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Plan A Baby Shower Worth Remembering!

Are you looking to plan a baby shower? You’re close to welcoming a little bundle of joy into your life. Between all of the design, the saving, the waiting, and belly growing, there’s still some fun to be had. A baby shower is not only about celebrating the newest member of the family, but also honoring and supporting the parents.

We know that planning the right baby shower is often a frightening task. A baby shower is all about decorations, treats and favors pair perfectly with games. Guests will love posing for photos in front of the DIY floral wall and getting busy with the onesie decoration station. Brighten up your tables with beautiful flowers and centerpieces. Also, one could go for a wall of wishes for the baby, in addition to appetizers and savory snacks for guests munch on. There are also creative ways to serve drinks, throw a great party.

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Between planning a party, setting the registry, games the first thing comes is baby shower invitations. But unlike other parties where you’re just required to cover the basics—when, where, why, and how to RSVP—baby shower invitation and what kind of occasion the day will bring. For many, setting a theme and decor starts as early as sending out invitations. While it can be tempting to splurge on fancy, premium invites, it’s totally possible to create adorable invitations for very little money. Use an online budget printing service or check out your local craft store for some scrapbooking paper, ribbon, and stickers.

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Crafting and decorating for the big shower day can seem daunting, but don’t stress. Whether you’re going all-in on balloons, picking an exotic theme, or making your own diaper cake at home, there’s a way to make every baby shower look as beautiful as ever — and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do so. At the end of the day, parents will be happy to have created beautiful memories of their baby shower to share with their child years down the line.

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* Guess The Baby’s Sex!

* Approximate The Due Date/Birth Weight!

* Predict The Baby’s Favourite Food!

* Baby Art- What they think the mum-to-be future baby will look like!

* He/She Said. Get the dad-to-be in on the fun by asking him to answer some questions.

* Sock Race! See which guest can ball pairs of baby socks within the fastest time.

* Fill In The Gaps. Play the start of a nursery rhyme and ask guests to fill in the next few lines.

* Try this activity: Guests write their favourite names for boys and girls on slips of paper that are dropped in jars for the parents’ consideration.


Along with that adorable decoration and games, most baby showers feature a mouth-watering array of food and desserts too. So what quite baby shower food is best to serve?

That way, guests don’t have to worry about how they’re going to eat and instead focus on mingling, playing games, and watching the soon-to-be mama open a bevy of adorably pint-sized gifts. From appetizers to main course finger foods and delectable desserts, When it comes to baby shower appetizers, simple is best! If you’ll be serving a variety of choices, look for easy recipes that don’t call for tons of preparation time too

Baby shower ideas
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Favours- Baby Shower Ideas

If you thought to arise with a spot-on baby shower theme also finding the right invitations, you clearly have yet to fall under the rabbit burrow of selecting baby shower favours. Incorporate your favours into your baby shower decor as a centerpiece, across from the food display or even on a special table for guests to pick up before they head home. Moreover, add a personalized touch by engraving a gift with sweet quotes. Offering party favours to all the guests at the conclusion of the baby shower may be a nice gesture of thankfulness. Little things like scented candles, handmade chocolates, or some cosmetics can make for great party favours.

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Cakes are the centerpiece at parties. At a baby shower party, the cake should reflect the parents’ style, the colours in the other decorations and is equally important, the gender of the baby if known, or the date of the baby’s birth. “Pink for girls” and “blue for boys” is an old tradition. The cake will set the tone for all the other decisions and it offers deliciousness of course, but it’s a decorating element too that adorns the food table. Moreover, the mom, or guest of honour, expects a cake that’s personalized according to what she likes and anything known about the baby.

Theme- Baby Shower Party Ideas

A party theme is another important thing to keep in mind. It can bring a greater sense of festivity to the event. Keep the décor bright. Flowers look particularly appropriate for a celebration of birth. Remember: All attention will be focused, anyway, on the belly of the mother-to-be.

Mommy to “Be” Theme

This play on words can be incorporated into nearly every aspect of the shower—like with these super sweet favours.

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Throw an Ice Cream Social

An additional sweet mixture of retro-inspired decor and containers serves up the most adorable baby shower theme.

Pink ombré party

Starting with pink, white, and gold from pink napkins, cups, and plates. Simple decorations with a pink ombre colour scheme look beautiful. With letter banner super stylish and perfect for hanging behind your buffet table or along the wall.

Baby Shower Ideas
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Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

The mum-to-be will have a great time at this star themed baby shower which is a perfect way to welcome your tiny little star on its way.

Rubber Duckies shower

Quack Quack! Top the cuteness quotient in your baby shower party, by going in for the rubber duckie theme.

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Jungle Theme Baby Shower

This adorable jungle theme goes beyond the traditional pink or blue and works perfectly well for a unisex baby shower party.

Bumblebee theme party

Another theme baby shower can be a  bee themed baby shower is a lovely theme to throw a gender-neutral baby shower. The bright yellow, black and white colours make the room look vibrant and eye-catching.

Once Upon a shower

Moreover, reading every night to your child has been recommended by most experts. Classic books like The Hungry Caterpillar and The Velveteen Rabbit make a great theme for a baby shower.

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Rainbow Theme

A rainbow is vibrant, full of colours symbolizing happiness and joy. A rainbow party is an ideal gender-neutral theme as you are not stuck to any particular colour.

Carnival Theme

A carnival theme is a perfect way to celebrate this special day when you want to go all grand with the celebrations.

In planning a baby shower – a gathering of close family and friends to celebrate the mum before her baby, nappies and sleep privation arrive. Plenty of advice and giggles amongst tea and cake create the right baby shower.

So all these themes would also contribute towards the perfect baby shower? Yes, they would! What’s better than welcoming the baby with colours all around.

Plan a baby shower with us, Contact Blissful Plans to get an idea about what you need to include to have the most memorable baby shower party. Also, talk to us for baby shower ideas and plan a baby shower for your little one.

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