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auspicious hindu wedding dates in 2021

Hindu Wedding Dates in 2021

Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2021 are few, plan your wedding soon!


If you are reading this we are sure you are looking for auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2021.

With many pending 2020 weddings delayed until 2021, there’s going to be a rush to get wedding dates and plan the day since the year rolls around.

Covid-19 shattered the plans of the grand Indian weddings, completely. Most aspects of Indian weddings are expected to undergo a drastic change when it has to do with the size of the guest list and the scale of parties.

The timeless traditions and rituals will stay unchanged while the significance of auspicious wedding dates will always remain. We at Blissful Plans strongly believe in providing our readers with the best information about the most important occasion of their lives.



Here we go with the most auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2021, in case you need more information on wedding planning please connect with our team.


The auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2021-


Weekdays: 18th (Monday)


Weekdays:  22nd (Thursday), 26th (Monday), 27th (Tuesday), 28th (Wednesday), 29th (Thursday),

30th (Friday)

Weekends: 24th (Saturday), 25th (Sunday)


Weekdays: 7th (Friday), 13th (Thursday), 14th (Friday), 21st (Friday), 24th (Monday), 26th (Wednesday), 28th (Friday)
Weekends: 1st (Saturday), 2nd (Sunday), 8th (Saturday), 9th (Sunday), 22nd (Saturday), 23rd (Sunday), 29th (Saturday), 30th (Sunday)


Weekdays: 3rd (Thursday), 4th (Friday), 16th (Wednesday), 22nd (Tuesday), 23rd (Wednesday), 24th (Thursday)
Weekends: 5th (Saturday), 19th (Saturday), 20th (Sunday)


Weekdays: 1st (Thursday), 2nd (Friday), 7th (Wednesday), 13th (Tuesday), 15th (Thursday)


Weekdays: 15th (Monday), 16th (Tuesday), 29th (Monday), 30th (Tuesday)
Weekends: 20th (Saturday), 21st (Sunday), 28th (Sunday)


Weekdays: 1st (Wednesday), 2nd (Thursday), 6th (Monday), 7th (Tuesday), 13th (Monday)
Weekends: 11th (Saturday)


These dates are the most auspicious wedding dates in 2021 but even Hindu pandits have different viewpoints on some of the elements while selecting auspicious marriage dates. So, a couple should consult their pandit to get a Shubh wedding date in 2021 for their wedding except for the above-published list.


auspicious hindu wedding dates in 2021


Source of information is Drikpanchang.

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