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Looking for the best Corporate Event Planning & Management Company in Gurgaon?

Corporate event planning & management is not a simple task, but we know how to make it simpler! We are known to be the best Corporate Events Planning Company in Gurgaon/Delhi and are located in the corporate hub to make things easier.

Corporate Events are formal social gathering. These are of various types, the purpose and goal differ from company to company. The number of attendees also varies from tens, hundreds, or even thousands.

Usually, corporate events are associated with arrangements of meetings, and these meetings maybe for product launch, annual meetings, discussion on company growth, to educate about their company, and many more. Although meetings and conferences are  major events in offices but, corporate event planning is not merely confined to these.

 When we hear meetings, involuntarily we attribute it to boredom.  But we at Blissful plans will make sure that your corporate events are not lackluster and boring.


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Corporate event planning & management goes much beyond meeting planning. Planning and executing a successful corporate event is not so simple & it needs a skilled team. Typically it takes from  a month to few months to plan the process consisting of several stages and a variety of organizational steps.

Team Blissful Plans is undoubtedly the best corporate events planning company in Delhi & Gurgaon with operations all across the globe.  We have expertise in corporate event planning & management of all major events  like exhibitions, conventions, client hospitality, client entertainment as such for employees, fundraising, team building activities, motivational events, incentives, and many more.

To have a successful event it requires an investment of proper planning strategies, time, and hard work.

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Types Of Corporate Events

The events may vary from small workshops to a major product launch event.The planning and event structure will differ based on the company type as well as the type of audience.  Strategies & timeline of corporate event planning & management changes with the size and nature of event to be planned.  Right from managing the clients, the hospitality of chief guests, catering, registrations, etc everything has to be taken care of. 

Here are a few examples of types of corporate events

1. Meetings/Conferences

Let us start with the most common one that is meetings and conferences. This is very frequent in every corporate company. This is generic and follows the tradition of including well-established elements. Beginning from registration or invitations, this process includes booking of hotels, setting up the stage, arrangement of food, etc. 

But you need a magic spice that will not make your conventional meeting monotonous and jejune. The roots of this magic spice are reserved for the Blissful plans, associate with us and we will leave no stone unturned to incorporate our skills to make your event successful.

corporate event planning & management company in gurgaon

2 .Employee events

Employees are the backbone of any company. If they are content then that directly leads to the company’s flourishment. Workshops or seminars are often conducted to update the employee’s knowledge and skills as well as allowing them to hone their Achilles heel. 

Team building events are also another kind that is conducted to make your employees know each other well and increase the efficacy of their working as a team. Motivational events, fundraising, and charity events are other ones to include.

3. Exhibitions/Conventions

The requirement of such an event depends on your company type. often such kinds of events are conducted to showcase the products for the investors or clients. This is sometimes considered as a subset in certain big events. 

For example, We usually find stalls and booths present in certain far-reaching and high-priority events.

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4. Corporate Hospitality and Client Entertainment

Corporates companies sometimes plan corporate hospitality and client entertainment. Corporate hospitality is a kind of client entertainment that involves art events, gallery exhibitions, movies, etc. Client entertainment includes award ceremonies, dinner parties, and holiday parties.

Here is the compilation of 'A' to 'I' that a corporate event planning includes


Knowing your audience is a quintessential part of any event planning. The knowledge about your audience helps you plan properly without subjecting them the propensity of deviating from the event. For instance, defining your audience based on their job roles will in one way help in organizing the event properly. Knowing the requirements will succor in the further perfect planning of the event. Planning the accommodation and transport for the attendees and clients is also crucial. 


Deciding your budget in prior and planning accordingly will not make you regret and crib about the overspending later. The budget will vary according to your customizations that include right from the selection of a venue to the selection of speakers. In certain corporate events, we witness the scope of fundings and sponsors, in such situations an all-round consideration is necessary.Also one has to be well prepared mentally and financially to meet the unanticipated expenditure because we never know when things fall out of place.

Creative Thinking:

I can’t stress how this aspect builds your event. Being creative in planning your event will make it stand out. Making it different from other usual events by adding a touch of originality, uniqueness, and creativity will act as a major attracting point.

Things might not always go as we planned, sometimes we need to take a detour from our original path to reach the established destination. When out of the blue situations are encountered thinking out of the box will give you the solution.

Develop a Timeline:

Every corporate event entails a timeline. Every company will maintain the schedule and timeline which ought to be followed. Setting up a timeline will ease things out to run the event as planned. The timeline has to be planned carefully depending on the type of the audience, size of the audience, and of course type of the event. The flow of proceedings should be smooth without any irregularity.
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The people who attend the corporate events might belong to different clusters, the audience segmentation may be based on age, gender, experience in the field, their region, skills, etc. As a host, we have to take responsibility to engage all kinds of people. Leaving anyone in disinterest will result in leaving a stain on the company’s attire. Engagement of the audience is a criterion that determines the success of an event. The attention span of humans has reduced drastically, even a minute of detachment will lead to their attachment to something else like shifting to mobiles, social media, talking to others, etc. It is a tedious task to keep them engaged, the engagement to content, to each other, with sponsors and the staff is necessary. Hiatus and breakouts in between for refreshments, for some other fun activities, or even lunch will help regain their energy and attention. 

Finding a venue:

Deciding a proper venue for your event will automatically allow other things to fall in place. In the first step knowing the audience and requirements has helped us to look into a specific spectrum eliminating the ones that do not meet the requirements. If you annually conduct the event at a specific location then this is not a great deal to you but if you want to look for a fresh venue then you have to begin the hunt to find a perfect venue that meets the prerequisites. 

Goal Setting:

Know what you are expecting from your event, this will act as a compass to lead you in the right direction. If you know what you want then it will be a piece of cake to proceed. Also, this will help you retrospect later in gauging the success of your event. Well defined goals will automatically make all the above steps park aptly.

Having a Marketing Strategy

We can also say this as a first step in the engagement. Delivering Announcements and objectives of your event to the attendees, sponsors, and clients will elevate your event high. Your Marketing and Promotion might range from having a registration form to even having a website. Email campaigning and social media marketing are also reco


There is always room for improvement. Always take feedback from the audience in between the event and also after the event. Though taking the feedback in between the event is optional, after the event is mandatory. This will help you manage the things impromptu and also gives a better vision for future events.

This will be very helpful if you have recurring corporate events.A successful corporate event will ascribe to the company’s public image. A well organized and systematic event will reflect the power and cements its position strongly in the corporate world.The corporate world is always bustling, there are a lot of other things to focus on. Planning a corporate event will require an investment of time and attention. Every minute detail and structure of the organization will mirror the company and its potential to the attendees and clients. Taking time from busy corporate life and managing the work as well as this can be strenuous. This is where we come to into the picture.  We, at Blissful Plans, are well versed in the dynamics of event management of these formal or semi-formal events.

Whether it is a product launch, a workshop, or a party, we will plan and execute the event with perfection. We also understand that the purpose, requirement, and demand of each corporate event is different. So we offer a platter of services when it comes to these events. We commit to the latest state of the art equipment and technology for conferences, seminars, etc. We could also provide you with useful inputs from our experienced team about the planning of activities and workshops. We commit to upholding your company’s reputation with the impeccable Corporate Events planning and management of the event.

best corporate event planning company in gurgaon

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