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auspicious hindu wedding dates 2022

Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2022

Select auspicious wedding dates in 2022. Your wedding is on the way and you haven’t decided on the wedding date yet? No worries! Celebrate your big day in 2022 with flying colors.

Auspicious wedding dates
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Be it planning your wedding or re-planning it due to the pandemic, we believe that 2022 will be a good beginning for all of us. So let it be the best year for you to get married post-pandemic.

India has always been rich in culture and tradition. We take god’s blessings before any important event. Though most of the couples select a date of their convenience. Another majority still choose an auspicious date and time period. Select among the auspicious wedding date in 2022 mentioned below.

Pairs are made in heaven and tieing the knot should also take place by taking god’s blessings. Shouldn’t it?

We believe in providing you with the best information. Hence, we bring you authentic marriage dates that are auspicious in 2022 for Hindu weddings.

Hindu wedding dates 2022



auspicious wedding dates in 2022 January
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1.       20th January 2022 – Thursday


2.       27th January 2022 – Thursday


3.       28th January 2022 – Friday


1.       !5th January 2022 – Saturday


2.       23rd January 2022- Sunday


3.       29th January 2022 – Saturday

January will always remain a special month. It is a time perfect for new beginnings, don’t you think so? The beginning of a year with a partner is everyone’s dream. Pick a convenient date this month and host your big day in an auspicious way.

Auspicious wedding dates in 2022 -FEBRUARY

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1.       11th February 2022- Friday


2.       18th February 2022- Friday


3.       21st February 2022- Monday


4.       22nd February 2022- Tuesday



1.       5th February 2022 – Saturday


2.       6th February 2022 – Sunday


3.       19th February 2022 – Sunday

Everything is merry in February. Then why not your wedding?  The month of love is surely the best pick for your wedding. Get dressed up like royalty during this auspicious month. Choose a date from above and start planning now for your gala wedding.


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1.       25th March 2022- Friday



1.       26th march 2022 – Saturday

March weddings have a special place in everyone’s heart. The starting of the bright summer with generally pleasant weather is absolutely the best time to get hitched beneath the shining sky. Go for it!


Indian Weddings


1.       19th April 2022 – Tuesday


2.       21st April 2022 – Thursday


3.       22nd April 2022 – Friday


4.       28th April 2022 – Thursday



1.       17th April 2022 – Sunday


2.       23rd April 2022 – Saturday



April is a vibrant and happy month. Almost everyone is happy with no worries about work and school. Plenty of holidays, sunny summers, clear sky, and much more. Host a wedding in April with no stress and hustles. Have a happy april wedding!



Auspicious wedding dates in 2022 may
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1.       2nd May 2022 – Monday


2.       3rd May 2022 – Tuesday


3.       9th May 2022 – Monday


4.       10th May 2022 – Tuesday


5.       11th May 2022 – Wednesday


6.       12th May 2022 – Thursday


7.       13th May 2022 – Friday


8.       17th May 2022 – Tuesday


9.       18th May 2022 – Wednesday


10.   20th May 2022 – Friday


11.   25th May 2022 – Wednesday


12.   26th May 2022 – Thursday


13.   31st May 2022 – Tuesday




May is a month of joy and happiness. There are no better auspicious wedding dates in 2022 than in May. A lucky month for many with a pleasant climate. Many countries across the world have an ideal climate this month. So if you are planning a destination wedding outside, May would be the best pick as it is the month most likely to match the climate and the auspicious time. Monsoons are also mentioned in the auspicious wedding dates in 2022.

May you have a merry may wedding.

 Hindu wedding dates in 2022 June

Hindu wedding dates in 2022 june
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1.       6th June 2022- Monday


2.       8th June 2022 – Wednesday


3.       14th June 2022 – Tuesday


4.       15th June 2022 – Wednesday


5.       16th June 2022 – Thursday


6.       21st June 2022 – Tuesday


7.       22nd June 2022 – Wednesday



1.       11th June 2022 – Saturday


2.       12th June 2022 – Sunday

June is a joy! Get ready for a monsoon wedding. Let rain witness your auspicious moments. Truly a wedding in June is like god showering his blessings upon you. According to Hindu beliefs, this is one of the auspicious months to start something new and divine like two people getting hitched. Let your nuptial in this month be heavenly and beautiful!


Weddings in India


1.       5th July 2022 – Tuesday


2.       6th July 2022 – Wednesday


3.       8th July 2022 – Friday



1.       3rd July 2022 – Sunday

July is almost similar in climate to that of June. So if you don’t get to decide on any dates for June, go for July. In July you can witness breathtakingly beautiful coasts and beaches. Hence, if you plan an outdoor wedding with the beach as your idyllic backdrop, it is best to choose July.

Unfortunately, there are no auspicious wedding dates in August, September, and October


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1.       21ST November 2022 – Monday


2.       24th November 2022 – Thursday


3.       25th November 2022 – Friday



1.       27th November 2022 – Sunday

Almost everything must be set by now. Therefore November is regarded as a month to chill out. Then why not chill out at your own wedding? Since there are no auspicious dates in the previous three months you can plan a perfect one for November.

You will have more time for deciding on the dos and don’ts at your wedding. Yes! November is the best pick.

 Auspicious Wedding Dates in 2022 December



1.       2nd December 2022 – Friday


2.       7th December 2022 – Wednesday


3.       8th December 2022 – Thursday


4.       9th December 2022 – Friday


5.       14th December 2022 – Wednesday

December the month of never ending nights. Hold your grand wedding on any of these auspicious dates. So, you can start with your loved one in the coming new year. Yeah! Happily Celebrate with your Better half the next new year. For that get married in December! isn’t it a wonderful idea?

These are the auspicious wedding dates in 2022 to host your divine wedding next year. Plan your grand wedding with us. Blissful plans is always ready to plan the most amazing wedding with you. Hence, soon after you choose your date, come to us. we will give wings to your dream wedding and celebrate with flying colours!

Have a Happy Wedding!

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