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Indian Wedding Photographers You Must Know About

For an Indian wedding, the most important part is photography- it’s all about capturing moments and candids. It’s no longer a wedding celebration unless it has been shared on Instagram using hashtags, filters, stories and bookmarks.

indian photographer

Here we bring about wedding photographers who are guaranteed to make your ceremonies look aesthetically pleasing.

Indian weddings are usually very detailed and are more like a grand festival. These functions are usually bustling with numerous guests, intricate decorations, delicious food and a whole range of emotions.

Indian wedding photographers play a key role in managing Indian wedding photos for both pre and post-wedding shoots. These photographs display a tale of love waiting to be heard.

You’re getting married. We know you’re looking for an Indian wedding photographer and you are presented with so many options all around you, there are blogs, magazines and websites with a great variety of choices to pick from.

A photographer whose style fits with what you want for your wedding to look like.You need to create your wedding story that includes candid wedding photography, cinematography, videography which will stay with you forever!

A lot of people attend marriages, all decked up, trying to look their best. Therefore, with the right camera and lens, one can easily click hundreds and thousands of candid photographs of numerous people.

Wedding ceremonies are a blend of harmony, love, emotions and rituals. One’s wedding day is one of the most important days of their life. Apart from the catering, decorations, invitations and dresses, the most crucial thing is capturing all the minute details of the wedding ceremony.

Drunk uncles, dancing aunties, friends & cousins playing pranks on each other and what not! The bittersweet ceremony which occurs at the end of all this is Bidaai. It marks the farewell of the bride from her home. As the bride begins a new chapter of her life with her husband, all her relatives bless them for the upcoming adventure and incapturing those moments a photographer play an important role.

Every couple that wishes to tie the knot ensures that memorable moments are captured in a beautiful, authentic way.

A laughing face tells you that a person is celebrating. A teary eye tells you that a person is sobbing. But weddings are not about any one person, not even about just the couple. Weddings are about a lot of people coming together to witness something special. And when people come together, they interact. And that’s why they laugh and cry. And that’s why interactions tell stories!

Beyond photographing the most important wedding moments is to capture them with creativity.

Indian Wedding Portraits:

During the daytime it is essential to capture the bride and groom in their stunning wedding outfits. We usually begin with individual portraits of the bride in her traditional attire.

The Bride and the groom’s attire. We capture couples’ portraits and we know it is meant to be a perfect blend of attires and colours. Some portraits usually taken are traditional creative portraits as well as scenic, intimate, and natural photographs.

Whether it be in the morning, afternoon, or evening, in these images, we focus on capturing the romantic mood of the scene by utilizing the lights and the environment in the best possible way, such that it adds beauty to the pictures.


The Baraat is an integral part of an Indian Wedding. The excitement and craziness along with the dance and music make for lively and dynamic photography scenes. Whatever happens, we’ll be there to capture it all during the Baraat.

Jewellery, Shoes, Rings for Indian Weddings – It is essential to capture all all the painstakingly chosen accessories such the bride’s wedding jewellery, shoes, outfits and much more.

The Sangeet for an Indian Wedding is often more elaborate than an average wedding reception. It comprises of great toasts, performances, and candid moments which should ideally be preserved forever.

Our Indian wedding photographers also cover Mehendi functions as it allows us to get to know the bride’s family. They are also full of great candid moments, as friends and family gather to eat, catch up, and get dramatic photographs taken.

Others rituals/functions are:




Ganesh pooja

Hast Milap


And others which a photographer captures and makes a great album.

The same applies to reception,

By the time you see it, hundreds of your guests will already be in place. During the wedding reception, it’ll be our responsibility to capture all the exciting moments. For example, if a funny joke is being told, we’ll have our photographers ready to capture their reactions. If an emotional speech goes on, our cameras will be ready to capture the emotional moment with heartfelt details. Of course, other well-rehearsed dance moments must be captured to perfection.

Some of the famous Indian photographers with their wedding photographsIndian wedding photographer


Photography by NITIN DANGWAL from New Delhi
indian wedding photographer
Photography by MANISH PATEL from New Delhi
indian wedding photographer
Photography by ANKITA ASTHANA from Mumbai

Why Contact Us Before Hiring Indian Wedding Photographers? 

Though Indian wedding ceremonies are spiritual, they’re also filled with countless emotional and candid moments. Our style is to get a unique combination of wide-angle photos and close up shots from a variety of angles, while anticipating smiles and emotional moments during Indian wedding ceremonies (such as in case of wedding receptions).

We have tied up with photographers, we can get it done professionally, and this is covered under wedding planning so it can be arranged for you if you plan your wedding with us.

Contact our team to know more.

-Khushi Masarani

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