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Destination Wedding Photography 

 To open the treasure box of your memories after long years of togetherness, is something dearly close to one’s heart. Flipping through the album after every few years will still bring a smile across one’s face. Those frames hang on the wall for years and are still irreplaceable. Moreover, that one photo of your wedding never gets old.

Importance of pictures for Destination Wedding Photography

The photographers perceive how significant these photographs are for you. Also, they put their aptitude and long periods of involvement with making your own extraordinary wedding collections. With fresh set of ideas that will suit every couple in their distinctive way, they design these irreplaceable memories and give bring them to life.

Furthermore, following the latest wedding creations, destination weddings are widely trending. Beautiful corners of the world are witnessing all the lovely couples. There are some really talented photographers across the globe who have been capturing such priceless moments and sharing them on Instagram.

Here are some of the widely appreciated destination wedding photos floating on the social media and the talent behind the camera.

#1: Portrait photography

destination wedding photography

Image source: @ktmerry’s Instagram profile

One latest trend is the portrait photography. @ktmerry is very well recognized in the field of photography. She practices with clicking portraits of the bride and the groom. Also, she travels across the globe as a conservational wedding photographer capturing moments in different destinations.

#2: Candid photography

All of us beam for the photographs. But the smiles that are unknowingly captured as candid photos are the most splendid of all. With the grand weddings of Nick and Priyanka, Deepika and Ranveer, the trend of candid photos has taken over the wedding photography industries. We see all the soulful photos of the celebrity wedding and they are all caught in the moment itself.

#3: Documentary for Destination Wedding Photography

The photographers have come up with this one blockbuster idea for 2020. A wedding narrative shows the romantic tale in a film. An advanced method to be your own big name! Be the star of your film and innovative a video of your story for your wedding. Twirl to the Bollywood sufi songs and spread the message of love. For shooting such documentaries, some mesmerizing locations are chosen. When it comes to destination wedding, the couple is really lucky to have a choice of picking the most picturesque location.

#4: Target image delivery

Technology has reached to the photography sector. The latest trend talks of how the photos can be automatically delivered to the guests using cloud-based face recognition. Further, these photos will be sent from an online gallery created by the photographers. The artificial intelligence algorithms have finally made this process a success in this year.

#5: Beach

destination wedding photography

Image source: @gregfinck Instagram profile

Greg Finck is recognized as of the top wedding photographers in the world by Harper’s Bazaar magazine. Moreover, he has a skill with exclusive details in his photos. His photography is known for his well angled shots. For destination weddings on the coastlines, beaches are the latest best background for the photoshoot.

#6: Preset themes

To create aesthetic and visually pleasing photos for your gram, the photographers also aim at clicking photos with the same color schemes. Presets are utilized for altering the photographs. Also, destination wedding are the best scope for creating a themed album. The locations are carefully picked. Generally, the photographers go for sea theme or architectural buildings. While one portrays cool and breezy blue photo walls, the buildings give out rustic and vintage effect. @sawyerbaird on Instagram had one such aesthetic wedding photos profile.

#7: black and white photography

Image source:

Monotone is the new colorful. Black and white images portray the soul of the image. The portraits in all different shades of white and grey are even more beautiful with correct editing. In addition, the album designed with black and white photos definitely turn out to be some of the most creative Destination wedding photography.

#8: High contrast

destination wedding photography

Image source:

For the weddings taking place at night in a destination with light contrasts, the art of highlighting fine art details is trending. With the use of moonlight and minimal artificial ones, high contrast photos are the new HD. Such photos are generally picked for heritage destination weddings; ones being held in historical palaces of Rajasthan or in the custom buildings of Rome, Italy.

Every destination has its own specialty that makes it unique for the destination wedding photography. Try Maldives for the coastline blues in your photos and Rajasthan for cultural aesthetics. Whatever destination you pick, it will surely have its own beauty for you to capture. All you have to do is leave it to the creativity of your photographer. You can also keep browsing through different Instagram profiles of photographers to get your own intake on the ideas.

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