on a trusted online directory, you can easily convert leads into a real customer. Many of them have a conversion rate of 50%. Listing yourself in as many as you can can benefit you more than traditional advertising options. So the next time you’re working on your website’s SEO, make sure of that.


You can easily ace your Local SEO game by focusing on some key strategies. But first, take a look at the three important elements that help website’s improve their local ranking.

  • Proximity: This involves how easily the user can reach out to your business from their location
  • Relevance: Is your product or service relevant to the query made in the search engine?
  • Prominence: What kind of reviews do you get about your industry

All you need to do is focus on the following key topics and your ranking in local SERPs will automatically improve.

Keyword Research

Do your research well. Although its not much different to a standard SEO. Use words that will help users find you locally. If your company is more service oriented, make use of keywords that involve questions.

Content Optimization

Now use these keywords to create a locally optimised content. Make your content relevant to the users query. Because, if your content is thin and of no value, they may “bounce back” in search of other websites or your company might not appear in the SERPs at all.

Improving Citations

Manual citation building involves ensuring that contact informations about your company are appropriate and useful. The main point is to maintain Name, Address, Phone Number and a Website (NAPW) consistency. Being present in a number of local online business directories really does help increase your ranking.

Link Building

Backlinks from a trusted information source will result in google trusting you more. However, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are important to consider while obtaining Backlinks. You can curate Backlinks from industry-specific directories, citations and guest-posts.

Google My Business

One of the most important part of Local SEO optimization is working with Google My Business. Simply getting your company listed in it will help you appear in local SERPs and Google maps.

Review Management

What your clients think about your company is something that could impact your company in a good or bad way. Thus it is important that your customers generate positive reviews. Make sure to handle the negative reviews humbly.

Schema Markup

Schema Markup is another important aspect of digital marketing. It helps search engines easily recognise what your website is all about. The coding language can be used to add microdata and hence improve business listing.


While you work in delivering the best service to your customers, we help you bring customers. Our experts work diligently to increase traffic on your page, for a long-term business. We have detailed everything we do, in order to achieve that goal:

Knowing your competitors

We help you analyse your competitors that might affect your local SEO. First, we do a complete market analysis of your company. Then we find out local websites that outrank. Based on their keywords and search volumes, we help you create your own strategy for a good business listing.

Local Keyword Research

Using the right keyword for your website involves a lot of smart work. And this work pays off well too. Including your city’s name or the locality of your office/workplace is always a good choice. Apart from that we also look for what users are usually searching and then we provide you personalised results.

Google My Business setup and optimization

As said earlier, the platform is extremely valuable if you want your website to appear in the SERPs. If you are not sure how to manage it, levae that to us. We help optimise your business listing with updated NAOW details, citations, working hours and customer reviews.

Getting quality, relevant backlinks

Getting backlinks from trusted sources like newspapers and bloggers and even a few citations help you up your SEO game. We help you obtain natural Backlinks, from good websites that will boost your prominences in the local search algorithm.

On-page SEO

Our experts help you manage the contents of your website by providing everything that you for doing SEO. Our services include, keyword research, creating catchy titles, providing alt text for images, optimising content for maximum value and improving your web design.

Google Reviews Management

A good review not only adds credibility to your business but also boosts your search rankings. We help you manage your reviews and ratings. The more genuine reviews are there for your company (both critical and good), the more search engines will trust you. These practices also motivate customers to share their own review for your service/product.

Providing scheduled reports

After working on your local SEO needs, we also monitor how much useful it has been. We keep a close tab on the number of leads and traffic generated, and how your website is performing in SEO campaigns. Using these results, we improve your SEO strategies. We also provide you constant updates for our services to clients letting them know, what impact has our efforts bore.



Our SEO expert helps you create personalised SEO strategies based on your line of work, location and requirements. These affordable strategies easily meet organic link building strategies.

We focus on the part that whatever we create is unique. Our citations and backlinks are completely authentic. Our on-point keywords work best in generating quality leads. A strong online reputation managed by us, is imperative for your website. All of this helps improve your business visibility.

Whatever we do, it is completely focused on the benefits of our clients. From NAP listings to GMB setups and social media profiles, we make sure that you have the complete ownership to all our business accounts online.

Our reports are completely comprehensive and transparent. We let you know what actually is happening with your website online. Whatever we do, it helps create long-lasting results if not instant results. Of course, SEO is not magic, it’s a skill that we provide you at Blissful Plans.


  • Ecommerce: SEO can be for you too. Dominate your local market and increase leads by creating an expertly optimised SEO page.
  • Medical Practitioners: After years of hard-work, you deserve to be known and well-regarded. Utilise your knowledge and skills as we help people know about your service to them.
  • Construction and Maintenance: Are you not getting enough leads from what is expected from your skill? A right SEO website should do the trick
  • Lawyers: More people are in need of legal assistance for various purposes. Allow our experts to build you an expert law firm SEO so that potential clients can easily find you
  • Restaurants: One of the most competitive local businesses includes this. All the more reason why we should help you tackle your business competitors.

and obviously more other…

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