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Destination Wedding in Algarve

Are you planning to have a luxury destination wedding in Algarve? What a wonderful decision! Located in the southernmost region of Portugal, the Algarve is known for its stunning coastline, unique cliff faces, and fantastic weather. Many couples are known to choose this region as they seek a combination of natural beauty, cultural charm, and extravagant ceremony. You’ll find many luxury wedding venues like upscale hotels, resorts, and private villas in the Algarve. From luxurious beach weddings in the Algarve to quaint churches tucked away in the hills, there are plenty of options when it comes to planning your dream wedding in Portugal. Over the years, in the Algarve wedding villas have really gained popularity for being perfect for an intimate luxurious destination wedding. Well, whatever you choose just to know it is going to be fun and an exciting ceremony.  

Getting married in the Algarve is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the couple and the guest. We, Blissful Plans, wish to play our part in making this journey a wonderful one so that you can enjoy every second of it. We are international destination wedding planners who provide bespoke services in the Algarve. Contact us for more details! Our services include complete planning and arranging everything you need. 

  • For your destination wedding in Algarve, we provide wedding packages that are tailored to your needs. 
  • Right from selecting the venue, and accommodation for guests to caterers we recommend and finalize it all. You will also find support in dealing with the terms of the contract with all the vendors and suppliers. 
  • We create mood boards and 3D walkthroughs, to help you bring your vision to life in terms of themes and decors. We plan all the intricate details that will make your ceremony one of a kind. 

Let’s start with how you’ll go about the wedding in Algarve. We will take you through everything you need to know before you set out to tie the knot in this spectacular location. 

Wedding Venues in Algarve

Best Time To Get Married In Algarve

One of the most important steps in having the best destination wedding in the Algarve is to choose the time of the year that is best suited for you. This region has a fabulous Mediterranean climate with over 3,000 hours of sunshine per year, so, you have plenty of days to choose from. 

May, June, July, August, and September remain a public favorite to host weddings in Algarve, Portugal. The temperatures are warm coupled with long days. The chances of rain are at an all-time low. Getting married in the Algarve during this time leaves you with an opportunity to have an indoor or an outdoor ceremony. These months are also considered the best to host a luxurious Indian destination wedding in Algarve as you’ll not have to worry about being too hot from heavy clothing or jewellery or get exhausted from ceremony running for days. 

If you are planning a beach wedding in the Algarve, July and August are the best months. You can catch clear skies and pleasant breeze during this time. 

While Springs, Autumns, and Winters are not too bad either, they hold higher chances of rain. Given the popularity of the summer months, for luxurious destination weddings, it is best that you consult the wedding planner and go ahead with planning your ceremony in the Algarve at the earliest. 

Location & Connectivity Details

Algarve is accessible by air, road, and rail. It is also quite convenient to reach various wedding venues in Portugal and Algarve through such modes of transportation. 

If you are flying from abroad, go to Faro International Airport. Located about 4kms away from the capital, Faro of Algarve, this airport serves many destinations across the world.  

Once you are at the airport, you can reach your wedding venues in Portugal or specifically in Algarve with ease. The transport includes airport shuttles, buses, and hire taxies. We believe the most hassle-free option for you and your guests would be car hire. There are various companies around the airport that allow you to hire care to move around the region. 

Legal Procedures To Get Married In Algarve

You might be wondering, how to get married in Algarve. Well, you must keep two things in mind to host a successful destination wedding in the Algarve: The planning and meeting legal requirements 

As wedding planners with expertise in hosting International ceremonies in locations such as the Algarve, we have listed the requirements you must meet to be eligible to marry in the Algarve. 

  • Birth certificates: These must be newly issued, at least within six months of the ceremony. These papers must have the full name of the parents. 
  • Passports: Passports you provide should have an expiry date of more than 6 months after your wedding. 
  • In the case of residents: Your resident card is enough to prove your eligibility. 
  • If this is not the first marriage, divorce papers or death certificates of the previous partners must be submitted. 
  • Both the partners must be at least 16 years of age. However, you need parents written consent if the partners are less than 18 years old. 

You can only marry in Algarve according to Portuguese law. Here, the law allows one to either marry under a civil or catholic ceremony. 

Civil Ceremonies: 

You can host the ceremony officiated by a celebrant at the registrar’s office or a wedding venue of your choice in Algarve.  

While no license is required for wedding venues like hotels, or private villas in Algarve, a beach wedding can only be conducted after obtaining a license from the maritime police. 

Any other religious wedding other than catholic one needs to have a civil ceremony to be legally recognized. 

Catholic Ceremonies:

Catholic Ceremonies are legally binding in Algarve. You will have to provide some extra documents and need permission from Bishop’s parish office. 

  • Your Parish Priest or Bishop of the Parish must grant permission for the wedding through a formal letter 
  • All certificates of baptism, first communion, and confirmation, along with the Prenuptial inquiry form by the bishop are also required. 
  • In case one of the partners is not Catholic, a local priest must issue “Permission of mixed religions,” to testify that a Portuguese church can host the wedding. 

Beach wedding in Algarve

A beach wedding in the Algarve is a dream come true. The picturesque coastline provides the perfect backdrop for your big day.

Praia de Marinha

One of the most stunning beaches is Praia de Marinha, with dramatic sea cliffs, turquoise waters, and soft white sand. At low tide, secret caves and arches are revealed along the shore. For a dramatic ceremony, say your vows atop the cliffs overlooking the sea. At sunset, the sky ignites in oranges and pinks for an unforgettable photography session.

Private wedding villas

For an intimate celebration, rent a private villa with sea views and direct beach access. Some offer wedding packages so you can get ready, and have the ceremony and reception all in one place. No transportation is required for you or your guests! A villa wedding gives you the flexibility to create your perfect day.


A highlight of any Algarve wedding is the amazing food. Fresh seafood, like grilled fish, garlic shrimp, and clams, is a must. Traditional dishes like cataplana, a seafood stew, and amêijoas à Bulhão Pato, clams in garlic and olive oil, are also popular. For dessert, almond cakes, cinnamon rice pudding, or figs with cheese are delicious options. And you can’t go wrong with a port or Madeira wine toast!

With scenic beaches, private villas, and incredible food, the Algarve has all the makings for an unforgettable destination wedding. Your guests will surely thank you for bringing them to this little slice of paradise.

Best wedding venues in Algarve

The Algarve region in southern Portugal is home to some of the most stunning wedding venues and luxury villas you’ll find anywhere. The picturesque coastline, whitewashed villages, and Moorish architecture make for an unforgettable backdrop on your special day.

Many couples choose to have a destination wedding at a private villa in the Algarve. You can rent a spacious villa with manicured gardens, an infinity pool, and panoramic views of the sea. Some villas come with event spaces already set up for weddings and receptions. Hosting your wedding at a villa gives you the flexibility to customize everything to your liking. Your guests will surely appreciate having a luxury villa as their home base for the wedding week.

For a dreamy oceanfront wedding, consider venues located right on the Algarve’s stunning beaches. Many beach clubs, resorts and hotels offer wedding packages with a ceremony space overlooking the sea. The gentle sounds of the waves lapping at the shore and the salty sea breeze set a peaceful, romantic ambiance for exchanging your vows. Beachfront receptions under the stars are what destination wedding dreams are made of.

If you prefer a more traditional chapel wedding, the Algarve has some lovely options. Historic chapels with Moorish architecture, mosaics, and courtyards provide a unique Mediterranean backdrop that your guests won’t soon forget. Some chapels even have beautiful gardens, patios and event spaces for an outdoor reception. A chapel wedding in the Algarve offers old world charm with a dramatic coastal setting.

From clifftop monasteries and beachfront resorts to countryside retreats and historic chapels, the Algarve is a treasure trove of picturesque places to say “I do”. Tie the knot in this Mediterranean paradise and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. A destination wedding in the Algarve is sure to be an unforgettable start to your new adventure together.


Casa Monte Cristo Collection

Located in the Western Algarve region of Lagos, this villa offers an incredible setting for your wedding in Algarve. It offers picturesque grounds with idyllic villa ceremonies with sea views.

Wedding Venues in Algarve

Quinta Das Oliveiras

Quinta Das Oliveiras is a large country estate with an ideal setting for weddings in Algarve Portugal. It is located in Western Algarve and offers exterior space.

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Casa Monte Cristo Collection

Located in the Western Algarve region of Lagos, this villa offers an incredible and tranquil setting for your wedding in Algarve Portugal.

It offers picturesque grounds with idyllic villa ceremonies with sea views. It also offers a Large sun terrace, pool, and BBQ area where you and your guests can relax. It can accommodate up to 120  guests.

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Quinta Das Oliveiras

Quinta Das Oliveiras is a large country estate with an ideal setting for weddings in Algarve Portugal. It is located in Western Algarve and offers exterior space and a designer interior. It is one of the best wedding venues in the Algarve.

It has a Pool terrace that can accommodate up to 180 guests featuring a stylish exterior. For elaborate weddings, it can be held on the tennis court with marquees that can accommodate up to 300 guests.

Wedding Venues in Algarve
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