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Hacienda Los Angeles

Hacienda Los Angeles Seville is the most beautiful wedding place with exquisite architecture. And of course, it is best suitable for weddings with classic style décor. It offers 5 halls and 4 large landscaped patios for Weddings.
  • Courtyard of Labor-350 guests.
  • Garden of 2 Heights-350 guests.
  • Patio de Los Arcos-200 guests.
  • Garden of the Pheasants -350 guests.
  • Garden of the Fountain-350 guests.
  • Wood room-100 guests.
  • Hall of Stained Glass-350 guests.
  • Hall of the Arches-350 guests.
  • Mill Hall-200 guests.
  • Silo Ship Yard-250 guests.
  • Destination Wedding in Seville
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