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Gay wedding planning- get same gender wedding ideas

In this era of homosexual weddings being accepted worldwide, it is still not easy to find gay wedding planners. While gay marriages were always looked at as absurd by multifarious social norms. But some communities are accepting same-sex marriages as a natural choice. “Love has no gender” while many millennial gay celebrities are coming out about their sexuality. Like Troye Sivan and Sam Smith, celebrities like Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have tied the knot to celebrate their lives together. However, in one’s day-to-day lives, it might not be easy to find people who actively support or organize same-sex weddings. Worry not, for our team of gay wedding planners at Blissful Plans will make your wedding a day to remember.

India legalizing gay relations is the first step towards this ideology. While thirty-two states of the United States have legalized gay marriages the other eighteen are looking forward to lifting the prohibition too.

Love is about two people. Two people who can support each other and lead a lovable life ahead. Amid the speeding life, it is difficult to find that one person who will always bring you peace. The feeling of having the same ideas and opinions so as to have each other’s back is not defined by caste, creed, religion, color – or even gender.

Across the globe, there are so many such people suffering because of a lack of understanding and acceptance in their respective cultures. Very few  brave people are there. They are fortunate enough to make it past all the bricks and stones that are thrown at them in the name of tradition. The story of Mark and Greg is a solid example of how gender preference doesn’t matter when you are truly meant for someone.

The Story Of Mark and Greg- A Homosexual Wedding Celebration

The story captured by Gianmarco Vetrano, a famous Italian photographer, is a lovely tale of two Australian boys – Mark and Greg.  They decided to get hitched in the stunning land of Italy. Over the course of two days, they carried out the ceremony at ‘La Plage Resort’ at the breathtaking island of the Taormina sea. Their happiness knew no bounds for they were few of the lucky ones to fight for their identity.

They got hitched in the presence of all their loved ones in the majestic La Plage Resort. They hosted a live orchestra party in the evening with lots of music and LED light tubes for kids and adults as well! As wonderfully captured by Gianmarco Vetrano, we can see the guests enjoying the wedding ceremony on his official website.

gay wedding planners

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Their celebration included the following

The party also included a famous dance form “Tarantella” to add to the charm of the evening. This typical dance was performed by professional dancers who were invited to celebrate the union of Mark and Greg. The melodies were entwined to the beads of the night by “musica e sposi” agency.

Further, the entire dining menu had been handpicked by the couple, it was filled with numerous local dishes. The tables were decorated with gorgeous white covers and light pastel flowers to keep the atmosphere subtle and elegant. Dining in the open air was just the veracious choice to merge with the live orchestra. Furthermore, to light up the dining, the surroundings were lit up beautifully with a variety of lights and candles. The dining area gave a gorgeous view of the city around the wedding venue. Certainly, Gianmarco and the team of same-gender wedding planners have captured the intricate details of the whole ceremony.

gay wedding planners

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The wedding took place at the Grant Hotel Timeo in broad daylight. The altar was decorated with lush greenery and flowers. In fact, all kinds of embellishments were used to make the wedding ceremony look stunning. In the stunning backdrop of lush greenery and fresh crisp air, Mark and Greg took their wedding vows. They made their wedding a wonderful example of a homosexual wedding of much elegance and class.

Activities & More- Perfectly Executed By Gay Wedding Planners

Also, there wedding was filled with fun and jolly activities. Their team of same-gender wedding planners ensured they had various creative photo booth props like a golden frame, a small hat, etc. This was for adding a little Instagram-able twist to the typical wedding photos.

In the end, they had a surprise that left everyone enchanted. They took dance and music to a whole new level. They did this by hosting a show where the dancers performed inside an inflatable, transparent ball. All the guests were flabbergasted to see the wonderful execution of their performance and stunning skills.

Another silver screen love story portraying the beauty of homosexual weddings is that of Neil Patrick Harris and his husband David Burtka. They have the most charming love story ever. The language of love does not discriminate. And that’s the beauty of it.

In order to plan a homosexual wedding with people who are experienced in the field of wedding planning, contact us. We organize destination weddings in the most beautiful destinations around the world and will organize one with our team of same-gender wedding planners when it comes to same-sex weddings.

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