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destination wedding in Santorini

Wedding In Santorini

Santorini Island located on the southern side of the Aegean Sea in Greece is a part of the Cyclades island complex. A land known for its stunning caldera, romantic beaches, aesthetic sunset is truly a dream destination for getting hitched. A wedding in Santorini is truly heavenly.

destination wedding in santorini greece


Planning a destination wedding in Santorini
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When you look on to the mythological architectures and picturesque villages of Santorini. You will be able to sense a trail of happiness and peace. Hence it is so much perfect for you.

If you want a magnificent dream destination for your big fat wedding. Go for Santorini!

What is the best time to get married in Santorini?

Most of the time Santorini’s breath-taking views are intact. Santorini has pleasant weather for 8 months of the year and the best and ideal time to get married here is from April to October. In these months you can feel the warmth of the lands beneath and the bright sky above.

What are the most important legal formalities for foreigners to get married in Santorini?

Like any other place in Greece, you need to get the marriage license approved by your concerned consulate. In the case of religious marriage, this license is provided by the priest. You must also have a valid passport, attested birth certificate copy. Search for detailed legal formalities required to get married in Santorini thoroughly.

There are numerous splendid locations on this beautiful island where you can host your big fat wedding, be it a beach wedding or a royal ballroom wedding.




Imagine your wedding in a dreamy land! how splendid it will be. Yes! the place is right here at Dana Villas. It offers you picturesque views of Caldera and Santorini sunset.

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So, if you want to pick up a spot for your secluded intimate wedding. Or a wedding reception in Greece. This is the right place.

Dana Villas can accommodate up to 36 guests. The wedding venue indeed gives you panoramic views of Caldera and sunsets. In-house chairs, curtains, and decor, etc.

Be ready for a splendid party with music and dance here.

Relishing cuisines, delicious cakes, soothing beverages are all available under the roof.



Magical weddings are not just in dreams. It can happen right here at Theros Beach Bar. An exquisite setting of breathtaking beach views. Imagine owing to each other under the full moon!

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It is ideal to host a wedding or reception and have a seating capacity of 200.

There are no personalized wedding services. You can have your own wedding planners. There are several packages and relative duration. You have to choose any one of the packages to host the wedding.

In-house catering is available for up to 40 guests. You can have an outside vendor for your big fat wedding.

While DJ and music are played throughout the event.

Hence, you can have a wedding as unique as your own in this magical venue.


Dreaming about an ideal wedding? Santo Winery gives you a splendid backdrop of the scene volcano and cerulean Aegean sea. It is one of the most popular wedding venues on Santorini Island.

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This stunning venue included rich decoration, a Wedding Gazebo with a white veil, white Chiavari chairs. In-house DJ, etc.

Santo Winery holds up to 120 guests in a seating banquet. The prices are charged by the hour.

Therefore, Have a splendid and Grand wedding here!


The scenic ambiance and marvelous views of the Island from Pyrgos Restaurant will surely melt your heart and soul. It was established around 20 years ago. So enjoy your wedding with experienced hands.

Wedding in Santorini
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It provides four unique sites to host your wedding. Each different from the other. You can have an indoor or outdoor wedding according to your preference. Lush gardens and scenic views are plus outdoor sights. While contemporary infrastructure with modern services is for indoor events.

Outdoor can host a party for up to 150 guests. Upstairs up to 60 guests. Downstairs for 500 and ground floor for 100 persons.


Get ready for a nuptial out of the fairy tale. With Breathtaking views of the caldera and Aegean sea and twinkling stars, Canaves Oia will surely make your wedding a Fairy tale.

wedding in Santorini at Canaves oia
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Wedding ceremonies are hosted on a balcony with splendid views. It can hold up to  30 guests.


Santorini gem is an estate surrounding lush gardens and immense trees. With majestic views and thrilling ambiance.

Santorini greece wedding
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It offers indoor banquet areas and outdoor stunning sites to host your wedding. Besides it is held on the terrace or poolside the venue can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Truly an amazing place with delicious delicacies, music, and dance.

Have the joy of a lifetime!


This spectacular sight is truly located beside Baxedes Beach. With the views of Majestic, Aegian sea holds your hands and takes a vow.

Santorini wedding venues - laze Santorini
Wedding Santorini

Wedding ceremonies are held at the beachfront deck of the poolside. For instance. Also, other features include convenient parking, In-house catering. Open bar, DJ services, etc.

Laze Santorini can accommodate up to 350 guests.

Have the wedding of your dream here indeed.


A truly crystal clear scenic view of the Caldera and volcano is a specialty of Caldera’s Dolphins. Therefore, Enjoy modern services and technologies like video conferencing and much more indeed.

Santorini wedding venues - Caldera dolphins

This place warm-heartedly welcomes up to 60 guests.

Other services include splendid views, DJ services. Dining, Bar and Buffet areas, parking spaces, etc.


Santorini Island will be always the best choice for your dream wedding. Also, we blissfully plan to add more hues to your splendid ceremonies. Hence, we take care of all your wedding commitments in the most sincere and best way.

Blissful plan wishes you to have a wedding as unique as you.

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