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How To Organize a Bohemian Themed Wedding

The Bohemian Theme wedding is creating a lot of buzz around the world. People are going for this style even in their day to day fashion looks. This trend has gone so much far that people are even opting for Bohemian wedding themes. Boho is a short form of the term ‘Bohemian’ which has originated from Central Europe. This style portrays an unconventional, artistic, free spirit style. It is generally supposed to resemble nature and a natural look in general. It gained massive popularity during the 2000s years. A few elements of included under this style are loose fabric, use of flowers, handmade decorations, floral art, open flowy hair, minimal makeup. In fact, you may also organise a Bohemian themed party if you’d like. So, If you are planning to host a Bohemian themed wedding here are a few steps you should follow-


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The venue for Boho wedding is supposedly meant to be at the outdoor locations, more close to nature. The outdoor location can be at any beach or any farm. If you want to have an indoor reception then you can go for it but for the wedding, you should go for the outdoor locations. Boho wedding means that you must enjoy the beauty of nature and it will give you a better background for your wedding photographs.


While planning a Boho wedding, it is very important the decor at the wedding should be more related to nature and minimalistic. Boho style is not about the heavy decor and too much use of artificial things. You can use some DIY decor ideas to decorate the wedding venue and the tables for the guests. While decorating for the Boho wedding, you can go for wild and beautiful flowers or some green leaves. It will make the decor more connected to nature and will give the wedding a more Boho style vibe.

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While shopping for the wedding dress for the Boho wedding, you should go for a more minimalistic and simple dress which will make you feel comfortable. Even the groom can also go for a more simple and comfortable dress. You can go for some loose dress for the wedding which is made of simple cotton or silk material. It is not important that you have to wear too much-fitting and a very heavy dress. If you feel comfortable in some loose and simple fabric then you should go for that. A bohemian wedding dress can make the bride look extremely beautiful, so do check out a variety of options before you decide on your boho wedding dress.

Makeup for Bohemian Theme wedding

Boho wedding includes a very simple and natural makeup for the bride. Getting ready for the wedding you can choose the natural shades or nude shade of makeup which can go on with the vibe of the wedding. Not just the face makeup, even for the hairstyle you can go with the loosely tied hair or some beautiful curls. This will be a perfect look for your wedding and will go with the vibe of the Boho style


Accessories made up of flowers like Earring or headband is a must for Boho wedding. It makes you look more beautiful and more connected to nature. Boho style is all about the unconventional style of fashion and by wearing these flower accessories you will make your wedding look more authentic and beautiful.

bohemian wedding accessories


The photographs for the Boho wedding focuses more on the beauty of nature. The photographs of your wedding do not require any extra prop to make the pictures look beautiful. It is depended on the beauty of nature and the happiness of your face. In these photographs, the main focus is on nature and then on you.

Be you for a Bohemian Theme wedding

The whole meaning of Boho style or having a Boho wedding is that you should feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful on your day and if you are not feeling that then it is all meant for nothing. The best thing about the Boho style is that you can add or change anything or any style you do not want to be included in your wedding. You don’t need to have to follow the traditional rules on your wedding. It is your day and you have all the right to enjoy your day the fullest.

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The whole meaning of Boho style or having a Boho wedding is to go wild with your creation. It is not supposed to follow any rules and regulations. It takes you closer to nature and makes you fall in love with the beauty of it. So Be carefree, Be wild. Do not forget to enjoy your day.

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