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Bohemian Wedding Dresses For the Boho Loving Bride

What is a Bohemian themed wedding, one may ask?

It is a theme associated with wedding ceremonies. The word ‘Boho’ stands for Bohemian, which deeply intones dresses, hairstyles and accessories steeped in nature. A Bohemian wedding has gentle floral and faunal attributes which are commonly at peace with one’s natural surroundings. They’re also known as ‘Hippie dresses’

Typically, these weddings take place outdoors, in a deep, luscious wood or an exceptionally green and springy landscape. All the aspects of the wedding right from venue décor to self-décor, hairstyles and clothes have a subtle floral influence.

If you want a very romantic, vintage-inspired wedding that helps you materialize your deepest vision of a lonely moor in a romance novella placed in Southern England, Boho Chic wedding is the perfect theme to paint on your special day.

Contrary to popular belief, Boho weddings actually cost less than regular weddings because of their quaint nature. The décor in Boho weddings is mostly uncommonly sourced, for example, a very antique table from the 1950s that you chanced to see at the Dollar Store, or a rare artifice belonging to the aristocracy that has been handed down in your family for nine generations.

Since these types of weddings take place outdoors, the hassle of booking a grand venue is religiously avoided, along with the costs of buying colour coordinated furniture and consequent décor for ‘the shape of the dais in the venue.’

Bohemian weddings are generally more ethical than regular weddings because of the clutter and spending avoided. It is quite right to believe that a Boho wedding dress may be one of the most expensive items related to said theme.

Today, we are going to dive into the specifics of a Boho dress, and how to get one for your Bohemian style wedding.


Boho dresses are, naturally, very personalised and unique in nature. They are associated with soft fabrics that flow from the waist down. Few really popular ones include maxi dresses, white boho dresses and vintage boho dresses. Some of them have quite sheer fabrics with lacey, floral patterns on the sleeves and a deep-cut, semi-sultry neckline. All of these aspects put together to bring an elegant design and a gorgeous wedding ensemble.

Here, we bring you a few of our favourite picks!

Bohemian wedding dress

This particular dress has a long, flowing silhouette with the sheer fabric below the upper bodice. The off-sleeved shoulder is adorned with lacey floral. It is as elegant as it is trendy and classically Bohemian.

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This piece is a rather conservative version of a Boho wedding dress with frilly but chic sleeves along with a high neck. The elegance is only heightened by the sheer pattern near the collarbone that enhances the structure of your upper body. Instead of the usual white, this is a light mauve dress that aligns with your colourful vision for your BoHo wedding.

It is less sheer in nature, perfect for anyone who is going for a less-sultry BoHo dress.

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This dress is for all the women who want a very plain but BoHo-inspired style. Sometimes, the floral patterns can be highly distracting and overwhelming. For everyone wanting to incorporate a subtle, Boho vibe, this is definitely the dress for you.

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boho dresses

If you are willing to host a grand wedding but lacking a budget for the same, you might want to look for second-hand dresses. This grand piece is royalty for a fraction of the price. The folds in the lower bodice are gorgeously layered. The BoHo theme is retained in the dress in the dainty sleeves and flowing dress.

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NOTE: Something you might want to remember for second-hand dresses is that they come in a singular size.

You can use this website to look for more Boho-inspired second-hand dresses.

Bohemian Wedding Dresses For the Boho Loving Bride

If you are someone used to breaking the norms and paving your own path, cut through the traditional Bohemian ensemble with a short dress that has the designer elements of an antique, Bohemian piece.

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There are thousands of styles that exist within the Bohemian sphere. Not all of them might be cut out for you, but you will find your BoHo chic sooner than later. If you have no idea of the type of wedding you want to be a part of, Bohemian is a beautiful theme to research and incorporate. It is pretty and aesthetic without you having to take the creative efforts that are required by art.

Listed above are five different kinds of Boho dresses. They may not be the exact pieces you want, but the variety of styles included will help you build your ideal dress. You can, then, propose your idea to a custom tailor who will help you put your vision on fabric. We hope this serves as the inspiration you need to move one step forward in your journey towards the perfect Boho wedding.

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