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Venetsanos Winery

The mystical place, where nature’s canvas unfolds, is none other than the Venetsanos Winery.

Among the very embrace of nature, Venetsanos Winery has evolved to accommodate the most exclusive gatherings and weddings on the captivating island of Santorini. 

On the second level graces the Upper Terrace, a resplendent expanse spanning 250 square meters that offers panoramic views of the mesmerizing caldera. This open-air sanctuary serves as a canvas for your most cherished moments, whether it’s an intimate ceremony, a joyous reception, a secluded private dinner, or an extravagant gala. Here, the air itself is imbued with the essence of celebration.

With its versatile layout, the Upper Terrace can seat up to 120 guests at round tables, accommodate 150 individuals during a standing reception, or cater to 120 guests in a theater-style arrangement. Every aspect of this space, from its breathtaking vistas to its harmonious design, is crafted to ensure that your event unfolds with a blend of natural splendor and refined elegance. At Venetsanos Winery, where nature and celebration intertwine, your cherished moments find an extraordinary stage, etching memories that will forever reside in the heart’s treasury.

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