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Ideas to plan your child’s 1st birthday party

Are you looking for 1st birthday party ideas for your child’s first birthday?

Is your child’s first birthday is already here?

Just a while ago you were readying your home for him or her, and now, it’s already his/her first birthday! Everyone wants to plan their child’s grand 1st birthday party.

A first birthday may be a huge milestone, and each big milestone deserves an enormous party! As you begin to plan your one-year-old’s birthday celebration, the primary thing you’ll want to make a decision on will be a party planner. Get in touch with us, team Blissful plans.

birthday party ideas

Get the best party planner to help you with unique 1st Birthday party ideas

When planning a party, there are a number of things to consider. Which birthday party theme you want to go for? What kind of food do you want? Will the party be outdoors or indoors? What color do you want in your decorations? With so many choices, it can be tough to pick the perfect pick for your baby’s big day. 

From ideas for food and decorations to games, party bags, and costumes that little ones will love, check some unique 1st birthday party ideas

Invites- New ideas 

When you’re planning a first birthday party, your first task is the invites!

Shop bought invites the foremost obvious idea is to shop for a pack of invites from a card shop and just fill the small print in.

Personalized invites online You can use pictures of your baby if you like and go for something funny, cute or quirky.

Homemade invites If you’ve got many time and a few good design skills, why not make your own?


Kids love fun-shaped food, so use cookie cutters on sandwiches to biscuits or even pizza. Colored fruit smoothies or fun jelly ice cream combos also make great party treats. Breadsticks, tiny sandwiches with cheese spread, cubes of mild cheese, and chocolate fingers.

With unique food choices and a great spread for kids, there are more such 1st birthday party ideas which we plan for our clients.

1st birthday party ideas

Games and activities

Keep activities so all children and parents can have fun at your baby’s first birthday party. Like crafting, painting, playdough, tattoos, magic show, put a little cake down, and let your birthday boy or girl have fun with their cake.

Order a bunch of small plastic balls, fill up a baby pool, Blow up a few balloons and toss them back and forth and up and playing with a water table is always a fun activity for the kids you can carry a tune have a family dance party as fun 1st birthday party ideas.

1st birthday ideas


Get some friends to all or any bring special food and have a touch picnic – babies can play with outdoor toys, come around within the grass and have swings!

Any indoor soft play centre that features a baby area may be a great idea for a primary birthday party! Babies will be able to play on the soft shapes and will have fun.

1st birthday party ideas

Party bags

Something cute like bibs or socks, Crayons, or chalk will always come in handy. Babies love bubbles and they’re something they can enjoy playing with along with their parents.

Give coloring books, small bags of goldfish or crackers, stickers, stick-on tattoos, and the best gifts are ones that keep kids occupied over time. Art supplies — stickers, cool pencils, and erasers, markers, watercolor sets, are all kid-pleasers. So are large balls, notepads, puzzles, and books. 


Everything is set, right from the guest list to the birthday outfit, but the one thing you can’t decide for your little one’s first birthday is the ‘Cake’ – the most important part of a birthday party. To get that perfect cake, you need to first figure out what excites your baby. Identify what your baby’s interest, and opt for a cake that will excite them.

Unique Themes And Decoration- 1st Birthday party ideas

The key to throwing a fantastic 1st birthday party is choosing a meaningful choose a perfect 1st birthday party theme, Think about the kinds of activities you enjoy together, your baby’s likes and dislikes, or their favourite toys and cartoon characters.

* Plan the party around their most cherished toy. For example, stuffed giraffe, a safari theme. A beloved bathtub toy might produce an oceanic theme, or a mini train set could be the centerpiece of a plane, trains, and automobiles theme.

* For astronomically-themed first birthday. Use decorations featuring the moon, stars, and planets.

* Embrace the elements by picking a seasonal theme. For example, if your little one’s birthday falls in July, plan a tropical or beach-themed summer bash and ask everyone to decorate accordingly. 

Whichever theme you opt for, try to incorporate its elements into your food, décor, and of course birthday cake. Be careful not to go overboard, however, to ensure it remains a fun, stress-free event as we are here to look after for that!  

Unicorn Party

One of the best 1st birthday party ideas is a unicorn-themed birthday party. Every parent wants to have a unique Using balloons to make a rainbow backdrop or, A piñata in the shape of the horned for the older kids and adults in attendance. A unicorn-topped cake is the perfect sweet treat, or try cupcakes with a horn on top. The party favors in unicorns shaped or a personalized onesie with a unicorn image.

1st birthday unique ideas

Princess themed birthday party

Celebrate everything pink and cake in the shape of a castle, cupcakes with a crown on top of sugar cookies with the names of Disney princesses.

1st birthday party ideas: cake

Doughnut Theme Birthday

A big platter of doughnuts in all different flavors and pool toys shaped like doughnuts to hang as decorations. For entertainment, cut circles in the center of white paper plates and have kids color and decorate a doughnut of their own.

Magical Harry Potter Party

This magic-filled Harry Potter party decorated with pumpkins that featured calligraphed phrases from the book also with “Harry Potter” themed food and drinks, like butterbeer and pumpkin pasties.


Enter The Circus

Come on, organize circus-themed first birthday party! The colour scheme with red and white, just like a big-top tent. For food cupcakes, cookies and brightly coloured candy.

Ice Cream Truck Party

This retro ice cream party features a cake decorated to look like an ice cream cone with also cute ice cream truck and hanging ice cream cone decorations.

1st birthday party ideas

Berry Sweet

This berry-filled party as sweet as could be, with chocolate-covered strawberries and strawberry scone snacks, a cake decorated with pink and red strawberries and fun pick-your-own strawberry pastries.

1st birthday party ideas

Minions’ Birthday Party

Since the movie ‘Despicable Me’ released, the adorable minions from the movie have taken the world by storm. Surprise your little one and friends with a minion cake and tiny minion goggles for everyone.

Minion themed birthday party ideas

Bubble-themed Party

Your little girl will enjoy playing with bubbles extensively. This theme works great if the venue is large since you can organize numerous activities to go along with it.

There are more themes to explore below which add to unique 1st Birthday party ideas for your kid.

Dinosaur theme

Throw a Good Dinosaur theme birthday party for your little explorer.

Give party guests a dinosaur hunter hat, a canteen, binoculars, and a bag for artifacts, and send them off on a dinosaur egg. You can add a hunt party game and sweet treats like a dinosaur cake, dino egg pops, dino cookies. Opt for cute characters and dress the table in textured fabric.

King theme

Your little guy has become the king of your world, so a party fit for kings is in order and all you need are decorations such as banners with crowns, balloons, and

dessert with contrast colors like white and gold with some green plants to resemble Caesar’s palace.

Winnie and Pooh theme

This cute bear is everyone’s favorite and would act as an excellent backdrop for your baby’s first birthday. Dress the baby as Winnie. Banners of honey jars and garden houses would be perfect for this theme.

A child’s first birthday is a crucial marker in their life – one that you’ll cherish and can show your baby photos of someday. With some interesting first birthday celebration ideas, you’ll make it special and memorable in every way. These are all the 1st birthday party ideas for you to make your child first birthday a memorable one. You can visit the blissful plans page to know more



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