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How To Plan Your Engagement Party

Chandeliers, orchids, and vows to hold on to. An engagement to young naive minds is just their own fairytale churning into reality. Every spouse trying to be perfect hiding every flaw that their behalf accepted them with. Engagements are rituals that are different from culture to culture but the exchange of promises with gestures remained constant. Ancient Romans carried brides over the threshold to protect them from evil spirits that wanted to enter their bodies through the bottom of their feet. Proving your affection, strength, passion, and love for someone has come a long way from lifting brides to writing their own promises at the altar. We as society at spending our whole life with someone else is the concept behind engaging someone.

The History of Engagement Party

The basic idea behind the engagement was – a party hosted by the bride’s parents to show their agreement the bond of the couple, nowadays it’s more of a celebration for the couple. Jewish couples break the glass on the engagement to symbolize the permanence of marriage. “Engaged” the word was not always looked in a positive way, originally kings used to engage their daughters to marry another prince for fortune and relations, irrespective of her views.

Modern day Engagement

Champagne, the exchange of gifts between families, pictures but the most important thing is the ring ceremony and is the symbol of engaging in most modern cultures. The Indian culture has this idea of the fancier ring is a portrayal of a better future. Yes, we are the considered smartest people on the globe too. Some catholic cultures host musical chairs for the engagement party as a determinant that who’ll marry next out of the bachelors. The food, the decorations and beautiful attires no wonder people show off and brag their weddings for ages.

Engagement being the news breaker

Engagement parties are always supposed to be held a news breaker of your engagement or the day of the engagement to celebrate the joys of office promising to be hitched. People judge the authenticity of the bond by the time.

engagement party

Who can throw an Engagement Party

Anyone from the couple’s family can throw an engagement party. The orthodox ritual of only the bride’s parents can throw the party to brag about their daughter’s groom has changed. People are getting financially supportive of each other and mutually sharing the costs.

The Importance of Gifts

Some cultures like Southeast Asian cultures don’t allow the exchange of gifts between hosts and guests. Integrity is a vital part of these cultures. For us in India, it is more for us to decide about the gifts since we already have things planned to be given in the main events. It’s just a gesture and not a compulsion.

Food and Booze at Engagement party

Nowadays the cocktails and food are going to decide the guests at your party. Earlier in Rome, the booze was organized by the bride’s family to impress the groom’s family. You can add simple dishes depending upon the time of the party. Breakfast parties and barbecues are the latest trends for this year.

booze and decor

engagement party food

It’s so thoughtful that an engagement party allows the host room for improvisation and creativity. No set rules are there other than the ring ceremony. You can bring all your Pinterest ideas to life and create a fairytale.

Guest list and Venue

Guest list and venue are the two key components of the perfect engagement party, the guests you invite at your wedding are supposed to be an important part of your close circle. It is generally a private party for the inner circle only. Pick the venue according to your guest list. Normally, these parties are hosted in a backyard or in a hotel.

engagement party venue


Engagement parties can be as large or little and as formal or casual as you’d like, giving you heaps of adaptability with regards to the scene. You can also go creative with themes and other designs. Prepare a toast for your partner and your parents as a special message to tell them how much they mean to you.

Similarly as with pretty much every other engagement party detail, the topic, and stylistic layout can be as basic or as complex as you’d like. The emphasis is on celebrating, so do whatever will assist you with upgrading that vibe.

Attire of an Engagement Party

Pick clothing that is proper for the setting of the gathering. Your spouse’s clothing should supplement yours just as fit the kind of setting. You can go casual if you want considering it is only for your circle and merely to celebrate the main event.

The kind of invitations you pick will rely upon the sort of event you’re throwing. A formal invitation is not the only setting for an engagement party. You can always improvise. Invitations for an engagement party can be simple and elegant. You can also give out tiny souvenirs to the guests as a memory of the wonderful day.

The event of joy does not end with only weddings. Celebrate more with such parties limiting to your inner circle!

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