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Taj Corbett Resort and Spa

Taj Corbett Resort And Spa is truly a dream destination wedding venue in Jim Corbett. Hosting a lavish wedding at this place will make your fairytale dream a reality. The admirable city of Ramnagar houses the famous resort. With breathtaking views and a serene atmosphere, Taj offers an unforgettable experience in the purity of nature.
This spacious venue includes a beautiful banquet hall and a spectacular courtyard. Offering one of the finest hospitality services, this wedding hotel often boasts of pomp and grandeur- and rightly so, since it’s one of Corbett’s top-tier resorts. Whether it’s a grand reception, pre-wedding ceremony, or social gathering, Taj Corbett Resort and Spa is the place for everything. This is one of the top Jim Corbett wedding resorts.The banquet hall, in particular, is elegantly decorated and offers a whimsical atmosphere indeed. With intricately carved lamps, upscale decoration, and a charming ambiance, it can accommodate over a hundred clients. The banquet is ideal for small gatherings. Furthermore, the lawn spanning the area around the pool can, in turn, accommodate more attendees and provide an extraordinary backdrop of green cover, lush trees, and outstretched valleys. With selected decor and catering facilities, this luxury wedding hotel also offers wedding stay packages.This resort is located on the river bank and has over 200 types of mango trees. Hence, making it the greenest and most eco-friendly place in Corbett. They also offer 64 rooms for guest accommodation.Taj Corbett Wedding venue capacity :
  • Indoor banquet hall – 120 seating & 250 floating.
  • Outdoor lawn -300 seating & 450 floating.
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