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getting married in Rhodes Greece

Destination wedding In Rhodes Greece


Host a destination wedding in Rhodes island. Rhodes is the largest of the Greece Dodecanese islands. Known for its splendid beaches, ancient ruins, and beach resorts. Because of Its Gothic and Ottoman structure, Rhodes has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you are planning for a two-in-one wedding, then this is the best pick indeed.

Destination wedding in Rhodes island

It offers you a fairy tale beach wedding or a wedding amid majestic ruins. Plan a historical wedding as memorable as this heritage. This place is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan vibes and medīeal structure. Rhodes is also known as the “knights” island.

This place is unique in many ways. Hence, host your wedding as unique as this place.

Note: –

So, If you have decided to have the wedding in Rhodes island. Note the following: –

  • Rhodes is blessed with 300 days of sunshine. Hence, you will have better weather here than in your own city.
  • You have to be aware of the venues where civil marriages are allowed and not.
  • Archeological sites are forbidden for photography sessions and cannot be used as wedding venues. You need not worry there are plenty of architectural wonders that resemble these ruins.
  • First, you may have an official ceremony in the town hall. Where only two witnesses are allowed. But you can have a blast on your unofficial nuptial ceremonies.
  • Most destination wedding couples opt for civil weddings. Where The mayor of the town officiates your wedding.
  • There is numerous paperwork to be done before the wedding. Hence, be sure that you reach the destination before and have done all necessary arrangements.
  • Some of the documents include- Birth certificate, Certificate of No Impediment, Apostille stamp, Newspaper publication, etc.
  • If you are having a Greek Orthodox wedding. It is likely to happen at a church beside a priest. You should also carry a Baptism certificate.

Therefore, look at everything before you choose a destination. Here, we provide you with some of the most sophisticated venues. Those are ideal to host your dream wedding. It is best to choose a wedding planner in Rhodes island to ensure fine services.


Rhodes offers stunning venues to host your wedding in any style.

Lindos Wedding

Lindos is truly the best option for couples who dream of a fairy-tale wedding in Rhodes island. The vibrant landscapes, Bright sky, and picturesque beaches all add much more beauty to your already gorgeous wedding. There are a plethora of wedding venues that offer premium services and an idyllic backdrop here. From Lindos Mare to Lindian Village. You are sure to enjoy every bit of the moment spread here.

wedding planners in rhodes island

Lindos Mare Hotel

A place filled with aesthetic views of the Acropolis and surrounded by sandy beaches and vibrant Villages. Located 3km away from this beautiful scenario is the luxury boutique hotel, Lindo Mare Hotel. Enjoy pleasant views with a panoramic view of the Lindos village. With impeccable hospitality and world-class services, this place will surely give you a splendid experience.

Wedding venues in Rhodes


Venus Garden

Imagine your dream wedding amid a lush garden and blossoming flowers. It is truly a treat for the eyes with an idyllic backdrop of sandy beaches and sea.

wedding planners in rhodes island


Cocktail Veranda

Host a private party with candlelights, flowers, and balloons with views of Vlycha Bay. This place can accommodate up to 45 guests.

Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea, Lindos Princess Beach Hotel is one of the exquisite sets up to host a perfect gala wedding. Indeed a Wedding in Rhodes island can never be better than this!

Rhodes Weddings

From small gatherings to big fat weddings, are all possible here. Change your dream wedding into a reality in this charming resort. Different packages like Emeralds, Diamonds, Rubi, and Sapphires are present. You can choose any of those and enjoy specialized services. This vibrant venue can hold up to 70 guests. Best services include flowers, celebratory cuisine, bespoke services, and much more.

Lindian Village

Number one wedding hotel to host your grand wedding in the most celebratory way. Surrounding stunning locations and picturesque backdrops.

wedding planners in Rhodes island

It offers a plethora of outdoor locations to have a dreamy beach wedding and fine restaurants to host a premium dining experience. Also, spend quality time with your partner post-wedding here.

AquaGrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort

A luxurious resort in the land of Lindos with plenty of services. Host your grand wedding in Greece here at Aquagrand Exclusive Deluxe Resort.

Weddings in Rhodes island

Choose from one of the three packages they offer and they will take care of the rest. Aqua Pearl Wedding,  Aqua Marine Wedding, Aqua Azzur Wedding. Each package offers common as well as unique facilities. For instance, wedding gazebos, beach weddings, wedding cakes, flowers, music, etc. They even design marvelous wedding rings, especially for you. This is one of the best wedding venues in Greece.

Princess Andriana Resort and Spa

It is one of the best wedding venues in Rhodes. Unfold a romantic wedding in this gorgeous landscape. Princess Andriana Resort and Spa gives you personalized services and facilities.

Rhodes Weddings

They guarantee you a spectacular wedding to remember for a lifetime. Its exclusive features include a spa and salon, Sumptuous cuisines, and a romantic honeymoon. Your personalized wedding planners in Rhodes island will give you wonders. Get ready for a wedding of a lifetime at this stunning place. Enjoy a beach wedding that can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Kallithea Spring

Looking for a dreamy wedding venue in Greece? A place with sophisticated views and aesthetics- Kallithea Spring is surely a guaranteed place for your dream wedding and ideal photography.

Capture every single moment of your wedding ceremony with an elegant and stylish backdrop. This Italian architecture with a touch of  Moorish flavor will bring about a unique destination of majestic beauty. For your nuptial ceremony, you can have around 28 guests at Kallithea Spring. Enjoy relishing delicacies, the best bespoke services, and much more here.

Rodos Palace

Enjoy a heavenly wedding at this extravagant luxury palace. Be it a small intimate ceremony or a vibrant party. Everything is possible here.

Wedding planner in Rhodes

Jupiter Ballroom as the name suggests is the largest banquet hall with imperial Murano chandeliers and stunning upholstery. It can accommodate a huge number of your guests. That is up to 1300 guests. You are sure to enjoy the unique gourmet with relishing tastes. Premium services and warm-hearted hospitality are also a plus of Rodos Palace. We’re wedding planners in Rhodes island and we do have tie-ups with top wedding venues in Rhodes, contact us for wedding packages.

Olympic Palace Hotel and Convention Centre

At Olympic Palace, you are sure to have the best wedding in Greece. There is nothing less than perfect here. Personalized wedding packages and premium hospitality are all the heart and soul of the Olympics. They offer you impressive services at your wedding and reception.

They also offer gold wedding packages as well as platinum wedding packages. The former’s exclusive services include a gorgeous bouquet, wedding cake for up to 20 guests, wedding decorations, and much more. While the latter includes spa treatment, wedding cakes, photography, etc. The banquet hall can hold up to 300 guests or a floating capacity of 350 guests. Cocktail areas can accommodate 500 guests and is ideal for hosting the reception. Have a splendid wedding at Olympic Palace Hotel and Convention Center.

We have given you the best ideas and stunning venues to host your big day on this splendid island of Rhodes. You will be surely mesmerized by the scenic views of this place. Destination weddings are all about the details. Plan a Wedding in Rhodes island with Blissful plans. As wedding planners in Rhodes island also ensure that you have the best experience with our creative ideas and premium services.

May you have the wedding of your dreams! For other International wedding destinations, click here.

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