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Destination Wedding in Seville, Spain


Have you ever dreamt of a destination wedding in Seville, Spain? Then you are at the right place! One of the best dreamy places to get married is in Seville, Spain. Seville, known for its passion and charm, touches everyone’s lives with its grace, and romantic grandeur. Moreover, the Spanish guitar music of its streets, and dainty foods which makes it more special. As well as enjoy the famous flamenco dancing and architectural designs of Seville.

Undoubtedly, let it be the city or the countryside, there is no crunch for entertainment or beauty. It lies beside the left bank of the Guadalquivir river, north of the Atlantic Ocean and southwest of Madrid.

Also, the luxury wedding venues in Seville are ineffable. Especially there are traditional, magnificent, and stylish venues with great ambience for your wedding in Seville. Seville weddings on sunny days with golden hours and relaxed nights make the journey remembered for a lifetime. Undeniably, it will be dreamy and perfect!

We Blissful Plans are an Indian wedding planner in Spain. We help couples to find their dream destination and customise their wedding day. Undoubtedly will provide the best service and experience for our lovely couples. Further, Contact us for more details!


May, June, and September are the peak time with pleasant temperatures where Days are warm, with plenty of sunshine perfect for weddings.


  • From Heathrow, UK it’s 2 hours 40 mins journey to Seville.
  • New York, it’s a 9+ hour journey to Seville.
  • From San Francisco, California it’s a 13+ journey.
  • Miami, Florida it’s an 11+ hour journey to Seville.
  • From New Delhi to Seville it’s a 15-hour journey, from Mumbai it’s a 19-hour journey and from Chennai, it’s a 17-hour journey to Seville.


Seville is a Romantic city with much love, we are here to help you find the Luxury wedding venues in Seville you have ever dreamed of.

  • Hotel Alfonso XIII

Host your destination wedding in Seville at Hotel Alfonso XIII to experience luxury. Moreover, all rooms and suites are decorated in Castilian, Moorish style and furnished with magnificent comfort which provides luxury experiences.

It offers Four Ballrooms on the ground floor with daylight and access to terraces. Also, Four modern rooms on the garden level are the perfect setup for smaller functions. And the Torreón terrace, Sevillian inner courtyard, and vast gardens are ideal for Weddings. Also, It offers an array of Ballrooms for weddings such as :

  • The Royal Ballroom- can accommodate 350 people for cocktails and 250 for banquets.
  •  Cartuja Ballroom – which can accommodate 120 guests for cocktails and 100 for banquets.
  • Andalucía Ballroom -which can accommodate 150 persons for cocktails and 100 persons for banquets.
  • Híspalis Ballroom-which can accommodate 200 persons for cocktails and 180 persons for banquets.

Besides hosting, they also offer 126 guestrooms and 22 luxurious suites for accommodation. Especially, the most deluxe accommodations are the Torreón Suite, the Reales Alcázares Suite, and the Royal Suite. Summing up, this is an exquisite wedding venue in Seville to celebrate with your family and friends.


  • Villa Luisa

Villa Luisa, One of the best wedding venues in Seville is the perfect choice for any Social, Corporate, or Wedding Event. Further, they offer Unique event spaces and picturesque gardens, making it more special for your Big day! It offers :

  • Courtyard of columns which is ideal for wedding ceremonies and receptions.
  • Hall of Lions which is suitable for receptions and banquets
  • Tapestry hall for receptions.
  • Crystal hall for receptions and Banquets.
  • Yard for the ceremony, reception, and banquets.
  • Paradise plant for pre-event preparations.

Host your wedding in Seville at Villa Luisa without a doubt and create beautiful memories with your loved ones!

  • Casa de Guardiola

Celebrate your destination wedding in Seville in style with Casa de Guardiola! It offers inside and outside spaces for celebrations.

  • Patio de Columnas, loggia, y jardín Outside space offers up to 186 people.
  • 285 persons can be accommodated in salones de fachada, salón del patio, and Comedor.
  • For cocktails, it offers space on the first floor we can accommodate up to 450 guests.

Plan your perfect wedding undeniably in this exquisite location which is the historic centre of Seville.


  • Casa de Pilatos

Casa de Pilatos is one of the most beautiful wedding venues in Seville. It has a combined style of Gothic, Mudéjar, and Italian Renaissance styles with its long corridors, wooden doors, and chapels making a unique statement.

Significantly, it has a picturesque colourful palace garden in Italian style. It can accommodate 90 guest diners, and up to 50 can fit in the chapel. To sum up, Casa Pilatos also has a fresco room for 120 people, a small room for 30, and garages for 250 seats. Altogether it’s a truly exceptional place to celebrate your wedding in Seville!

  • Casa 1800

It is located in the old town of Seville Casa 1800 a stone’s throw away from La Giralda, Seville Cathedral, and Barrio de Santa Cruz. It offers family rooms and guest rooms.

Provided that, Seville’s traditional tapas bars, Taberna Alvaro Peregil and Bodega Santa Cruz are on the doorstep which is perfect entertainment for your guests.


  • Palacio Bucarelli

Palacio Bucarelli is located in the historic centre of Seville and in the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo. And close to the Museum of Fine arts Espacio Santa Clara and the Alameda de Hercules. It is a unique space with lavish decor for all the Celebrations which makes it more memorable.

The Garden Room and Teodosio room can accommodate up to 220 guests with music and an open bar. Also, it offers to stay in at Penthouse with Terrace, an Apartment with 2 floors, a Deluxe apartment, and many more. Especially you can choose accommodation according to your guest list.

Want to host your destination wedding in Seville at a magnificent place, then look no further. Undoubtedly,it is One of the best wedding venues in Seville for your dream wedding!


  • Hacienda Los Angeles

Hacienda Los Angeles is the most beautiful wedding place with exquisite architecture . And ofcourse, it is best suitable for weddings with classic style décor. It offers 5 halls and 4 large landscaped patios for Weddings.

  • Courtyard of Labor-350 guests.
  • Garden of 2 Heights-350 guests.
  • Patio de Los Arcos-200 guests.
  • Garden of the Pheasants350 guests.
  • Garden of the Fountain350 guests.
  • Wood room100 guests.
  • Hall of Stained Glass350 guests.
  • Hall of the Arches-350 guests.
  • Mill Hall-200 guests.
  • Silo Ship Yard-250 guests.


  • Bellasombra House

You are greeted into Bellasombra house by the beauty and tranquillity along with the fragrance of citrus, lavender, and herbs of the Gardens. Isn’t this a magical place for your destination wedding in Seville? It’s a perfect place to host unforgettable events as you are surrounded by the enchanting style of garden escape.

Wedding venues in Bellasomra House :

  • The scented garden has -Capacity of  75 guests.
  • The formal garden has -Capacity of 100 guests.
  • the Magnolia court capacity of 200 guests.
  • The green capacity of 250 guests.
  • The indoor lounge and dining – Capacity of 100 guests.
  • The ombu capacity of 350 guests.
  • The wisteria retreat with a capacity of 100 guests.

All things considered, the overall capacity of Bellasombra house is 100 guests inside and 250 guests outside. It has 2 wonderful suites, well equipped, and Apartments for stays.


  • Hacienda Molinillos

Hacienda Molinillos is a unique location and combination of Olive grove Hacienda along with modern facilities.

Moreover, make your wedding special by surrounding yourself with Orange and Olive trees. It’s just a few minutes away from the centre of Seville and the airport. The first of these spaces offers a courtyard with a capacity of 270 guests. This courtyard can be expanded to 370 guests by extending the roof of the arcade by renting a neoprene sail.

The second space is a celebration room with a capacity of up to 415 guests. The third space, attached to the celebrations room, is a fully covered gazebo. It also offers a private garden with a beautiful backdrop where the couple can enjoy their wedding photoshoot. Above all, it is a beautiful wedding venue in Seville, which you must never miss!


  • Monclova Castle

La Monclova Castle is situated in the countryside. The chapel boasts a Castilian-style altarpiece dating from the 16th century. Evidently, it’s a magical place for Weddings in Seville.

Plan your destination wedding in Seville here with your family and friends. Especially when you’re surrounded by such beauty it’s gonna be a dazzling & memorable moment.


  • Hotel Cortijo Torre de la Reina

Hotel Cortijo Torre de la Reina is a truly historic location, within an ancient castle. It is located just 20 mins away from Seville centre.

Especially, it has a humongous garden which is considered to be the biggest private garden in Seville. Moreover being private it is the most beautiful wedding venue in Seville for your celebration. The wedding venue offers a capacity of  25 to 500 guests.


  • Hacienda de Oran

Get married in Seville, Hacienda de Oran is a historic 17th-century venue just a few minutes away from Seville. Enjoy your special day surrounded by nature, fountains, Andalusian patios, and welcoming spaces with exquisite decorations.

Hacienda de Oran beautifully lits up at night and it offers a capacity of up to 500 guests for outdoor festivities.


  • Finca Majaloba

Finca Majaloba is the perfect space for weddings in Seville. With its unique natural setting and has 6 places for different moments of the celebration of your big day. It belongs to 13 – century and is located at the banks of Guadalquivir.

It’s just 15 mins away from the centre of Seville and offers a capacity of 350 guests. Whereas, it offers six open-air and three roofed that allow you to organise any type of event. From intimate to elaborate weddings, receptions, cocktails, meals, and dancing, Finca Majabola has you covered.

Open-air spaces:

  • Main Garden-Capacity: 400 seated or 600 standing.
  • Courtyard-Capacity: 220 seated or 330 standing.
  • Orange Garden -Capacity: 300 seated or 450 standing.
  • Jacaranda Garden-Capacity: 250 seated.
  • Pool Garden-Capacity: 250 standing.
  • Shade Garden-Capacity: 200 standing.

Roofed spaces:

  • Carriage Wing-Capacity: 325 seated or 490 standing.
  • South Wing-Capacity: 120 seated or 160 standing.
  • Colonnade-Capacity: 120 standing.

Open spaces allow for any number of guests as the couple desires. But more than 325 guests (seated) are not recommended in any of the covered spaces. Undoubtedly, One of the finest wedding venues in Seville offers an array of venues that gives options for couples to choose from.



  • Hacienda Los Molinos de Maestre

 Hacienda Los Molinos del Maestre is one of the most important haciendas of all those that were developed in Seville & its surroundings. Also,it has ample outdoor space and beautiful interior facilities which makes it a perfect spot for your dream wedding.

Oil Mill Hall, Large interior Gallery Nave del Molino offers a capacity for 450 guests. Additionally, courtyards offer incredible spaces for outdoor weddings. On the whole, it is one of the royal places where you can host your destination wedding in Seville!


  • Ronda Mountain Resort

Ronda Mountain Resort provides a bespoke luxury for your Wedding with stunning interiors. Moreover, it is blended with traditional architecture with modern furnishings and offers seven-bedroom estates. It is located in the very heart of the Serranía de Ronda foothills.

And surrounded by nature reserves, mountains, and small creeks that crisscross the farm. Also, enjoy being surrounded by Almond trees, holm oaks, olive trees, and Mediterranean brush, and forget the city life. Celebrate, with a vibrant and sophisticated ambience that sets the perfect tone for getting married in Seville.

As well as, Rosero, the main house has a  capacity for 200 guests. And Serrano, the farmhouse is ideal for intimate weddings. Additionally, luxury accommodation for guests can be done at La villa and La Casita.


  • Parador de Carmona

Destination wedding in Seville at Parador de Carmona will be full of Beauty and tranquillity. Firstly, it offers a spectacular view of the countryside and the carbones river.

Also, its Morrish architecture boasts a fabulous design and details in every nook and corner of the central courtyard. Showcasing its original stonework and a Spacious terrace, its stands out. Only one wedding is celebrated per day and Civil weddings can be performed here.

This wedding venue in Seville offers a Capacity: of 10 – 180 guests and stays accommodation can be done for 123 guests.

  • Hacienda la Morena

Hacienda la Morena is a traditional Andalusian property.Further, it showcases stylish rooms with seasonal outdoor swimming pools. Ofcourse, it’s a breathtakingly beautiful and elegant venue located in the Sevillian countryside.

Moreover, it has  Moorish architecture like friezes and colourful archways and has a picturesque way surrounded by olive groves.


  • Palacio Montellanos

Palacio Montellanos is one of the finest country homes in Seville. It is situated 59 km from Seville, it’s a beautiful space and the perfect venue to get married in Seville. Celebrate with your family and friends at this grandeur place.

As well as it has 7 large bedroom suites with an outdoor space which makes it great for private spaces. Besides, it also offers 2 Honeymoon suites where you can enjoy dreamy sunsets.


As well as, there are many wedding venues in Seville that can be explored:

  • Eme Catedral Mercer Hotel
  • Hotel Mercer Sevilla,
  • Palacio de Villapanes,
  • Corral del Rey and Casa del Poeta are great for weddings in Seville.

We are a wedding planner in Spain, and we offer you a memorable experience and full-service wedding planning throughout Spain! Get in touch with us for more details on Seville wedding packages.

Check out Our Destination wedding in Spain &  if you are planning an Indian destination wedding in Seville, Spain or any other location feel free to get in touch with us.

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