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wedding registry in India

Increasing trend of wedding registry in India

What is a wedding registry? Is it a rising trend in India?

Wedding registry in India is a concept which is very common in western countries and now it is revolutionizing wedding gifting in India.

A wedding gift registry is a way for the couples to create a list of gifts they would like to receive on their wedding, things that will actually become a part of their new life instead of being kept in a cupboard or re-gifted.

gift registry option in india

Once completed, the couple can share their registry URL with their guests, integrated with a beautiful wedding website. This helps guests know exactly what the couple wants and they can buy or contribute towards any gift of their choice.

There are various online platforms that manage all the logistics and deliver the gift to the couple when and where they want, so neither the couple nor the guest has to worry about carrying around the gift boxes.

Plan to include a wedding registry in India? The choice is endless! 

Couples can add just about any gift they like to their registry. Be it home appliances, gadgets, holidays, charities, gift cards or even just plain and simple cash!

They can go to any online store in India to choose the products they like and add them to their registry.

The main idea is to curate a wishlist of items that the couple needs. Different couples have different needs. There are some who are moving into a new house after their wedding. Their wishlist will obviously be different from the couples or the ones who will be staying with their parents.

However, some of the most common gifts are home appliances, holidays, gift cards, cash, home décor items etc. Not only this but lately couples also are adding charities to their wishlist.

Why families are embracing the concept of a registry is simple. Nearly 1/3rd of an Indian man’s lifetime income is spent on weddings, and close to 15% of that money is spent on wedding gifts.

With a gift registry, families can avoid waste and help the couple start their new life with all the things they need. With our diverse and user-friendly products and services, it makes it very convenient for anyone to access and make use of our services.

What are the options available for a wedding registry in India?

1. Gift Cards

More and more, couples are prioritizing experience over “things,” so it’s no surprise gift cards are second-most registered item. If you would rather create a general honeymoon fund, you can also crowdsource your plane tickets or hotel room at sites. And also you won’t have mental or physical space for recycled or not-useful gifts. They are high on experiential and memory value, and would rather get holidays and spa vouchers as gifts than physical products.

2. Plants

Vases and planters, yes. But who knew you’ll register for actual plants? Green thumbs and aspiring plant parents alike are taking advantage and increasingly are being in trend plants plant stands, and even plant decor.

wedding registry in India

3. Smart home accessories

Who says comfort shouldn’t come at the click of a button? It’s all about the smart home category: Also is adding a wide range of smart devices from temperature control and smart locks to smart lighting and security devices to their wedding registries.

4. Decor and furniture

On top of safety and comfort, many couples are looking to upgrade their home aesthetic by registering for decor and furniture. Decorative items like wall art, lighting, rugs, and seasonal decor can be an incredible wedding registry.

5. Small, niche kitchen appliances

Doordash is fun, but a busy schedule shouldn’t come at the expense of home cooking. Maybe that’s why air fryers, Instant Pots, and crockpots are gaining popularity on wedding registries!

wedding registry in India

6. Matte dinnerware

Seeking Insta-worthy place settings? Look no further than plates, coupe bowls, and serve ware in matte black or pink, both of which are trending. Generally, couples are entertaining at home more and more, so they care a lot about what tabletop they add to their registry. Some couples even register for two sets of dinnerware: something white and basic, and something a little more fun and colorful.

7. Cash funds for charitable causes

Taking a cue from the royals, engaged couples are focusing on how they can give back at their wedding through the option of registering for charitable donations. Couples are increasingly adding charities to their registry. They are excited to have their guests contribute towards causes they are passionate about.

An increasing number of couples are opting to go for an e-invite instead of printed invites. Hence, going paperless is gaining more popularity. More and more couples are also opting for a zero-waste wedding.

Even from the guests’ perspective, it is a welcoming trend.

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wedding registry in India

Today, more and more couples are opting for more practical solutions for their wedding. So, when it comes to managing unwanted gifts and the resulting waste, one of the best solutions is creating a wedding gift registry.

A wedding gift registry helps couples get the gifts they actually want and will use. It is also equally beneficial for the guests as they get to the couple a gift that is meaningful and useful for them. They don’t have to guess what the couple might and many might not whether their moving to a new home or is the bride moving with her in-laws.I

wedding registry in India

Others options for Wedding registry in India are,

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