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Best Beaujolais area and Lyon Wedding Venues

The Charming and Rustic ambiance radiated from the Lyon Wedding venues will be forever rememberable. The stone walls, wooden beams, and cozy fireplaces with the traditional and elegant style of venues make it stand out. Overall, wedding venues in Lyon and the Beaujolais region blend countryside charm and French sophistication.
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Chateau Bagnols

Chateau Bagnols is situated just 40 minutes away from the city of Lyon. It is in the heart of Beaujolais and Golden stone country.

This beautiful venue is surrounded by moats, towers, and a drawbridge and is nestled in a  vineyard its a beautiful and timeless elegance. Explore the Manicured French gardens, roman pools, and Spa where the tradition blends in with luxury.

Host your wedding in Roman Basin, in the garden, or among the 116 cherry trees. Enjoy delish dinners with up to 150 guests. The venue also accommodates guests in 25 luxurious suites.

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The Palais de la Bourse Lyon

The Palais de la Bourse is located in the center of Lyon and it’s a historical monument. It offers beautiful five spaces for your wedding and can accommodate up to 1500 guests.

The main space- of this wedding venue is The Salle de la Corbeille and it is also the centerpiece of the building. This jewel of architecture is beautifully illuminated by natural light in the daytime and atmospherically lit in the evening. Another Space  Salles des Agents de Change is often used in a conjunction with the main room. It is one of the most sought-after Lyon wedding venues by Couples.

lyon wedding venues

Château de Pizay

Located in the heart of the Beaujolais region, you will be marveled at the expertise of wedding services here. The Chateau is surrounded by large shady trees and beautiful vineyards and houses a Spa, creating a perfect ambiance for your wedding day. They have a bar and gourmet restaurant and even service a grand arrival by helicopter. It is one of the best wedding venues in Beaujolais.

The Château de Gilly

The romantic vibes of this french historical building surrounded by vineyards are perfect for a lavish wedding. They also have a French and Buccolic garden which serves as a perfect cocktail spot. They have stylish banquets adaptable to your wedding style.

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