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Why Vintage Cars Add Charm To The Wedding?

Hey! Look at that stunning entry of the handsome groom. Wait! is that a Ferrari 250 GTO? Wow, Vintage car entries on weddings are one of a kind indeed. The vintage car has a sumptuous aura that makes it a grand entry theme. For the question of why vintage cars add charms to the wedding, here are some of the well explainable answers.

1.  Vintage Cars Give A Royal Vibe

Luxury vintage cars

Vintage cars radiate a unique sense of royalty and class. Hence an entry with really cool vintage cars is pretty awesome. When looking back to the Mughal era the emperors had these classy cars and used to have public appearances on them. Isn’t it cool to have a similar experience like that of the kings and queens of old? Being the center of attraction in a splendid car. A royal wedding indeed needs an equally royal entry for the bride and the groom. Hence, a vintage car entry is a must.

2. A Classy and Modern Entry 

The fact that a vintage car entry gives you a modern vibe is quite astounding. For instance picturise it, a swag groom or a bride entering their luxury venue in a vintage car. The normal baraat with a horse ride or an elephant ride is outdated. Hence, a vintage car with its elegant and classic looks gives modernity and intensifies the whole scenario.

3. Picture-Perfect Entry With Vintage Cars

Vintage Wedding Cars

Weddings are so popular today and you may see thousands of blogs, posts, and videos on them. Every moment is captured and treasured. It is an impeccable fact that a crucial event like a baraat or a groom and bride entry is very well sent out to the media world. Therefore, vintage car entry is something that is picture-worthy. Get loads of likes and comments just by posing in front of an epoch car. So for a perfect photoshoot and capturing the best shots, vintage car entry is unique and worth trying.

4. Animal-Loving

Groom entries

It’s time to evolve from traditional entry on horseback and elephant back. Poor animals may stick in between human affairs with no choice. vintage car entry is surely a game-changer. Think about it, a traditional baraat with a loud noise, lightings, crackers, and the crowd is pretty much harmful to animals. We should take care of them. therefore use some equally grand alternatives like the retro car entry.

5. An Entry in a Unique Style

Vintage cars for royal wedding

A wedding entry must be as unique as the bride and groom. Retro-styled car entries are truly unexpected and unique. It also makes the whole scenario elegant and luxuriously unbeatable.

If you have decided on a vintage car entry the next thing is to check which model, class, and car are best suited for your luxury theme. There are several places that lend out exquisite antique cars that hold elegance and class. Some of the models that go best for weddings are: –

  • Rolls Royce 20/25hp
  • Astin Martin DB6 Volante
  • Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray
  • Alpha Romeo Spider
  • Jaguar XK120
  • Morris Minor

Luxury Vintage Cars Rental In India

Hire vintage cars for wedding

1) Vintage Cars by Varun Malhotra, Delhi

It is one of the most famous vintage car rentals in Delhi. You get to hire a variety of classic and antique vehicles for your luxury wedding. Get in touch with them to know in detail.

2) Shri Karni Tours & Travels, Jaipur

It offers world-class luxury vintage cars to make your destination wedding in Jaipur on another level.

3) Wedding Car Hire, Delhi

Another extravagant vintage care rental platform that provides you with some best models. Try out the Rolls-7seat or the ranges of the Victorian model. They are eye-candy and will create a picture-worthy entry to your grand weddings.

4) Old Timers, Udaipur

Destination wedding in Udaipur can’t get better than with a vintage car entry. Worries about where to get your dream vintage car? Get in touch with old-timers. They are sure to provide classic vintage cars for weddings.

5) Motwani Tours & Travels, Mumbai

This is one of the most preferred car rental showrooms. You may get your perfect antique vintage cars for rent. They can offer various lines of services including vintage cars. Hence, get in touch with them to book one of the most luxurious vintage wedding cars.

Add charms and royalty o your big fat wedding with a grand entry on a classy vintage car. Vintage cars are truly the best prop that one can show off at their wedding. Hence make your wedding entry something unique and elegant. Blissful Plans on the other hand will help you plan your luxury wedding and offers you our best services to make your entry even grander with our decor and services.

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