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How To Postpone Wedding Amid Coronavirus

It has been a disappointing factor for all the couples to reschedule their weddings due to the current coronavirus pandemic that is widely spread across the globe restricting all social gatherings and travels. Nobody would like to change the dates of a day that had been so dearly awaited. But the circumstances are inevitable. All the brides and grooms are panicking about having to plan the whole of their wedding from scratch. The thought itself might start wearing you off. But don’t worry. It is time to stay calm and plan wisely. Amid the lockdown, you have plenty of time to think things through and make it right. So, let us take you through some significant points to check during this situation.

wedding postpone due to covid

  • Custom orders

Call your florist and stationery vendors and put a halt to your custom orders. Freeze the printing of your wedding cards with the initial date on it for you will have to change it after you fix another date. Make sure if the printing process has already begun or not. Hopefully, if it hasn’t, you’re good to go but if at all there are a certain number of prints ready, you will have to deal with the payment deals.

Call your flower and talk about the fresh blooms. Changing the date might as well alter your flower options. You might as well have to pick a whole new bunch of flowers. Ask your vendor to cancel the previous order and get a fresh set of choices depending on when the wedding might finally take place.

International travel has been one of the major causes of this widespread. Hence, we see strict actions against traveling. This can diversely affect destination weddings. If you were planning to have one, call the resort/hotel as soon as possible, and cancel the current bookings. It is preferable to not go ahead with international destination weddings as it is difficult to predict when the pandemic will be thoroughly gone. Lifting restrictions from international travel may take longer than expected.

  • Make early bookings

Judging from the current situation, there is likely to be a huge rush everywhere the moment this lockdown is lifted. You may end up in a war with another couple for your choice of place, caterer, or a band. If you are aiming for some particular vendors, you better start calling them and book them to prioritize you over others. It is best to get the booking in written format to keep a piece of evidence.

Start with your photographer. In the age of Instagram, all the couples are running to get the best photographer and videographer for their wedding. You don’t want to compromise on the best either. Make sure you get their early appointment to treasure your wedding. Go ahead to do the same for caterers and band/DJ for the occasion. Also, ask them regarding cancellations. In case you have already made an advance payment, negotiate the terms well regarding the rest of the payment.

  • Inform your guests

Send out a word to your friends and family regarding the reschedule. They might as well be waiting to hear from you in order to make a decision about their travel and booking plans for your wedding. The best way is to drop a text on WhatsApp. Informing well in advance can save the guests from any reservation troubles too. You can also drop a group email informing your guests regarding the cancellation and also ask them to look out for the announcement of a new date soon.

date change

  • Wedding dresses

Hunt down your dress if it is under alteration. You need to stay alert about the progress of your dress while changing the dates. Inform your tailor about the rescheduling and fix a later date to get the dress complete and ready to wear. This saves the last-minute mishaps regarding your wedding attire.

wedding dress

  • Wedding insurance

If you didn’t have one for the previously planned wedding, get one now. Amid all the unpredictable spread and deaths, it is advisable to have wedding insurance. Get in touch with the bank and know more about this. Precaution is a must under the current situation.

  • Focus on details

While planning it for the first time, it is very likely to miss out on details. Utilize this time to run down the whole sequence and fill out the missing pieces. Work on all the small, intricate details of your wedding day. This time, you have plenty of time to think about all the things thoroughly and add your personal touch to it. You can also be creative with decorations. Spend more times on recollecting your memories with your partner and get creative ideas to share them with your guests on your wedding day.


We’re in this together. Let us not lose hope and find a way to utilize this time to it’s best to create the most wonderful events after all this is over.

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