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All You Need To Know About Booking A Wedding Planner

All You Need To Know About Booking A Wedding Planner

You have decided to take the next step with your partner and plan your dream wedding. As you turn your focus to planning one of the most important days of your life, you plan on making it perfect and dreamy. 

Booking The Right Wedding Planner

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If you spent 4 years making sure your partner was perfect for you, you can spend 40 minutes to ensure that your wedding planner is perfect for your wedding.

Here are some questions for you to nail that first interview with your wedding planner. Remember, you are hiring, and you deserve the best.

Your wedding planner handles your entire wedding. They must be aware of all aspects of your ideal wedding. Hence, there are several questions you must ask your potential wedding planner in order to gauge their compatibility with you and your big day.

Cue the questionnaire!

“Are you available on the date of the wedding?”

Simple, yet quite significant in terms of how much time they will be able to expend on planning your wedding. You have decided the date of your wedding and would certainly like to know right off the bat if the planner is available on the given dates.

"How many weddings have you planned before?"

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While you do not have to go for seasoned coordinators, it is always good to know whether your planner has had the kind of experience you’re looking for.

While you are at it, feel free to question the variety of weddings they have taken onKeep in mind, the more experienced the planner, the higher their charges will be!

“Are you available exclusively for our wedding?”

Sometimes wedding planners take on multiple couples’ weddings at once. This might be alright if they have a team of experienced planners, for they can easily assign suitable ones to you. However, you might want exclusive planners to be dedicated to your wedding, in case you are planning something over-the-top and need more experienced, senior planners. Whatever your requirements are, just let them know!

“What part will I play in the planning of the entire wedding?”

Ask them where they might need your input, confirmation or preferences. They will usually reach out to you because their planning entirely depends on your requirements and preferences. However, let them know your availability and needs beforehand so they can filter out what you need. This process can save a lot of time and confusion for you, while your wedding planner will be working on collecting the required information, conceptualization and planning of your big day.

“XYZ is my budget.”

Plan your budget and expenditure in advance. It’s okay if you need your planner to help you out. But let them know how much you’re willing to shell out. Try to be realistic with today’s rates and give them enough flexibility to get you a variety of experienced service providers for your big day.

“When can I have the contract?”

After closing the deal with your planner, carefully go through the clauses and agreements of your contract before signing it. Take a copy home, go through it in your own time. Even read it twice but you must be sure that you and your planner/coordinator agree with the terms laid out in the contract.

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“Is it okay if I use my own services for the wedding?”

Some planners have their caterers, vendors and bands already listed under their service, and they may not entertain vendors according to you. However, the services they list for you must be under your preferred budget. If you do not wish to opt for certain services, let them know in advance.  Keep in mind that clarity can save a lot of time and confusion, the clearer you set your requirements, the smoother the process will be for everyone involved. 

“What details of the wedding planning will you not be handling?”

It is important to know how the duties are split. This might save a lot of time and frustration for you. Clear communication is key and knowing what they will be able to do for you will help you look at other details well in advance. For example, you may want some duties at your wedding to be managed by the coordinator, but they may not be authorized to handle said fields. Please be clear about the jobs that you want them to do. 

“What are the conditions with respect to traveling?”

You might be planning a destination wedding, and that will require your planner to visit the destination and venue beforehand. Every planner is bound to charge their own fee depending on the airfare, distance, hotel charges etc. If you have already decided your destination, go ahead and ask them.

“What is the best way to get in touch with you during the planning?”

You want to know how to reach your planner, in case of an emergency or otherwise. It might be a text, or call, or even an email. Just ensure that you have the correct contact information of your clients as well as their subordinates.

Along with these questions, you must note that your wedding planner should be asking you a lot of questions! You should feel like they are willing to understand your desires and requirements.

This is the whole process. To start with, you can let us know what you require and our team of professionals will be able to help out and answer relevant questions regarding your wedding requirements and the planning process. Contact us here.

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