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Birthday Party Ideas & Themes – How to plan a Birthday bash?

Are you looking for some great Birthday Party ideas & themes to make your bash a success?

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Do you remember how much you looked forward to your birthday party when you were a kid?

The decorations, the gifts, the cake, the goodie bags. Whether it’s your 30th birthday party or your  18th birthday, each occasion is an important milestone that you would want to celebrate.

The birthday party ideas should be creative and exciting for the host and also the guests. Let’s learn how!

When it comes to planning the big day, all of your birthday party ideas should follow one unique theme. That theme can be incorporated throughout all of your decors, eats, and 30th party invitation. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner with close friends or throwing a backyard bash, we have a few fun ideas to get your party planning started.

There’s no denying that turning any age is a BIG DEAL. Whether you’re mourning your 30s or welcoming the next decade of 20s with open arms and alcohol, save the planning headache for your hangover.

When planning either your own or someone else’s party, make sure to rope in the best birthday party planner for great birthday party ideas and seamless planning.

Here’s a list of everything you should keep track of  Birthday party planning and check a few party ideas to incorporate: 

* Make a Guest List. If the party isn’t a surprise, consult with the guest of honor who they want to be invited and how large they want the party.

* Decide on a Theme. This is where your creativity is most needed. Picking the perfect theme is an important part of party planning.

* Pick a Venue. Is this a house party or a day at the park? Check some perfect venues or plan a destination birthday party. Blissful Plans

* Send Out Invites. Invitations for a birthday party should be sent out three to five weeks in advance. If you’re having trouble knowing what to write in your invites, check out our resources on what to include in birthday invitations and party invitation wording.

* Pick unique Party Supplies to match with your theme.  Make sure all your decorations, food, and drinks are collected well in advance. There’s nothing like a little last-minute planning to create panic. it is always best to engage a birthday party planner as they are well experienced in planning and know what is required.

Don’t just rely on all the typical ingredients, like food & drink, music, and a great bunch of friends, to make it a memorable party. There are many birthday party ideas that make a party a memorable occasion to remember.

For a milestone birthday, you’ll make it special by tailoring everything to the birthday boy and girl. Here are some of our suggestions for the perfect day.

Plan a Field Day

Remember when you used to have these at school? They were fun then, and yep, they’re still fun now. Think tug-of-war, long jump, three-legged race, and many more games that will have your crew rolling around with laughter.

Bar scene

You can try a variation on the traditional booze cruise. You can start fairly early by getting everyone to take a seat down for a few light drinks during a cafe or a late lunch at a pleasant restaurant.

Follow it up by moving the party to a bar or two, then visit some clubs, and end the night with an enormous after-party back at your home. The beauty of winging it and moving around is that you have a chance to meet a lot of interesting new people, make friends and hook up with someone.

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Bake-off wars theme

For competitive friends, this theme is a must. Have guests bring their yummiest baked goods recipes. Enjoy a bake-off with the birthday start voting on their favorite cake (or cupcakes, if that’s your thing!). Snap photos to document the inevitable Pinterest fails.

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Fancy Dinner  Party

If you don’t mind spending a touch extra to celebrate the occasion and need things to feel more formal–or you only need an excuse to decorate up sort of a true gentleman or lady–then a fancy dinner party is an excellent choice for you. It will require some preparation, but it can be an unforgettable experience and even turn into a cherished tradition amongst your group of friends.

Send out elegant RSVPs and make sure that everyone comes in their fanciest attire.

Hike out

If you’re more of an outdoors type, an exciting and fun thanks to throwing a birthday celebration is to possess a pleasant long nature hike ending with a roaring campfire, music, dance and drinking out in wild. It is a very private experience, and being away from the busy city and modern gadgets–well, most of them anyway–will allow you to focus on interpersonal communication.

Wine Tasting  Party 

Wine only gets better with time and so do you. Treat yourself and guests to a wine tasting party, characterized by wine-tasting and creative hors d’oeuvres. You can channel a day in Napa by decorating your party area with vines and setting up tables for certain types of wine. Try incorporating custom wine glasses throughout your party to add a sentimental touch.

This is incredibly one of the unique birthday party ideas, must try!

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Gaming Tournament

If the birthday boy loves hanging out with friends, competition, and games, hanging out with friends, consider a gaming party for a birthday theme. Gaming parties can include any kind of electronics, board games, or others and are a great way to kick off a birthday. Include many gaming decors like related posters, controller birthday cakes, and gaming snack foods.


Dirty Thirty Party or similar age number party

A “dirty thirty” is another common term for a 30th birthday, but usually includes a humorous and fun decoration theme. A dirty thirty wouldn’t be complete without the birthday person’s favorite drinks, plenty of fun signs, and a night spent with friends. For specific ideas, consider creating custom shot glasses or personalized champagne flutes for the party tables.

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Cooking Class

If the guest of honor is a genius in the kitchen, celebrate what makes them so great with a cooking class party. Choose anything from pasta to sushi making courses and convey friends and family along. This is an especially tasty idea, and no one’s left hungry, plus you can send guests home with customized plates at a party favor.

Firework Party

Did you know that you can’t buy fireworks until you’re 18? Make the new freedom to the center of your birthday party by including fireworks. Feature plenty of other explosive colors to carry the theme. However, make sure that the fireworks are legal at your venue, and that you warn any neighbors who live close by.

Sports Party

Decorate the food with the honoree’s favorite sport. This means football cupcakes or baseball pizza. Incorporate the sports memorabilia into the remainder of the party decor. Also, feature the sport as a game for the party in an open yard or space outside.

Escape Room

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Escape room parties are perfect for small groups. These venues are for groups of four to 12 people who want a fun challenge. They can last up to two hours, and make for memorable nights. This is one of the best birthday party ideas if the guest number is low.

Kid at Heart” Birthday Party

Just because you’re another year into adulthood doesn’t mean that you can’t party as you did back in the day. Bring some youthful fun to your grown-up party with fun photo props and throwback tunes. For the pièce de résistance, take your guests’ tastebuds down memory lane by adultifying classic kid-friendly eats (think mini mac-and-cheese bites and pizza crackers).

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Neon Meets Neutral, one of the best Party Theme ideas

It’s a perfect pairing. When eye-catching fluorescents with warm earth tones look their best. Plain brown bags and plates look cool. The best part? You can find plates and bags within the supermarket and stickers and tags in an office-supply store.

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We at Blissful Plans have vast experience in planning theme parties and can help you with some unique birthday party ideas for any age.

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