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Planning to get hitched in 2022? We’ll help you choose the best day out of all auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2022.

Nuptials are the cultural entity of any individual. Two beautiful souls are bonded together by the love and blessing of their near and dear ones. Hindu weddings are one of a kind with unique traditional cultures and rituals. It is truly a treat for the eyes to see Hindu couples celebrating their traditional beliefs and rituals to sanctify their bond of togetherness. What amazes us is that even the most westernized parts of the world have started to accept the true beauty of Hindu culture and belief.

Most Hindu couples prefer to get married on the auspicious dates that are set according to astrological predictions. So have a look at these Hindu wedding dates for each month for the year 2022 to host your wondrous wedding.

What Are The Wedding Dates In 2022 For Your Auspicious Wedding?

Hindu weddings are always keen on each step. The divinity and sacredness the weddings hold are out of proportion. Wedding dates also hold much significance, a sanctified bond and auspicious ceremonies have to be on the right day at the right moment. Eery good things must happen at the right moment is what we believe.

Auspicious Wedding Dates in January 2022

auspicious wedding dates in 2022 January
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The beginning of new beginnings! That is what the January wedding stands for. Vowing on this month is truly auspicious and adorable with a new mark on your life. Every year we resolute on something and this is the best resolution you can have, a person to look out for you, care for you, and more importantly be with you for the rest of your lies. There is no better month for getting hitched than January!

♥ 15th January 2022 – Saturday

♥ 20th January 2022 – Thursday

♥ 23rd January 2022 – Sunday

♥ 27th January 2022 – Thursday

♥ 29th January 2022 – Saturday

Auspicious Dates In February 2022

The month where the romance triumphs! Set the perfect beginning for the new chapter in your love story in February. Winter weddings in India’s hot climate is the key to a pleasant celebration. Get ready for an auspicious and romantic wedding in February. Here are the dates

♥ 6th February 2022 – Sunday

♥ 11th February 2022 – Friday

♥ 18th February 2022 – Friday

♥ 21st February 2022 – Monday

♥ 22nd February 2022 – Tuesday

There are no auspicious/ Shubh Days for Hindu wedding in March 2022

Shubh Days In April 2022

Auspicious wedding dates

April is the beginning of the summer weddings! Getting hitched under the bright sky and the warm breeze is an amazing feeling to behold. Weddings are perfect with picture-perfect views and idyllic backdrops. Therefore, April is perfect for an outdoor extravaganza.

♥ 19th April 2022 – Tuesday

♥ 21st April 2022 – Thursday

♥ 22nd April 2022 – Friday

♥ 23rd April 2022 – Saturday

♥ 28th April 2022 – Thursday

Shubh Days in May 2022

May weddings radiate positivity and happiness indeed. A vacation wedding with near and dear ones. You may find plenty of wedding bookings this month. May in almost every year is referred to as “Shaadi Ka Season” with lots of wedding dates to choose from. Hence, you must get ready for a Shaandar Shaadi in May!

♥ 9th May 2022 – Monday

♥ 10th May 2022 – Tuesday

♥ 11th May 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 12th May 2022 – Thursday

♥ 13th May 2022 – Friday

♥ 17th May 2022 – Tuesday

♥ 18th May 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 20th May 2022 – Friday

♥ 25th May 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 26th May 2022 – Thursday

♥ 31 st May 2022 – Tuesday

Wedding Days In June 2022

what are he wedding dates in 2022 June
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Have a blast at your monsoon wedding, this is a picture-perfect time for you to tie the knot. Also, it is perfect to hold indoor weddings this month. Plan your monsoon wedding after deciding from these auspicious wedding dates.

♥ 6th June 2022 – Monday

♥ 8th June 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 11th June 2022 – Saturday

♥ 12the June 2022 – Sunday

♥ 13th June 2022 – Monday

♥ 14th June 2022 – Tuesday

♥ 15th June 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 16th June 2022 – Thursday

♥ 22nd June 2022 – Wednesday

Wedding Dates in July 2022


A wedding in July is truly going to be joyous. You get to enjoy your wedding in a pleasant ambiance. Not too hot nor too cold type of climate is sure to add a pleasant touch to your weddings. Therefore, you can host your wedding on any of the following auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2022 July to make it grand and classy.

♥ 3rd July 2022 – Sunday

♥5th July 2022 – Tuesday

♥ 6th July 2022 – Wednesday

♥ 8th July 2022 – Friday

There are no Saaya/ Auspicious dates on August, September, and October

Auspicious Days In November 2022

Auspicious Hindu wedding dates in 2022 November
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With plenty of time to manage and execute weddings,  November weddings are usually grand and luxurious. Therefore, It is the perfect wedding month to hold your grand, winter destination wedding. A month where you could go for any kind of wedding anywhere around the world. November is truly the best month to get hitched. What are you waiting for? Decide on the auspicious wedding dates in November and start your wedding planning now!

♥ 19th November 2022 – Saturday

♥ 20th November  2022 -Sunday

♥ 21st November 2022 – Monday

♥ 25th November 2022 – Friday

♥ 27th November 2022  – Sunday

♥ 28th November 2022 – Monday

Saaya Dates in December 2022

A December wedding is equally cool and merry as a Christmas wedding. The perfect year end for a perfect beginning. Let your new chapter in life bring forth new resolutions together. Since it is the last month of a year it is ideal to get married and start a new beginning by next year. Check out the dates and plan your wedding:

♥ 2nd December 2022 – Friday

♥ 7th December 2022  – Wednesday

♥ 8th December 2022 – Thursday

♥ 9th December 2022 – Friday

♥ 14th December 2022 – Wednesday

Divine moments have to be celebrated on equally auspicious days. Each date and day are special. Thus, choosing the perfect month, day, and date is something so important. Since you are going to treasure your wedding day for the rest of your life, it’s best to select an auspicious Hindu wedding date in 2022 and host your dream wedding.


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